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May 2017 New Releases

Hi Everyone,

This is a list of new releases for the month of May, that I am looking forward to and/or have read. Either way, I think you all will enjoy them. Each month, a new list will be posted at the top of the website.


(2nd) The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan (YA/Greek Mythology)




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Slightly South of Simple

By Kristy Woodson Harvey

Ansley is the mother of three women, who lives alone in the quiet town of Peachtree Bluff. She runs a successful design shop named after her two youngest daughters. When her children converge on her home, they each bring along life’s trials and tribulations. However it is a shipwrecked boat that threatens to bring back a lost love and deep-rooted secrets. How will she keep her past from her girls, while maintaining her perfectly calm and peaceful life that she has finally achieved?

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My Sister’s Books Review #93

A Lowcountry Christmas

By: Mary Alice Monroe

Book 5 in the Lowcountry Summer Series/Christmas Themed Book


Taylor McClellan is grateful for his wife, Harper, his home and his family. During this special Christmas, he reflects on his first Christmas at home, after being injured in Afghanistan. Five years ago, Taylor was released from the hospital, yet he knew his brain was still not well. His mother, Jenny, was thrilled to have her son home and wanted to have the best Christmas ever. Miller, Taylor’s younger brother, only wanted a puppy for Christmas. Life had changed drastically for each of the McClellan family members, but hopefully a Christmas miracle will bring them all together again.

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My Sister’s Books Review #86

The Nightingale

By: Kristin Hannah


Isabelle and Vianne are two sisters separated by life’s emotional battles. When rumors start that Nazi Germany is conquering Europe, both sisters know their France will stay strong. However, as events unfold and the Nazis occupy Paris, each sister must choose their role in the impending war. Vianne, a housewife, desires to keep her daughter safe and accept her fate to provide a haven for the enemy. Isabelle, a young and often foolish girl, desires to be at the frontlines, defending her country. As the war wages on, these two women will have to learn a strength they never imagined was possible.

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