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My Sister’s Books Review #32

Dance Hall of the Dead (Navajo Mysteries #2)

By: Tony Hillerman

The Zuni religion has been dealt a powerful blow, when the chosen Little Fire God is murdered and his best friend is missing. Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn has to work within both the Navajo and Zuni beliefs, in order to help the New Mexican police force find the missing boy, before it is too late. As if balancing this delicate line wasn’t hard enough for Lt. Leaphorn, there is an archeologist determined to excavate the earth and change humankind’s history.

Tony Hillerman writes with an exquisite passion in this novel. He mixes several layers and different stories in the hunt for the missing boy, by representing the Navajo, Zuni and American traditions. The majestic background of New Mexico comes to life in Hillerman’s details and readers will feel as if they are on the same journey with Leaphorn. Though the ending is a tad predictable and there are several supplementary characters to keep up with, this is an exhilarating tale. This book is an excellent, fast paced page-turner.

This review was written for My Sister’s Books.

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