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What I am Reading…

Hi Everyone,

Right now, I am reading two books that have me completely entranced. First is If the Creek Don’t Rise by Leah Weiss. This is a modern day, southern story, about a girl down on her luck and trying to find a safe place for herself and her unborn child. The second is, Underground Airlines by Ben H. Winters. This is a modern day story, with an alternative history twist. The Civil War hasn’t occurred and slavery is still in existence.

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My Sister’s Books Review #34

The Union Street Bakery

By: Mary Ellen Taylor

Daisy McCrae was abandoned at the bakery when she was just three years old. Thankfully the owners of Union Street Bakery took her in and made her a member of their family, but she still doesn’t feel like she belongs. Now that she has lost her job in DC and thanks to a handful of her mom’s margaritas, she is back at the family’s bakery. Living in her old room, still haunted by ghosts, she is forced to face her painful past, while using her money management skills to save the bakery from bankruptcy. Things get even more complicated when an old customer passes away and leaves her a journal that once belonged to a slave. Daisy has to rely on the help of her sisters in order to solve the mysteries of this ancient diary and continue the legacy of the Union Street Bakery.

Mary Ellen Taylor weaves a graceful and poignant tale within a tale in this book. She manages to balance several characters’ lives from the 1800s to present day. Chocked full of metaphors, readers will laugh and cry as they experience life in the McCrae bakery. Mary Ellen Taylor makes sure to include her readers in on each fascinating detail as the characters discover new truths from the past. At the end of the book, it contains a few of the characters’ famous recipes. Readers will only be disappointed by the fact that this book has to end, because they will feel as though they are a part of the McCrae family. A must read for those who want a little bit of historical mystery set during modern times, with a few morsels of family drama.


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My Sister’s Books Review #30

Come Home to Supper

By: Christy Jordan

Christy Jordan’s latest cookbook is dedicated to families in today’s world. This cookbook is crammed full of delicious recipes that are made up of affordable ingredients. She focuses on making things easier for her readers by offering differing ways to cook in the same recipe, i.e. slow cooker versus oven. The recipes are organized by the main ingredient and cover wide variety of cultural favorites. Christy Jordan includes anecdotes from her past and uplifting quotes throughout the book. This is a wonderful cookbook for busy families who are looking for easy recipes to bring everyone to the table.

This review was written for My Sister’s Books.

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Crimson Footprints

By: Shewanda Pugh. Format: eBook. Read: August 2013.

Deena Hammond has grown up in Miami dreaming of the day when she could design buildings that reflected life. However, she struggles daily with trying to fit in with her all-black family, when she is only half-black. It doesn’t help that her entire family puts her down every chance they get, except for when they need her money or her help to handle her little sister. Deena has never belonged, but she has loved her entire family with every fiber of her being. Takumi Tanaka is an artist looking for inspiration in the wrong part of town, when his life is saved by a beautiful woman. Little does Takumi know, he has more in common with his heroine that he can’t stop thinking about. Takumi knows his father will never approve of a romance with a non-Japanese woman, so he must decide whether he is willing to risk it all for the love of a woman who has never known love and acceptance.

Shewanda Pugh has written a romance novel filled with all of the imperfections of modern-day life. The author makes this book even more real, by not shying away from the difficult topics found in the typical lifestyles of both the lower and upper class families. Readers will appreciate reading a romance novel that is very relatable to this day and age. The story line is in present day with memories of past events, the points-of-view jump around between the two main characters and a couple of the minor characters, which occasionally distracts from the main story. Readers’ emotions will be put through the wringer as they turn each and every page. This is an outstanding debut novel.

Even though this book covered very “taboo” topics, this was still a refreshing read, because it felt more real than most of the “fairy-tale” romance novels where everything is perfect. The main characters had to fight for themselves, their family and their love.


The author provided a copy of this book for me to review. To learn more about this author and her work, please visit her website.

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