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Touch of Silver

Sanguine Series #3. By: Melissa R. Smith. Format: eBook. Read: June 2013.

Devani Daniels has just left her soul mate, in order to save his life. However the Militia is still after her and now they are threatening her family. Roman is a Sanguine lost without his love and determined to figure out why she left. Once Roman discovers his pain was caused by the Militia, he is determined to reconnect with Devani, even if it means a full blown war. Little do they know, just how many lives will be affected by their love.

Touch of Silver picks up a few months after the end of Legacy. Readers’ hearts will ache as Devani and Roman fight for the right to live as a couple in peace. Melissa R. Smith fills this book with raw human emotions that will bring readers to tears at times. The main characters provide a modern twist to the classic tale of a perilous love. There were a few minor grammatical errors, but they did not distract from the storyline. Even with a satisfying ending, readers will still be left wanting more. Paranormal romance fans need to take note, Melissa R. Smith is an author to add to the Must-Read list.

Growing up, I was never really a fan of paranormal romance. I never understood the appeal of vampires and shape-shifters. However in this day and age, there seems to be a surplus of vampire tales, and I find myself drawn into the melee. It is refreshing to read to books like Melissa R. Smith’s that offer a new twist and tell a more unique tale. I find myself anxiously awaiting what she writes next.


The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about her and her work, please visit her website.


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Sanguine Series #2. By Melissa R. Smith. Format: eBook. Read: August 2012.

     Devani Daniels has been a blood donor for a long time, due to her rare blood type, she is always in high demand from the local hospital. However, her workplace is in a competition with other stores, to have the most employees donate at the blood drive. Little does she know that her entire life will be changed at the blood drive, thanks to an invitation from a mysterious nurse. Roman has been in existence for several centuries, but the past two and a half decades have been torturous. He is waiting for the right time to reintroduce himself to a friend from his past. A friend who grew to mean so much to more to him, due to an innocent mistake. Will he reunite with his past? Will Devani’s friends and family be in danger from the choice she made at the blood drive?

Melissa R. Smith has continued her Sanguine Series with Legacy. However, it is a new setting filled with new faces. Each character, whether human or Sanguine, has secrets they hide, and fears that influence the choices he/she makes. Smith is an amazing story-teller. Readers will be on a roller coaster of emotions as they read this story, and they will be grabbing a calendar to count down the days until the release of the next book.

At first I was sad that none of the original characters were in this book, but it didn’t take me long to get hooked in the perils of this new couple’s destiny. I am hoping for myself and for other fans of paranormal romance, that we will not have to wait long to see what is store for Devani and Roman. Hopefully a story will happen in the future, that will allow an update on the original characters. Do you prefer series based on themes or based on characters? Have you had the opportunity to read all three books written by Melissa R. Smith? If so, which story was your favorite? Which couple captured your heart the most?

As Always…

Note: Melissa R. Smith provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this book and the author, please visit her website.


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Happy Saturday!

Hi Everyone,

    I hope you enjoyed my review of Six Hours to Sunrise. I will be starting the second book in the Sanguine series tonight. I just wanted to share with all of you something that I learned from the author Melissa R. Smith‘s website. Barnes and Noble’s website is apparently having some trouble showing reviews. I double checked my reviews on my account, and they are all saved, however when I pull up the books, they do not show any stars or reviews. I just wanted everyone here to have a head’s up. Have a great night and wonderful rest of the weekend.


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Six Hours to Sunrise

Sanguine Series #1. By Melissa R. Smith. Format: eBook. Read: August 2012.

     Madeline Stevens was raised in a fashion that guaranteed she would never fit in and make friends. A daughter of a strict preacher, and her future set in stone, she makes a drastic choice to prevent her future from happening. However, she wants to have fun and break some of her family rules first. Reece Summerall is a Sanguine, which isn’t considered a bad thing unless you are in certain cities. It is by an odd and unique setting that he meets Madeline. They have a connection, but when he interferes with Madeline’s plans, it becomes one big miss-understanding after another. Will they be able to set aside their own thoughts and opinions to be able to listen to what they each feel? Or will they continue with their opinion of what is best destroy them?

     Vampire novels are the main attraction right now. This is a book about one human and one Sanguine. Filled with broken rules and traditions, along with miss-communications, provides a roller-coaster of emotions for both the characters and the readers. Several unique twists will keep the reader guessing until the final pages. This format of the book had several grammatical errors that should have been caught during the editing process. Even through the errors, this is a great story for fans of paranormal romance. Readers will be anxious to see what happens next.

     This book epitomizes the need to talk in a relationship, even in non-human relationships. If you are reading this book, then you more than likely did not have a childhood like Madeline. Smith paints the extreme situation of her childhood, while keeping her relatable to every woman who has struggled with finding her own path in life. It is the relationship with the character that allows readers to connect with the story and become fans of the writing.

     Have you read either of Melissa R. Smith’s series? If so, what did you think? Do you plan on reading them? If so, what intrigues you the most?

     As Always…

Notes: Melissa R. Smith provided me a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and her books, visit her website.


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