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Sasee Review

Waggin’ Tales: Bogey’s Memoir

By: Maureen O’Brien

Bogey was unwanted, told repeatedly he was too dumb to love. Thankfully his original set of humans left him at the Grand Strand Humane Society, where he remained focused on staying positive. Soon, his forever parents found him, adopted him and opened his eyes to a world full of love.

Using Bogey’s voice, Maureen O’Brien shares the adorable memories of Bogey’s life. An uplifting and heartwarming tale of how Bogey’s adoption gave him a family that finally showed him the love he truly deserved. Readers will follow Bogey from the glorious day of his adoption and throughout his life, including events that occurred in Heaven. The author turns a sensitive and always difficult topic, into a positive experience. Overall, animal lovers will smile many times as they fall in love with Bogey’s story.

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Sasee Review

Mayhem in Myrtle Beach

By: T. Lynn Ocean

Mayhem in Myrtle Beach mixes a newly single, fresh college graduate with forty-six young at heart senior citizens and places them all on a charted bus headed to Myrtle Beach. What could possibly go wrong? Sherwood accepts a week-long probationary offer at a retirement community, in hopes that the time in the sun will not only give her a new perspective on life, but also a paying job when she returns. However, when her old study partner turns out to be the driver, who is more handsome than she recalls, and the elderly group doesn’t welcome her with open arms, Sherwood begins to think she may be in over her head.

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My Sister’s Books Review #65

Murder on the Front Nine

By: Steve McMillen

Local Mystery

Mickke D has “retired” to Myrtle Beach, where he maintains several odds-and-ends jobs, in order to enjoy his favorite hobby, golf. He has had lots of bad luck with women, but that is nothing compared to the mess he falls into when his old, top-secret friends stop by for a friendly visit. Thanks to the favor he granted, he gets to travel to several golf courses to get-to-know a few persons of interest. But when explosions and gun fire start happening, Mickke D must choose between his friends and saving his own life.

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