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What are you Reading tonight?

Hi Everyone,

Daylight Savings Time has come to an end, which means the nights are starting earlier. With all the extra darkness, what book is keeping you company?

For me, it is two:

  1. Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty
  2. The Seakeeper’s Daughters by Lisa Wingate


I recently finished a batch of Christmas-themed books, so I am looking forward to diving into the spooky Children’s book tonight.



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Time is on my mind…

Hi Everyone,

As I get settled in for the night, yes I know it is early but I will be reading for the next several hours, a question that has plagued me for a while pops into my mind again: What time is the best time for ___? Back in my old life I had a schedule, I worked night shift and then would go to school during the day. My reading took place anytime I was awake, which was quite often, and yes I tended to put off homework when I came across a good book. Now my new life is one that has no schedule and it is close to impossible to try to plan anything. Whether it is my family, the weather or life in general things seem to change in an instant and can become chaotic quickly. So as I try to work on my blog and my reviews, it tends to take place in stages: five minutes here, twenty minutes there. This explains why I don’t have a normal time frame for my posts. It also explains why my reading tends to be in sections too. In my old life, I would devour a book, even going to far as to forget to eat or drink because the phrase “just one more page” really means “the real world doesn’t exist until this book ends.” In my current life, ha, devouring a good book only occurs in my dreams, but somehow I have adapted. I still manage to get myself lost in the setting, find new friends in each of the characters, and carry on their journeys/adventures by sharing them with all of you. So I guess my question is really two: What time is the best time for ___? and How much time does it take to really enjoy something?


Ask the old me, and the best time for reading and writing would be the night-time. I loved (and still do) the night. Everyone was asleep, while I was always awake and what better way to occupy that time than to curl up and read a good book. And I would need one day to devour the book and one day to recover from the ending of the book.  Ask the current me, the best time for reading and writing is the early morning, just after Mom leaves for work. My grandfather and the boys are still asleep and the hectic day ahead has yet to arrive. I can ease myself into the day by reading, writing or finding a good quote. But reality is this, the best time for reading/writing is anytime that the home front is quiet, the dishwasher has stopped running, the loads of laundry have been folded and put away and all that faces me now, is the stack of books to read and lose myself in them. As for how long it takes me to enjoy said books, I find that there is no rule. Anytime that I have with a book in my hands is a happy time for me. I have learned that it is possible to enjoy a book in short intervals as well as the long marathons that I was used to doing. So my advice to all of: Find something that you love. Something that feeds your soul and fills your heart. Once you have that, it won’t matter if you can only spend five minutes or 500 minutes a day doing it. All that will matter is that you have found something that speaks to you and you will find the time to enjoy it.

So when is the best time for you to write/read/blog or __(fill in the blank)____? How long do you have to spend writing/reading/other before you feel the happiness increase in your heart and your mind?

Either way, I hope you all find something that makes you happy and if it happens to be a good book, please share so that we may all enjoy it.

Have a wonderful night everyone!



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