A Year in Review #5 Part 1

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How’s everyone enjoying the celebration and giveaways? This week will be an intermission of sorts. A halftime break from the giveaways, however reviews from this past year will still be featured. I wrote my very first review on here on June 27th of last year, about a children’s book. So today, I wanted to take a look back at the various Children’s Books that I have reviewed:

Fun Facts About Pets
Fun Facts About Pets is an excellent book for young children. Since it is an enhanced ebook, it can be read by just the child or parent, read along with the child or parent, or even read to the child. It is a bit long for the younger children, however the short, simple facts and cute pictures, should be able to hold a young child’s interest. This is a great book to encourage learning and reading for children.

The Elephant’s Child: How the Elephant got his Trunk
It is a cute story about one very curious elephant, who goes out alone in search of answers after all of the adult animals refuse to answer the elephant’s questions. It is an enhanced ebook, so there are several options available on how to read this story. The illustrations are spectacular, and as with most Children’s books, there is a lesson to be learned, however this lesson is for the adults.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard
I must warn you that this book contains spoilers from the series, so please (for my own peace of mind) read all seven Harry Potter books first. I have two favorite tales from this book. Rowling has co-created a charity called Children’s High Level Group, and Scholastic has donated the net proceeds from the sales of this book, which is another good reason to go out and purchase this book.

Zooey the AcroCat
This is a short children’s story about two cats named Baseball and Zooey. The star of the book is Zooey and her incredible talents, which might just get her into some trouble. A unique children’s book, with hand-drawn pictures that will be relatable to young children and give the story a more personal feel.

Have You Seen Hyacinth Macaw?
Patricia Reilly Giff has written about every young, adventurous girl’s dream with this book. Mystery, intrigue, suspense all occur in this first book in the Abby Jones, Junior Detective Mystery series. This chapter book has some illustrations and shorter sentences to make it easier to read.

What Children’s Books did you enjoy reading?

Check back throughout the week as I take a look back at other genres I have reviewed!



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  1. Now that I have finished reading the Harry Potter series, I can finally read Tales of the Beetle Bard! I’m so excited! The other ones sound cute, and would be good reads for my niece and nephews.

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