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The Capture

(Justifiable Cause #3)

By: Adrienne Giordano                               Format:ebook                                            Read: Jan 2016
NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend decides to join his attorney partner, Jo Pomeroy, on a vacation on the West Coast. His relaxation goes out the window, as Jo continues to work and put herself in harm’s way. Tasked with keeping counterfeits off the street, Jo feels that is her number one priority, while Gabe wishes for more one-on-one time. Will the two be able to set aside their differences and see they are a perfect match or will their jobs destroy everything they’ve worked for?

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The Evasion

(Justifiable Cause #2)

By: Adrienne Giordanno                              Format: eBook                                                   Read: Jan 2016


Jo and Gabe are partners on the anti-counterfeiting task force. Even though they made a major break-through, they let one of the suspects slip away. Determined to catch him and shut down the entire ring, Jo and Gabe travel to the south, where things aren’t run the same way as in New York. Will they be able to catch the leader of the pact or will their trip south come to a horrific end?

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The Chase

(Justifiable Cause #1)

By: Adrienne Giordano.                                   Format: eBook.                                                       Read: Jan 2016.
Jo Pomeroy is determined to get her clients justice, by making sure every knock-off item is off the streets, even if that means dealing with NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend. Jo and Gabe have become unlikely partners, in the murderous crime world of counterfeit fashion. Will Gabe be able to keep them safe and put the bad guys behind bars or will Jo get caught in the crossfire?

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Read with Ariesgrl

Hi Everyone,

It seems that this month’s serial read (available through the Barnes and Noble app) ended rather quickly. Normally readers get one (or more) chapters a day, with a couple of days at the end of the month, to catch up, but this month’s story ended on the twentieth. Despite the fact that the main characters wrapped up their stories, I was left hanging. I felt the ending to Redemption Bay by RaeAnne Thayne, was very rushed. Well, it turns out that Barnes and Noble failed to give us the Epilogue. WHAT?!?!?!

So I suggest to all of you, who are reading this book with me, to go to your nearest Used Bookstore and/or Library and pick up the book to read the final chapter. Yes, I still think the overall ending was rushed, but at least now I feel better knowing how the future will treat these characters that I have grown to like.

What are your thoughts on this book? Do you have any suggestions for next month’s selection?



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