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Good Evening!

Hi Everyone,

     So I am sure most of you think I am a big slacker as I have skipped many days this month writing posts and reviews. I do apologize. September for some reason has been hectic and at night, when I normally write, my eyes are too heavy and my mind and body too exhausted to write a post. So here I am apologizing again, which I hope will be my last but knowing Life it will probably be the last for a while. I do mean all of my apologies and I will catch up on your blogs.

     I have a quick little topic I wish to vent about here. I must say that I work hard to keep a good working relationship with the authors that have been so kind to send me their books, and with prospective new authors. If you are one of these authors please email me or leave a comment about my communication skills. Am I up to par with what you value? I am asking this because I feel that I have a decent work relationship going with everyone, however there has been one author who has not responded to any of my emails. This author has given me no opinion on my review of their book. For future reference to everyone: I keep my reviews honest and I value the opinions of each of you. If you didn’t like it, please tell me so that I can improve my writing. The truth will still be the same, but the style might be changeable.

     Thanks for listening to my venting and it is time to change the tone with some positive. I have finished reading the first book in a new paranormal romance series. I will have the review posted tomorrow morning! Also I picked up a new children’s book from the mail today. Please click on The List to view the latest books up for review. I wish everyone a wonderful night. (Hopefully with a good book planned for the weekend!)


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