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Voting, Site Problems, and More

Hi Everyone,

Today started out on a nice, positive note. I was able to get some housework completed, before turning on my computer. As I went to my site, to start sharing reviews, everything went downhill. My site was down for several hours as maintenance occurred, trying to fix a few hosting errors. After everything was fixed, or so I thought, I breathed some fresh air, by going and voting. When I got home, I even voted on the semifinals in the Goodreads awards. Now, I am back online and ready to start sharing reviews…

One problem, though…

It seems a few hundred of my followers been misplaced in the hubbub of today. Now I am working on correcting this, as well as a few minor other things. Hopefully soon, all the kinks will be worked out and everything will be back on track.

Thanks for your patience.


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