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My Sister’s Books Review #102

I am Malala

By: Malala Yousafzai


When Malala Yousafzai was fifteen years old, she was shot in the head, while on the way to school. The doctors didn’t expect her to survive, but her amazing spirit and determination, gave her the strength to live and to continue to fight the injustices of the world. I am Malala is the story of one brave, young girl’s extraordinary life, and her perseverance during the horrific ordeals of terrorism.

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My Sister’s Books Review #97

The Second Mrs. Hockaday

By: Susan Rivers

Release Date: January 10, 2017


Placidia is a young teenager, living on her father’s farm, when she meets Major Gryffth Hockaday. The Major has been in several Civil War battles, but he needs a wife, to raise his child and look after the farm. Flash forward to his return home after two years, as he learns that his bride had been pregnant and buried the child. He charges her with infidelity and murder. Is Placidia guilty or are there things that happen on the home front, during war?

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My Sister’s Books Review #95

The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb

By: Melanie Benjamin


Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump, known as Vinnie, was born with dwarfism. She grew to be two feet, eight inches tall, but she never let her size stop her from living life to the fullest. Vinnie did so well in school, she became a school teacher, but deep down she craved more. Through life’s ups and downs, she finally teamed up with P. T. Barnum. The two became close friends and he introduced her to Tom Thumb, one of his other performers.

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Two important items…

Hi Everyone,

This week, I learned about two different, things. One, very important and a good cause. While the other, will be a lot of fun! What do these two things have in common?
Excellent, must-read, books, of course!!!


First up, Kristy Woodson Harvey is donating proceeds from the sales of her books to help Hurricane Matthew victims. As you know, I love Dear Carolina and Lies and Other Acts of Love. I am looking forward to her latest book, which comes out next year! So, you get to read excellent books and help a worthy cause!



Second, is some exciting news!!! The incredible authors of America’s First Daughter, will be joining the Sasee Facebook Reading Group this Monday! If you love Historical Fiction, America’s First Daughter is an excellent book! If you have already read this novel about Patsy Jefferson, feel free to join in on the fun!




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By Lisa Scottoline

(Rosato & DiNunsio #4)


Mary DiNunzio is a successful attorney and a partner at the Rosato & DiNunzio firm. Her schedule has gotten complicated, due to her wedding being a few weeks away. However, when an elderly man named Edward comes in for a free consultation, Mary’s world is turned upside down. Edward’s grandson, Patrick, is being sued by a teacher’s aide for assault. Sadly, it is this shy, dyslexic boy who bares the markings of abuse. As Mary becomes more involved in finding out the truth, she becomes the only chance Patrick has at surviving and leading a healthy life. Is Mary going to lose everything she has, in order to protect Patrick or will the evidence prove Mary wrong?

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What are you Reading tonight?

Hi Everyone,

Daylight Savings Time has come to an end, which means the nights are starting earlier. With all the extra darkness, what book is keeping you company?

For me, it is two:

  1. Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty
  2. The Seakeeper’s Daughters by Lisa Wingate


I recently finished a batch of Christmas-themed books, so I am looking forward to diving into the spooky Children’s book tonight.



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