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Let’s Discuss

Hi Everyone,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Moms out there! In honor of this lovely day and the lovely women who raised us, today’s topic is about children’s books.

What is your favorite childhood book that your Mom used to read to you?

Mine is, Love You Forever by Robert Munsch! Mom and I used to read this book daily and I still have it memorized!

I got to say, I was beyond blessed that I had an incredible Mom, who encouraged my love of reading.

Tell me in the comments below, what book brings back the best memories of you and your Mom.


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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Good Morning Everyone,

I just wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!!! Whether your a Mama of a human baby or a fur baby, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

What were some of the books that you shared with your Mom while you were growing up?

For me, the Children’s Book… I’ll Love You, Forever is a book that I can still recite from memory. My Mom and I used to read that together all the time. Now my Grandmother used to bring me a set of 6 Nancy Drew books every time she would visit. So Nancy Drew will always hold a special place in heart, thanks to her.

As for being a fur-Mama, the book that made me laugh and cry because of its honesty and truth is… Marley and Me. If you have ever loved a dog with your whole heart, then that book is a must-read. (And no, I have never seen the movie.)

Hope each of you have a wonderful, beautiful day!



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