The Elephant’s Child: How the Elephant Got His Trunk

By Rudyard Kipling. Adapted by Karen Baicker. Illustrated by Davin Cheng. Format: Enhanced ebook. Read: May 2012.

When I registered my NOOK®, this book was automatically placed in my library. It is a cute story about one very curious elephant, who goes out alone in search of answers after all of the adult animals refuse to answer the elephant’s questions. It is an enhanced ebook, so there are several options available on how to read this story. The illustrations are spectacular, and as with most Children’s books, there is a lesson to be learned, however this lesson is for the adults.


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  1. Chandra Wedge

    I am looking to buy this version of the book. This is the version I read to her on a nook when we go to visit grandma. She absolutly LOVES it. But I cannot find anywhere to purchase it. She doesn’t have any intrest in other versions of this story, because this is the one she knows. I tried reading a different copy and she looked at me and said “no mommy no” Please help!!

    • Hi Chandra,
      First I want to welcome you to this site. Second, I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble finding this book. I went to the Barnes and Noble website and typed this book in the search options. It gave me the ebook, the other versions and one paperback version written by the same person. I looked at the details of it and it doesn’t offer many nor a picture, so my best bet would be to contact your local Barnes and Noble. They will be able to confirm if the paperback is the same as the ebook. Good luck with your search and I hope that it is the right version for you. Have a wonderful day!

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