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My Sister’s Books Review #7

Reading Group Choices – 2013

By: Reading Group Choices


This book is a must have for both reading groups and literature fans. It starts with a look back at 2011 and lists the top ten books from that year. Then it dives into a list of over 70 book suggestions to read for this year. The list includes a wide range of genres, so there is a book for almost everyone. Each book is then featured with the cover photo, a brief summary and quotes from other readers in order to help make the selection process easier. Once a book is chosen for a reading group, this handy guide can then assist in the discussion, since it provides a list of ‘Conversation Starters” for each of the books!

I highly recommend this book as guide for all adult reading groups this year.


Note: This review was written for the bookstore My Sister’s Books.

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