Changes: Part 2

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed the exciting news from Changes Part 1. As promised here is Part 2, but sadly this one is not as exciting. (I promise, Part 3 will be positive again.)

As I mentioned earlier, there will be a lot of changes announced today. The change that I am about to tell you all now is something that I hope you all will understand. At the top of the site, you might notice there are two pages missing. As of yesterday, I have decided to no longer be a member of the BTS eMag review team and therefore I have removed those two pages from my site. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed writing reviews for the magazine, I felt that most of my time was spent dealing with behind the scenes items, rather than reading and writing reviews.

I will provide below the links to my reviews that were published in the magazine, so for those of you interested in seeing them, you can. I hope that you all can understand my desire for this change. I do not like quitting anything, ever. But with that said, I lead a chaotic daily life as a caregiver and all of my available time needs to be spent on actually reading and reviewing, therefore this change became a necessity. I do hope that you all will continue to stick around and enjoy each of the reviews that I post. (Which will be occurring more frequently now.)

1. Greta and the Goblin King (published pg. 76 of the June 2013 issue)
2. Warrior Prince (published pg. 69 of the June 2013 issue and posted here)

3. The Villa Dog (published pg. 94 of the July 2013 issue)
4. Wings of Arian (posted here)

I apologize if I have let any of you down, but I promise this change was necessary and will be beneficial for all of us.

Have a wonderful night! Stick around for a more positive Part 3 of the changes that will be up shortly.


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