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June’s Selection

Hi Everyone,

This month’s book for Read with Ariesgrl is… The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith. If you are in the mood of solving a crime, join me this month by reading 1.5 chapters a day and we will discuss it here, weekly.


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Let’s Discuss…

Hi Everyone,

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all those who lost their lives, defending our freedoms.

Last month’s Read with Ariesgrl was a bit of a disappointment, thanks to Barnes and Noble not sharing the final chapter in their serial read selection. For the month of June, I decided to dive into my never-ending wish list to find a good suspense/mystery read. I have narrowed it down to The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry and Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith. Both titles are the first in a series and each have their own unique spin on suspense. We have a couple of days left before June 1st, to decide. So which one of these titles sounds like a fun June read to you?


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The Secret Keeper

By: Kate Morton

Laurel witnessed a horrific event when she was sixteen. Fifty years later, she returns to her Mother’s side and decides to finally question what had happened. She gets to know a whole other side of her Mom, as she recounts the story of her life, WWII and the two people who changed her life forever.

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Personal Shelves Review

It can be difficult to read a book from an app on my computer, so several weeks ago, when there were fireworks and I needed my Nook to play Ozzy’s calming music at night, I was wide awake and decided to read an ebook that was on my Nook. My friend Dana, who you may remember designed my amazing logo, recommended the author Kim Harrison to me. A while back, I downloaded the first book in the series, while it was on sale. Here are my thoughts:

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Author Spotlight

Good Morning,

This week’s author spotlight is on Brett Garcia Rose. He is releasing his new mystery novel, Noise.

Noise, by Brett Garcia Rose, is a thriller/mystery centering on a deaf character’s search for his missing sister. It’s short, violent, but ultimately it’s about love. Noise was published in June 2014 and is available for sale on AmazonBarnes & Noble and My Sister’s Books.

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Forbidden Harvest

By: Peter Rizzolo. Format: Paperback. Read: March 2014.

Dr. Ken Benholtz has spent his career at the Children’s Hospital working to preserve organs for transplant. His job becomes more personal when his nephew is admitted and is in desperate need for a heart, around the same time that his research funds are cut. He decides to take matters into his own hands by illegally harvesting cadaver organs. This is the story of the medical and legal consequences of his decision.

This story seems to have it all… young children in need of life-saving organs, details of both the medical and legal worlds and it is packed full of suspense and intrigue.  Though this book covers an intense topic and technical jargon, the plot allows it to be a fast and enjoyable read. Rizzolo does an amazing job of blurring the lines between the good guy and the evil guy. Readers will be questioning how far they would go, to save a child’s life.


How do you like your medical fiction books? Do you like them to read like a compelling thriller or a heart-wrenching story, or somewhere in between?




The PR representative provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about her, please visit her website.

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My Sister’s Books Review #27

The Bullet Catch
By: Lynn Hodges

Detective Logan Hawthorne Michaels runs a special company that excels in discovering the truth by using unique talents of each of their employees. For Logan Michaels, he enjoys using the power of deception that he learned through magic to weave his way to the truth. Hence the phone call that he received, asking for his expertise to help solve the mystery behind the Amazing Gregor’s death. Amazing Gregor is a talented magician who aims to please the crowds by catching a bullet in his teeth. Unfortunately for him, the trick fails and brings about instant death. When part of his crew disappears out of thin air, detective Logan and the local police are taken on a wild ride.

The Bullet Catch is the first book in the magical detective series by Lynn Hodges. It starts with a bang and will keep readers guessing right up until the very end. The story is told through several different points of view, which can be confusing at times, especially when there is a plethora of characters introduced in the beginning. However readers will enjoy playing the guessing game, as they figure out the truth behind this disastrous magic act. The writer uses his experience in magic to bring the trickery alive in this book, which is a promising start to a hopefully intriguing series.

Similar Authors:
Scott Jenkins, John Bohannon, Lesley Cookman

This review was written for My Sister’s Books. To learn more about this bookstore, please visit their website.

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Saved by his Submissive

By: Angel Payne. Format: eBook. To Be Read.

Being a member in the Special Forces can change a guy, but losing his fiancée in a medical helicopter crash can destroy a man. Unfortunately for Garrett Hawkins, he is a completely changed and emotionally damaged man, since he learned the news of her death, one year ago. Thankfully his job keeps his body going and his mind occupied, therefore he is only haunted in his dreams. While in Thailand, his team was called to rescue kidnapped women from human traffickers and it is there that he discovers his lovely Sage is alive. Sage and her friend have been battling the extremes and living off vegetation, trying to survive. When Sage is reunited with Garrett she hopes they can return back to their previous life of happiness. However Garrett is worried she will be repelled by the man he has become and it is up to Sage to decide their future.

Saved by his Submissive is filled with various levels entwined in the plot. The race against time to save the women from being sold, will leave readers on the edge of their seats. Readers will both love and hate Garrett at times, as he struggles with trying to accept himself. Angel Payne does an excellent job of telling the darker side of self-doubt and fear through the eyes of the leading man, which is reversed from the average romantic roles. This book is chocked full of details, which could make some readers squeamish during the more brutal scenes. This book is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but for fans of military/BDSM romances.

This was the first book that I have read by Angel Payne and of this type of nature. While, I don’t find the whole Dominant-Submissive relationship enjoyable, I can appreciate a well written story line. This book is well written and it has a thrilling plot line, with complicated characters. I feel like this story is like an onion, filled with many layers, sometimes bitter and it will definitely bring tears to your eyes…but in the end it helps pull the meal together.


The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this book and her work, please visit her website.

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The Devil You Know

By: Sexcee Jackson. Format: eBook. Read: October 2013.

Tran is the ultimate hot shot baseball player with more money than he can count, while his fiancée, Angie, is studying law and preparing to take her BAR exam. In the process of filling out paperwork for the wedding and her honeymoon, she discovers that her birth certificate is false. Having grown up in an abusive Compton orphanage, violent memories start crashing back to surface. Afraid that Tran will no longer love her if she confesses about her abusive past, she turns to her best friend and confidant, Satanya. As Satanya starts to rebel and protest the marriage, Angie tries to push her away. Through many pains and heartaches, Angie must choose between her best friend and her fiancé.

This book starts out with one heck of an explosive beginning and ends in a similar fashion. Sexcee Jackson delivers more dramatic twists and turns than in most Shakespearian plays. This story takes an intriguing dive into the ramifications of childhood abuse, along with the morals and justifications for every decision. Unfortunately, due to graphic nature and crude language this book will not be to everyone’s liking. There are several grammatical errors in the narration and the narration seems to deviate between a neutral point of view and a more character-based point of view. The dialect of the characters is very specific to their Compton background, yet doesn’t seem to match with their chosen careers. Overall, The Devil You Know is a thought-provoking psychological tale.

I have to admit this was a difficult book for me to read. I was hooked with the shocking beginning and surprised by the ending. I enjoyed the plotline, but had difficulty keeping up with the narration. However, it definitely kept me guessing and I was shocked by the final twist at the end.


The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and her work, please visit her website.

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Welcome…Authors Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey!!!

Hi Everyone,

Please help me give a warm welcome to two amazing authors, Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey. They are here to answer a few questions about their Countermeasure Series. (To read my reviews of their books, click on each of the titles: Uncharted, Countermeasure, Bytes of Life Anthology, To Russia with Love, Blindsided, Lost to Rapture.)


1. Hi Chris and Ceci! Thanks for hanging out here today. Could you tell the followers here a little bit about yourselves and your books?

Chris: Hi, Nicole! Very happy to be here. I guess we should give your readers a little back story. I’m a Brazilian expatriate living in Canada and a total geek. My background prior to writing was in web development and design but through life’s twists I now find myself writing romance. Cecilia and I began writing together a bit over three years ago. We met at a role playing group and played a mated couple for a while before we decided to write our own stories. I’ve lived in Canada for 15 years and although I suffer through the low temps each year, I’m rewarded each season with the change of colors and the magnificent views so I guess mother nature and I are even.

Cecilia: Hi, thank you for having us. To follow Chris’s lead, I’m a mutt—mix of Irish and Spanish—and an Air Force brat currently living and working in Northern California. Life’s curveballs always lead you one way or another, mine led me to meeting Chris, this adventure we’ve embarked, and into writing our stories.

2. Your books cover a multitude of genres exquisitely well and they seem to be current/ahead of their time. How did you come up with the idea for this series and where do you look for inspiration?

Chris: The original idea for the series came from a dream I had which also became Countermeasure’s prologue in its entirety. The development of the series from the core idea to now has been done in partnership with Cecilia. Inspiration is all around us. We both bring our own lives and experiences to the table and that gives the series the dynamic and diversity it carries out.

3. Now I know you enjoy listening to music, while you write, but is there one particular song that comes to mind for each book?

Chris: Although Ceci and I have the same basic taste in music, we have personal preferences in how to use it in our writing. I personally associate a set of songs to a specific character and when I need to write in that character’s POV, I play the playlist for him. Scenes, romantic or otherwise, also have their own playlist. I associate songs with the couples, with the action sequence, but I don’t have one specific song I can associate with each book.

Cecilia: I do something similar but I tend to pick a song either from a characters’ or couples playlist that feels like the moment in time that I am working in. I guess you could say a theme song for the scene or emotional situation. We have selected a songs that we feel best represent the beat, speed and rhythm of each book for the trailers but our view of the energy within the books is not limited to them.

4. If you could live in any one of the places that is mentioned in your books, where would it be and why?

Chris: I had the pleasure of living in Ireland for a while and if I could pick a place it would be somewhere there, most likely outside Sligo Town. Although Dublin is a wonderful city, I’d still pick Sligo as my home.

Cecilia: I have traveled to many countries and have walked the streets of Monte Carlo. The one place I’ve never been yet is Ireland. My father’s family hails from County Cork, however, having listened to Chris’s reminiscing of adventures in Sligo and researching the area, I feel as if I too have been there. It has become a bucket list item for us to go there in the near future. I have a feeling Sligo will steal my heart.

5. Your characters are very relatable and seem very real to your obsessed followers. Which qualities/characteristics do you share with your characters? Which qualities/characteristics do you wish you shared with them?

Chris: Trevor and I share the love for technology and loyalty to family and friends. I just wish I was as young as he is and could roam the world the way they do but I guess I can do that through their adventures.

Cecilia: Cassandra’s no nonsense approach to situations, love of having a set plan, and of course, very protective of family and friends are some things Cassandra and I have in common. I would love to be that young again with the world and adventure always on the horizon. It will be fun to one day walk some of the steps they have taken.

6. What can readers expect to see from you two in the future?

Chris: We have a lot on our TBW pile and we wish we had more hours in a day to explore all of the stories we want to write. But for certain, we will finish the Countermeasure Series novels and a few more Bytes of Life novellas telling the stories of the secondary characters in the stories. We will also branch out Countermeasure onto the spin-off series The AWE Crew. As for the other stories, we’ll update the list as we go.

7. Where can readers find you?
Is there anything that you would like to ask me or the readers?

Chris: We are all over social media and we welcome new friends on Facebook anytime. We are not even close to reaching the Facebook friend limit so friend away. As for the question, what makes you take interest in a specific book/series? What pulls you in?

Cecilia: Question: As a reviewer/reader, you read books across several genres. Is there a specific genre that holds your special attention?

As Chris mentioned, we are everywhere and anywhere. Here are some direct links to our social media presence:

Authors’ Website: http://chrisalmeida-ceciliaaubrey.com/
Countermeasure Series: http://countermeasureseries.com/
Authors’ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Authors.ChrisAlmeida.CeciliaAubrey
Countermeasure Series Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Counter.Measure.Series
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CAlmeidaCAubrey

Chris and Ceci Banner

To answer Chris’s question, for me, I like to read a story/series that I can get lost in. I prefer to be able to relate on some level with the characters or their story. However, if it is totally impossible to relate to a character, but the plotline is engaging, I find myself anxious to find out what happens next. As a reader, I love a story that pulls me into it and allows for my reality to fade away. 😉

To answer Ceci’s question, I have found that I go through reading phases. As a child, I loved a good mystery or any animal themed book, whereas in my teens I enjoyed more of the psychological thrillers. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I found the Happily Ever Afters in romance books. I am grateful to have such a broad taste in genres, when I am desperate for a book vacation, I tend choose a YA book, since they are normally fast, easy read and offer a hint of both mystery/romance. But nothing beats a great book that leaves you emotionally wrecked for a few days/weeks. 🙂

So what about all of you? How would you answer Chris’s and Ceci’s questions?

Fun tidbits:

Chris and Ceci are currently working towards 4,000 Likes on their Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/Authors.ChrisAlmeida.CeciliaAubrey) Once they reach this significant milestone, they will be giving away a paperback copy of Countermeasure.

Uncharted is the first Byte (short story) and it is the official start of this whole series. It is available for FREE at all retailers!!! So if you want to get a feel for this series and love a great deal, go pick up your copy today.

Thanks again to Chris and Ceci for stopping by today and I hope you all enjoyed this interview.

Have a wonderful day!



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