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Girl Meets Underworld

By: Jess Watkins. Format: eBook. Read: November 2013.

Stella is severely depressed and alone, after losing both her mother and brother to an animal attack. Faced with no other choice, she decides to end her pain and reunite with her family, by jumping off the roof of a building. That is until a guy appears next to her, then jumps and survives! Turns out this guy, Conner is a vampire and even though he seems very friendly, Stella is afraid that a vampire is the one who killed her family. Still, there is something about Conner and she knows she can trust him. But things get a little crazy when her friends introduce her to a new guy named Will, who seems to be very inconsiderate and hot-tempered. Conner warns her that Will is dangerous, but he is just a human… Isn’t he?

This book is a very, fast and fun read. The pace of the book is very quick, especially in the beginning. Both the plot and the characters could have used more time to be developed thoroughly. However, the ending will leave readers shocked and gasping out loud. The plot also seems a bit too familiar at times, and it will have readers comparing it to other popular vampire novels. The setting is never clearly identified, but it seems to take place in Europe. Although the author’s writing style is very fluid and easy to follow. Overall, fans of the infamous Vampire-Werewolf love triangle, will enjoy this book.

Are you a fan of YA Vampire novels? If so, what’s your favorite series?

The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and her work, please visit her website.

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Vampire Syndrome

By: Daven Anderson. Format: eBook. Read: January 2013.


Jack Wendell has led a rough life after being born with Down’s Syndrome. However with the help of Coach Ron and his wife Diane, he has become a star athlete competing in the Special Olympics. Unfortunately for Jack, all of this is about to change when he gets bitten by a rabid vampire one afternoon. As he searches for fellow vampires to help teach him about being a vampire, he learns that not all vampires are friendly. In fact, Jack learns that many vampires feel that he needs to be put down due to his previous diagnosis. Enter Lilith Morrigan, the President of all the human vampires, who tries to hide Jack and protect him. Enter her husband, Damien Tepesh, Chief Venator and the man that is hunting Jack. Will Jack ever be safe, or is he just a pawn in the battle for power?


This book was very intriguing and displayed a unique take on the world of vampires. Anderson shows readers the inside world of a person with Down’s Syndrome through his main character, Jack. Whether Jack is a human or a vampire, he still is treated to injustice and discrimination, because he looks and thinks differently. Readers will smile at Jack’s optimism and love the stream of consciousness writing that takes them inside of his thoughts and feelings. The mystery behind who is Jack’s ally and who is the enemy makes for ultimate chess match and will keep readers guessing with each new chapter. The build-up to all of the main action is drawn out and a little long, but once the action starts it is explosive until the cliff-hanger ending. A few curse words and one awkwardly thrown-in sex scene require this book to be read by mature audiences. Readers will be antsy as they wait to find out what happens next with Jack, Lilith and Damien.


I loved the fact that Jack had Down’s Syndrome and that Anderson told Jack’s story from Jack’s point of view. Each of the main characters also tell their sides of the story, which amps up the intrigue. Also Anderson has created a series within a series by creating a book series that these vampires either love or hate. The book series is a play on all of the popular vampire novels out there right now and it provides an even greater contrast between this story and the others. Please note that there are two published versions of this story, one is a young adult version and the one reviewed here is the erotica version. Having not read the young adult version, I cannot honestly recommend it, but I can assume which parts would be removed for that version and I do feel that the story as a whole would be unharmed. As for this erotica version, there is one sex scene. So please be aware of which version you pick up!




Note: The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and his work, please visit his website.


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