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Sink or Swim

By: Stacy Juba. Format: ebook. Read: September 2013.

Cassidy Novak came in second place on a reality television show, called Sink or Swim. Her dreams of being able to open up a chain of specialized gyms will have to be delayed, since she didn’t win the money. But when she returns back home, everyone treats her as though she was the star of the show. The gym where she works is booming with new clients all desperate to see and meet Cassidy. Plus, the local newspaper has a reporter and an out-of-towner photographer following her around, everywhere she goes. As if this wasn’t enough, the overwhelming fan mail has taken a scary turn when a stalker starts sending her items from her past. As the postmarks get closer and closer, Cassidy’s anxiety gets higher and higher. Did she survive reality television only to meet her end in real life?

Stacy Juba explores the good and bad sides of reality television fame. The story is a fast read, but does have a tendency to remain in the dramatic zone, even after Cassidy has returned back to her normal like. Readers will either like Cassidy or like to dislike her, since her personality seems to shift throughout the book. However the mystery aspect will leave the readers guessing, right up until the end. Juba demonstrates an exquisite talent for leading her readers through a maze only for them to discover a completely different outcome.

I enjoyed reading this book. Though most of the time it felt like a soap opera, it stuck with the starting point of the reality television show. Once again, the author completely shocked me with the ending. I thought for sure I had known who the “bad guy” was, but then poof, yet another unexpected twist. Stacy Juba is definitely now on my top favorite authors list. Wow!


The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and her work, please visit her website.


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