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My Sister’s Books Review #19

The Freedom Writer’s Diary
By: Erin Gruwell

Being a first-year teacher is difficult, but working with at-risk kids is even harder. Erin Gruwell had enough and decided to find a way to make her lessons reach the hearts of her students. Using classic literary diarists, Anne Frank and Zlata Filipovic, as examples she challenges her students to look within and find the parallels in their own lives. This one simple thought, turned into a life-changing project, while those students became known as The Freedom Writers.

Even though this book is set-up to resemble a diary, with dated entries and numbers representing the different students’ entries, the consistency and the coherency make for a touching tale. The book progresses through each year in the students’ learning all the way to the celebratory graduation day. Readers will be able to grasp each student’s progress and their hearts will swell with pride. A few pictures are included to help “see” the students and their teacher, while the foreword by Zlata Filipovic, proves the amazing reach that this one teacher created. This is a heart-lifting read.

This review was originally written for My Sister’s Books.
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My Sister’s Books #15

Code of the Forest

By: Jon Buchan

Set along the coast of Georgetown, South Carolina, a battle rages between local environmentalists and the corrupt politicians over whether or not to allow a chemical plant to be built. Wade McNabb, publisher of the newspaper, has never trusted lawyers, but he knows he needs to set those feelings aside in order to expose the dishonesty in the courtroom. Kate Stewart is a female lawyer trying to make her way in the men’s world of politics. Even though she was once burned by the media, she must move forward and trust Wade McNabb, or else her career won’t survive.

The South is where time tends to stand still and the state of South Carolina is no exception. This book demonstrates the delicate beauty that makes up Georgetown County. While it also reveals the crooked side of the judicial system, where it is more of whom you know rather than what you can prove. Buchan’s first novel develops at a fast pace and is an enticing read. Extremely well written, readers will be turned into instant fans.


This review was written for My Sister’s Books Bookstore.


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My Sister’s Books #14

The Seventh Scroll

By: Wilbur Smith

The Seventh Scroll is the sequel to River God; though this book is set in modern time. Duraid Al Simma and his wife, Royan, have uncovered the ancient scrolls. However Taita has made several unique designs and descriptions not found in the Egyptian language. While Duraid and Royan are working on translating the scrolls, they are brutally attacked and the scrolls are stolen. With Duraid’s last breathe, he urges Royan to continue their work and seek help from Nicholas Quenton-Harper. Royan goes back to England to find Nicholas and the two of them must work together in order to survive the hunt for the scrolls.

This book is well written. The suspense is overwhelming, while the interaction between Nicholas and Royan is predictable. Readers do not need to read River God first, since that book takes place over 4,000 years earlier. The author does mention that book and himself in this book, which is unique. Some brutal scenes make this book not acceptable for everyone, but overall thriller fans will enjoy this book.

Similar authors:
Tom Cain, Alex Rutherford, Dan Brown, Clive Cussler

This review was written for My Sister’s Books.

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My Sister’s Books Review #12

By: Bill Noel

Chris Landrum is soaking up his semi-retired life in Folly Beach, South Carolina. Surrounded by his unique neighbors, Chris and his best friend Charles, find themselves in the middle of another police investigation. This time, young Samuel has possibly seen a woman being abducted and women are turning up dead. It is up to Chris and Charles to solve this mystery and this time they have help from Charles’s Aunt M.

Bill Noel has done it again with this latest novel in the Folly Beach Mystery Series. Between the odd cast of characters and the small town setting, readers will be laughing out loud while trying to solve this latest mystery. This is an easy read and a light-hearted mystery book. Recommend this book for fans of cozy mysteries.

Fran and Bess enjoy reading this series, too. As Bess says, “Reading each new book is like visiting old friends.”

Note: This review was written for My Sister’s Books.


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Happy Easter and Thank You!!!

Good Morning Everyone,

The past few days have been busy running errands and prepping eggs for today. But, I just wanted to take a quick minute to wish you all a very, Happy Easter. I hope each of you have a fun-filled day!

I also wanted to say a quick ‘Thank you’ to each of you! This month Ariesgrl Book Reviews has reached more milestones. As of today, The List has 56 books, while the My Sister’s Books List is at 25 books! This site has had over 2,500 views this month and I am so grateful to each of you! The number of followers on here, Twitter and Facebook are climbing and together they are close to being over 300! THANK YOU! I truly appreciate all of your support and I am very grateful that you are liking and following my reviews. So… Thanks to each of you!

Bonus surprises: This blog was nominated for another award that I will be accepting this coming week, plus it was tagged in a fun, appreciation game. (More details later this week.) Also, quotes from some of my reviews have been published in a series of books written by Alannah Lynne! Thank you very much to Alannah Lynne, for sharing that nice surprise with me this week.
Lastly, My Sister’s Books is now on Facebook! So be sure to like the store’s page the next time you are on Facebook, to show your support for the Indie stores.

Thanks again to each and every one of you! Your continued support means the world to me.
Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


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My Sister’s Books Review #10

The Iron King

By: Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase is about to turn sixteen and she has lived a lonely life. She has never found a way to fit in and her family seems to forget she even exists. Only her best friend, Robbie, stays by her side making her laugh. One day, strange events start happening and Robbie becomes overly protective. As reality fades away, the truth about Meghan’s past is revealed. Now it is up to Meghan to save her family and a world that only exists in dreams.

Julie Kagawa has created a fascinating world filled with faeries, satyrs and various other mythological beings. Kagawa shows readers the mythological downside to the ever-growing technology. Fast-paced action, good versus bad and a classic love triangle make this book a must read for young adult fans. The Iron King proves to be an exciting start to a promising series.

Similar Authors:
Leah Cypess, Maggie Stiefvater, Kristin Cashore, Morgan Rhodes


This review was written for My Sister’s Books.

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My Sister’s Books Review #9


By: Dolen Perkins-Valdez

Tawawa House is a vacation resort located in the free territory of Ohio. Northern white families vacation here as well as Southern white men. However the Southern white men do not bring their wives and children, they bring their women slaves. Three of these women, Lizzie, Sweet and Reenie, have bonded over the several summers they have spent at Tawawa House. It is the newcomer, Mawu, that stirs talk of escaping into the free territories. As the women face new horrors, they relive their pasts and one tragic fire will change all of them forever.

Told mostly from the point of view of Lizzie, Wench gives a gripping inside look into a painful time. Perkins-Valdez shows the inner conflicts that some slaves faced, while dealing with the cruel demons of slavery. Readers will be caught up in all the emotions of pain and fear and even love. This is a powerful, emotional and heart-wrenching tale that everyone should read. However be prepared for an unsatisfying ending.

Similar Author Suggestions:
Kathryn Stockett, Erin Morgenstern, Marlon James, Kathleen Grissom

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My Sister’s Books Review #8

Have You Seen Hyacinth Macaw?
By: Patricia Reilly Giff

Abby Jones and her friend Potsie are on spring break and Abby is looking for a case to solve. As she starts noticing strange activity outside her bedroom window, her brother, Dan, begins to act strange. Then her friend Detective Garcia tells her there has been a big theft in town, plus there is a strange missing person’s sign that has been ripped. Abby doesn’t have to look too far before she gets wrapped up in a series of mysteries.

Patricia Reilly Giff has written about every young, adventurous girl’s dream with this book. Mystery, intrigue, suspense all occur in this first book in the Abby Jones, Junior Detective Mystery series. This chapter book has some illustrations and shorter sentences to make it easier to read. A few spelling errors and grammatical errors, but overall a good book for elementary school children.

Similar authors: Carolyn Keene (Harriet Otis Smith) and Jean Craighead George

Note: This review was written for My Sister’s Books.

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My Sister’s Books Children’s Book Review

Hi Everyone,

Here is my review of the selection of children’s books available at My Sister’s Books. This will appear on their website as well as in a special children’s edition of their newsletter!


Children’s Books

My Sister’s Books offers a wide range of children’s books. They have the classic fairy tale books, pop-up books and board books. Young children will adore the bright and colorful pictures, while parents can reminisce about their childhood. For those who are beginning to read, there is a wide selection of beginner’s books arranged by reading levels. These range from simple, short sentences all the way to longer, multiple sentences on a page. Each level helps build a child’s vocabulary along with helping them learn how to read.
There are local children’s authors featured as well. These include stories about the sea turtles, to learning about the water cycle and the value of rain. Another option for an older child, is the selection of big brother/big sister books. These books are dedicated to helping a child get used to the idea of a new baby, while providing them an outlet to express their true feelings. These books are cute and will have parents laughing, too!
Lastly, there are school subject activity books for parents looking to help a child transition from one grade to the next. These books are vital for young children during long breaks, such as summertime. They have fun activities that help reinforce current curriculum, while slowly introducing topics that will be covered in the following year. These books range from Pre K-K to 6th grade-7th grade.

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My Sister’s Books Review #7

Reading Group Choices – 2013

By: Reading Group Choices


This book is a must have for both reading groups and literature fans. It starts with a look back at 2011 and lists the top ten books from that year. Then it dives into a list of over 70 book suggestions to read for this year. The list includes a wide range of genres, so there is a book for almost everyone. Each book is then featured with the cover photo, a brief summary and quotes from other readers in order to help make the selection process easier. Once a book is chosen for a reading group, this handy guide can then assist in the discussion, since it provides a list of ‘Conversation Starters” for each of the books!

I highly recommend this book as guide for all adult reading groups this year.


Note: This review was written for the bookstore My Sister’s Books.

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