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The Light-Bearer Series #1. By: Emily Guido. Format: eBook. Read: September 2012.

     Charmeine and Tabbruis had it all, they were two angels in Heaven made by God to complete one another. They were in love and had started a family, until one unforseen event. Tabbruis woke up with the no memory except for his name. Along his journey he discovers he has a need for blood and must choose between slaughtering humans or respecting a human’s life. He is alone in life for many centuries until an undeniable urge brings him to New York. Charleen Davis is a teacher in desperate need of a vacation. She is also an orphan with no memories of her past. Her only family is her best friend Shane, a fellow orphan, who is like her baby brother. The two of them have plans to attend a Billy Joel concert on her first day off, but Shane cancels at the last-minute when he is hired for a lucrative job as Tabbruis’s driver. The fateful events at one Billy Joel concert thrust together these three individuals. As they work together to save their lives, ancient memories return disguised as dreams. Now this make-shift family must learn the truth about their pasts in order to save the future of humanity.

Charmeine is a powerful and exciting tale of acceptance and love. Two different non-human species exist only to rid the Earth of the other kind, so what happens when opposites attract and fall in love? Opposites need each other to survive and the battle to accept that may destroy everything. A paranormal twist with religious undertones allow for a modernization to the classic tale of two destined lovers. Guido will sure to be turning heads and making readers all over this world rally behind the love between Tabbruis and Charmeine. The beginning is a tad slow with some choppy sentences and minor grammar errors, but once the two main characters unite the pace picks up quickly. This book makes an exciting set-up for the series. Readers will be signing up to read what happens next.

I enjoyed this book and the questions it brought to mind. One main internal question for me was How do you have dark without light? How do you have light without dark.. Existence needs balance, just look to Heaven and Hell to know that there is always an opposite. Imagine what life would be like if opposites stopped fighting and started accepting one another. Have you read Charmeine? If so what internal questions did you think of while reading? I am thoroughly looking forward to book two in this series.


Note: Emily Guido provided me a copy of this book for review. To learn more about this author and her books please visit her website.


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