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Book Trailer Thursday!

Good Morning Everyone,

Today’s book trailer is featuring the talented author, Emily Guido. I adore her Light-Bearer Series. (On Monday, I spotlighted the pre-sale for her latest book called Seditious. Have you entered in the giveaway yet? If not, click here.)

You can read my review of Seditious and Ransom, by clicking on the titles. To see the exciting trailer, view it here!

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Seditious Pre-Sale Blog Hop

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to participate in the Seditious Pre-Sale Blog Hop. I absolutely love Emily Guido’s books. I hope you like the blog post and the latest adventure in the Light-Bearer Series!


The Fourth Novel in

The Light-Bearer Series


Seditious is the perfect title for the 4th book in The Light-Bearer Series. This book captures jealously, deceit, and restoration of love flawlessly.

Life at the Castle Charmeine is blissful until reality of the ruling the Elder Council of the Blood-Hunters causes dissent. An unexpected depth to both Tabbruis and Dmitri’s personalities humanizes both men.

This novel shows a side to Tabbruis and Charmeine’s relationship which will throw any reader of The Light-Bearer Series off kilter. Seditious is the continuation of their romantic and turbulent love story and mission on Earth to battle Lucifer’s minions!

Lord Cromwell is a lethal Blood-Hunter who has escaped the Elder Council Prison. He sends his beautiful agent to cause destruction to those who live at the Castle Charmeine.

Bathsheba is a deadly, sexy, and vicious siren who threatens Charmeine and Baby Hunter. Not just with her present actions, but, with the past she shares with Tabbruis and Dmitri. However, the family works together to unravel Bathsheba’s deadly secrets.

Just when you think they are in the clear, a more heinous and ominous villain waits in the wings to tear apart our ill-fated lovers, Charmeine and Tabbruis.

Seditious is a heart wrenching and exciting story of passion, betrayal, and redemption you will not want to miss!


Charmeine knew this beautiful woman was a very powerful Blood-Hunter. She felt Baby Hunter kicking and fought to control her anxiety.

“Ah, yes, very good gentlemen. We have her now.” The mysterious woman told the men in a thick, French accent. She gazed with wide spellbinding eyes at Charmeine. She looked like a cat ready to pounce on her prey.

The man who held Charmeine pushed her to go out the terrace doors.

She knew this was a kidnapping and worried for Baby Hunter. Charmeine struggled to gain some kind of fighting advantage.

The Light-Bearers practiced their self-defense skills with her daughter, Sandra, and worked on how to get out these hand-binding holds. After Charmeine’s encounters with Pascal, she never wanted to feel helpless again.

With speed and accuracy, Charmeine used her power to fly up backwards over the head of the Blood-Hunter. She broke out of his grip. Immediately, she leveled him with a powerful and fierce bolt of white electricity which stunned him into a stupor.

Percival took this opportunity to sweep the legs of the man who held him. He stunned his assailant, and made him fall down in pain with a green charge which ran through his body.

“Use your light for Athena!” Charmeine yelled to Percival.

Percival threw a green lightning bolt at the man who held Athena.

Within a second, the Blood-Hunter was on the ground. A green current cursed through him.

“Halt!” the Blood-Hunter woman demanded.

Charmeine looked up and a hand gun was aimed at her belly.

The woman widened her indigo eyes with her fangs exposed. She threatened, “You really never know where a bullet will go? Do you?” she laughed.

Her maniacal giggles curdled Charmeine’s blood. She could tell the Blood-Hunter woman was telling the truth.

“Yes, the bullet could just land somewhere very unhealthy for your unborn spawn.” She circled Charmeine like a shark swimming around its prey. “Not that hurting spawn of this Light-Bearer scum would matter,” she quipped in a matter-of-fact way.

Charmeine began to feel waves of nausea and fought the urge to be sick.

“The offspring is just a by-product.” With a sinister laugh the woman scoffed, “Yes, a by-product which should be tossed aside and thrown away like the trash it is . . . as soon as we cut it out of you!”

She began to laugh with a vicious tone and stuck the gun in Charmeine’s belly ready to pull the trigger.


Author Interview Questions:

On a similar note (pun intended), what music (genre, artist, etc.) most inspires your writing?

I like to listen to classical or easy listening music with headphones on. I hate being interrupted while I write, so sometimes, I stay up all night and write.

Which of your own stories is your favorite?

I don’t know if I have a favorite story since it’s a series. However, I would love to have dinner with Dmitri. He is the oldest and wisest of all the Blood-Hunters. But he still is totally gorgeous with long black hair and deep blue hypnotic eyes. He has a sense of humor like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t think Dmitri would like anything else but blood for dinner, but I would chomp on my steak while listening to his interesting stories about his past on Earth and look into his dreamy blue eyes. Totally got a thing for Dmitri, sorry, he is my fav!

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Keep writing and know social media to promote your book but also just say to yourself each day this mantra…

It only takes one…

One person to read your book

One person to tell another person about your book

One person to buy your book

And so on…

Tell me about your current work-in-progress and what your plans are for it.

SEDITIOUS is my fourth novel in The Light-Bearer Series and is coming out shortly, published by PDMI Publishing. YEAH! In a month it will be out on pre-sell on Amazon. SEDITIOUS is the perpetuation of Tabbruis and Charmeine’s love affair. They are enjoying life until the reality of ruling the Elder Council and Temple Guards come crashing down on them. Then a sexy, mysterious and gorgeous woman appears at the Castle Charmeine ready to take what she wants by orders of her Master, Lord Cromwell. Twists and turns, ups and downs are in in this novel of passion and redemption.

What is your ultimate goal as a writer? (To write for pleasure? To be a best-selling author? Something else?)

I write strictly for pleasure. Oh yes, I dream of having my books read around the world. However, if I did this for money or to be famous, I would have never gotten this far. My goal is to enjoy and pass on this wonderful story of The Light-Bearer Series! I have spent a lot of money making these books come to life and promoting them. I also network. I have spent hours promoting these books. It is a labor of love, and if I make anything, I just put it back into the books and promotion.




Emily Guido is Paranormal Romance Author. She was inspired to start writing The Light-Bearer Series because one day she got an idea of two star-crossed lovers which needed to have their story told.

The Light-Bearer Series is Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, with Vampires, Angels, History, Action and Adventure. The novels Charmeine, Mactus, Accendo, Seditious, Ransom and Conundrum are the continuation of the wonderful adventures of the inhabitants of The Castle Charmeine!

Emily is currently works for a Fortune 500 Company and has a Master of Business Administration.


Emily’s Stalker Links:

Emily Guido – Email guido.emily@gmail.com

Emily Guido – Author WEBSITE

Emily Guido – Author FACEBOOK Page

Emily Guido – Author TWITTER

Facebook Emily (1)

Purchase links through Amazon:

CHARMEINE the First Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon

MACTUS the Second Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon

ACCENDO the Third Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon

SEDITIOUS the Fourth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series

Coming Soon:

RANSOM the Fifth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series

CONUNDRUM the Sixth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series

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Dog With A Bone Blog Tour

This is a blog tour brought to you by: Bippity Boppity Book

Dog With A Bone Blog Tour

                                            http://bippityboppitybook.com@BipBopBooks info@bippityboppitybook.com

Dog With A Bone

Series: Black Dog # 1                                                         Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00049]

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Heat Level: Sweet

Author: Hailey Edwards

Publish Date: October 31, 2014

Find the book:


Link to follow Tour: http://bippityboppitybook.com/tour-dog/

Purchase Links:

Amazon http://bit.ly/1qB3vwn

Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/1tUfh6n

iBooks http://bit.ly/1pfK4Tw

Kobo http://bit.ly/1nVITco


Half-bloods with Thierry’s skill set are given two options. They can join the conclave’s marshal program, or they can pack their bags. Turn down the job offer, and you’ve just shredded your residency pass for the mortal realm and booked yourself a one-way ticket to Faerie.

Texas is the only home Thierry has ever known, and she’s not going anywhere. Even if it means following in her notorious father’s footsteps as a peacekeeper. But pinning on the badge opens her eyes to the fact sometimes fae need protection too, and that sometimes humans are the real monsters.





Author Bio:

Born in the Deep South, Hailey is a lifelong resident of Alabama. Her husband works for the local sheriff’s department and her daughter is counting down the days until she’s old enough to audition for American Idol. Her doxie, Black Ilex, helps Hailey write by snoozing in his recliner in her office.

Her desire to explore without leaving the comforts of home fueled her love of reading and writing. Whenever the itch for adventure strikes, Hailey can be found with her nose glued to her Kindle’s screen or squinting at her monitor as she writes her next happily-ever-after.

Author Social Links:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Newsletter



Burnt ozone tingled in my nose. I inhaled deeply, but all I scented was the coming storm. Thunder boomed overhead, rumbling through the ground under my feet. I was still hunched behind a twisted metal sculpture of a giant rooster when the first lukewarm raindrops splattered on my cheeks.

Movement on my right slammed the brakes on my heart. I squinted where I thought I glimpsed a pale blur, but the sun was too far gone and the scrapyard too dark for me to tell what it had been.

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And the winner is…

Hi Everyone,

I just want to take a moment to thank author Melissa R. Smith for participating in the celebration/giveaway extravaganza. I also want to thank everyone who commented on A Year in Review #8. There were a total of 6 commenters, so earlier this morning I went to Random.org and typed in the parameters of 1 and 6. The lucky winner is… commenter #2! Congrats to Dana Zalesky! Dana, you have 72 hours to contact me in order to claim your prize.

Thanks again to all of you for making this 1 year anniversary party such an amazing success. I appreciate all of your support.

Have a wonderful day!


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A Year in Review #8

Good Morning Everyone,

Wait just one quick minute… Does that title really say #8???!!! Wow! Time sure has flown-by quickly these past few weeks. I have had so much fun with all of these re-reviews and I am excited to present this week’s look back. Week number 8 steps into the world of paranormal romances with shape-shifters and Sanguines. This incredible world is brought to life by author Melissa R. Smith. Enjoy!

Color of Night
“Melissa R. Smith is a talented paranormal romance author. Readers will be on the edge of their seats, as they read this novel. The suspense is as powerful as the romantic chemistry. This is an exciting and amazing start to the Panthera Series.”

Six Hours to Sunrise
“Vampire novels are the main attraction right now. This is a book about one human and one Sanguine. Filled with broken rules and traditions, along with miss-communications, provides a roller-coaster of emotions for both the characters and the readers. Several unique twists will keep the reader guessing until the final pages.”

“Melissa R. Smith has continued her Sanguine Series with Legacy. However, it is a new setting filled with new faces. Each character, whether human or Sanguine, has secrets they hide, and fears that influence the choices he/she makes. Smith is an amazing story-teller.”

Touch of Silver
Touch of Silver picks up a few months after the end of Legacy. Readers’ hearts will ache as Devani and Roman fight for the right to live as a couple in peace. Melissa R. Smith fills this book with raw human emotions that will bring readers to tears at times. Paranormal romance fans need to take note, Melissa R. Smith is an author to add to the Must-Read list.

Giveaway Time:

Melissa R. Smith will be giving one lucky commenter an ecopy of one of her books. That’s right… winner get’s to decide which one of these four books he/she would like to receive. To be entered to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below between now and July 19, 2013 at 11:59pm EDT. Winner will be selected using Random.org on Saturday, July 20, 2013 and announced later that day! Good luck everyone!

As if this exciting giveaway wasn’t enough, Melissa R. Smith will be giving the winner of the Big Giveaway, a signed paperback book and a specially designed journal that relates to her series. If you would like a chance to win these prizes, head over to the Big Giveaway page and click on the Rafflecopter link. Good luck to you all!



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Touch of Silver

Sanguine Series #3. By: Melissa R. Smith. Format: eBook. Read: June 2013.

Devani Daniels has just left her soul mate, in order to save his life. However the Militia is still after her and now they are threatening her family. Roman is a Sanguine lost without his love and determined to figure out why she left. Once Roman discovers his pain was caused by the Militia, he is determined to reconnect with Devani, even if it means a full blown war. Little do they know, just how many lives will be affected by their love.

Touch of Silver picks up a few months after the end of Legacy. Readers’ hearts will ache as Devani and Roman fight for the right to live as a couple in peace. Melissa R. Smith fills this book with raw human emotions that will bring readers to tears at times. The main characters provide a modern twist to the classic tale of a perilous love. There were a few minor grammatical errors, but they did not distract from the storyline. Even with a satisfying ending, readers will still be left wanting more. Paranormal romance fans need to take note, Melissa R. Smith is an author to add to the Must-Read list.

Growing up, I was never really a fan of paranormal romance. I never understood the appeal of vampires and shape-shifters. However in this day and age, there seems to be a surplus of vampire tales, and I find myself drawn into the melee. It is refreshing to read to books like Melissa R. Smith’s that offer a new twist and tell a more unique tale. I find myself anxiously awaiting what she writes next.


The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about her and her work, please visit her website.


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A Year in Review #2 Winner!!!

Good Morning Everyone,

I want to take a quick moment to thank author Emily Guido for giving away one of her ebooks for week #2 celebrations! Thank you, Emily. I also want to thank everyone who participated and/or shared the Year in Review #2 post. You all are amazing! Thank you!

Now without further ado… Excluding any comments made by me, there were a total of 3 people who entered this contest. I went to Random.org this morning and typed in the parameters 1 and 3. It generated the number 3 as its result. Congratulations Kristina L. you have won an ecopy of your choice of books from The Light-Bearer Series!!! Please be sure to contact me (ariesgrlreview@gmail.com) within 72 hours to claim your prize!

If you missed out on your chance to win a copy of one of Emily Guido’s books, don’t worry. The author has been kind enough to giveaway a paperback book and bookmarks to the winner of the Big Giveaway!

Thank you all again for participating. As a gentle reminder, week 3’s celebrations have begun. A Year in Review #3 was posted earlier this morning! Also, today is the last day that I will retweet the Twitter character description. Tomorrow will be a new character for the Big Giveaway.

Wishing you all a splendid Saturday!


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Have you entered in Week #2’s Giveaways?

Good Morning Everyone,

The Giveaways are live for Week #2! Make sure you have entered. In case you have missed something, here are the links:

1. A Year in Review #2. All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of the post and you will be entered to win an ecopy of one of Emily Guido’s books!
2. Twitter Guess the Character Game. Read the description then leave your guess in the Rafflecopter. You can find the link to the Rafflecopter under the Big Giveaway page.
3. Facebook Guess the Poet or Poem Game. This week’s poem is pinned at the top. Once you have figured out the name of the Poet or the title of the Poem, enter your guess in the Rafflecopter. On Facebook, it is located in the blue square called giveaway at the top of the page.

I hope you all are enjoying this week’s games and I just want to say thank you again for all of you support. Good luck to you all!

Have a wonderful day!

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A Year in Review #2

Hi Everyone,

Well I have yet another milestone to celebrate. This post marks my 250th post!!! Wow! I am absolutely speechless. I appreciate all of your support and I am pleased to present the second Year in Review installment.

The Light-Bearer Series is a beautiful science-fiction series about accepting the differences in others and uniting as a team to fight evil. This poignant series is filled with morals that everyone should learn.

Here’s a look back:

“Charmeine is a powerful and exciting tale of acceptance and love. Opposites need each other to survive and the battle to accept that may destroy everything. A paranormal twist with religious undertones allow for a modernization to the classic tale of two destined lovers. Guido will sure to be turning heads and making readers all over this world rally behind the love between Tabbruis and Charmeine.”

“In this second chapter of The Light-Bearer Series, Guido continues the emotional story of Tabbruis and Charmeine. Two angels destined to be together in a world desperate to tear them apart. As the family begins to train for the battle against the Elder Council, new truths will be revealed that will solidify the reader’s love for this series.”

“Fans of the series will be taken on a heart-wrenching journey throughout the book that will leave them all speechless at the end. Guido has created a fascinating world filled with examples of compassion versus judgment, trust versus fears and faith versus doubt. Readers will be impatiently tapping their fingers as they wait for the arrival of the fourth book.”

“Readers will enjoy the fact that Seditious focuses on the story of each of the family members, instead of just Charmeine and Tabbruis. Each of the characters become more relatable as they show their strengths and weakness. Unity, love, trust and faith are the values that are represented in each page of this book.”

“Emily Guido has done it again with this fifth installment from her Light-Bearer series. Her main couple, Charmeine and Tabbruis, is a bit of a modern, sci-fi Romeo and Juliet. These two are so in love that it radiates off of the ever-growing family and yet they seem to have their love tested with each new book.”

Not only does author Emily Guido write this magically enchanting tale, but she has also been very generous in donating some amazing prizes. From now until June 7, 2013 @ 11:59pm EDT, leave a comment below and you will be entered to win a free ecopy of your choice of one of these books! Winner will be selected using Random.org on the morning of June 8, 2013 and will be announced later that day! After you have left a comment, be sure to stop by the Big Giveaway page and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. Emily Guido has donated bookmarks and a signed paperback for that giveaway!

Good luck everyone!

I hope you all have enjoyed this second installment of the Year in Review! Thanks again for all of your support. Hope you all have a magnificent day!



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The Light-Bearer Series #5. By: Emily Guido. Format: eBook. Read: January 2013.

Charmeine and Tabbruis are in Disney World with their family, enjoying a day at the happiest place in the world. During this day, Percival meets the girl from his dreams and it is up to Charmeine, Tabbruis, Shane, Sandra, Dmitri and Percival to convince his mother, Hera, that he is ready to fall in love. Little does this family know how special this girl, Carly, is and how painful a past she has lived. As Charmeine and Shane get to know Carly, they realize this girl has a bit more in common with them. Enter a whirlwind of adoption papers and happiness, as Carly becomes a part of the family and everyone heads back to Romania. Unfortunately for Charmeine and Tabbruis, there seems to be a pattern of bad luck that follows them and this time it comes in the form of Lord Cromwell himself. As he opens war on the family, blood is shed and everyone’s life, including Baby Hunter’s, is in jeopardy. Will the family survive? Is there some greater truth out there that will forever split Charmeine and Tabbruis? Only time will tell for this family.


Emily Guido has done it again with this fifth installment from her Light-Bearer series. Her main couple, Charmeine and Tabbruis, are a bit of a modern, sci-fi Romeo and Juliet. These two are so in love that it radiates off of the ever-growing family and yet they seem to have their love tested with each new book. The faith in God, love, unity and acceptance are still the themes in this latest book. Guido has created the most accepting and loving character in Charmeine, along with a cast of opposites that all learn to love and accept one another. Guido’s hints toward what is to come in the next book, will leave readers waiting impatiently.


I have had the honor to read this series from the beginning and can’t say enough, how much I wish the world could learn from the characters in this book. Imagine what the world would be like, if we spent our days accepting each others’ differences, instead of pointing out each of the flaws. Judgment is a harsh word, yet acceptance is more powerful a term. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for the family that lives in Castle Charmeine.




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