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Meet Susan M. Boyer!!!

Hi Everyone,

Today, I would like to introduce you to a fabulous South Carolina author. Her name is Susan M. Boyer and she writes the Liz Talbot mystery series. These are fun, cute reads set in Charleston, South Carolina. Below is an interview with Susan, my review of her latest book, and a chance for you to win a copy of Lowcountry Bonfire!




Hi Susan,
Thank you very much for participating in today’s interview. Congratulations on the release of Lowcountry Bonfire!

Please tell everyone here a little bit about yourself and your work.

Hey everyone! I’m Susan Boyer, and I write the Liz Talbot Mystery Series. I’m originally from North Carolina, but have lived in South Carolina for nearly thirty years. I’ve had a lifelong love affair with books, mysteries in particular. But before I wrote them, my day job was in computer business systems. My husband, Jim, and I have four grown children. We live in the Upstate of South Carolina, but spend a good bit of time in the Lowcountry, near Charleston.

What inspired you to become an author?

My love of books and my overactive imagination.

Do you have a favorite book, out of the Liz Talbot series?

It’s always the most recent one, I guess because I’m closest to it. So, for the moment, it’s Lowcountry Bonfire.

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My Sister’s Books Review #96

The Eyes Have It

By: Julie Allan

(A Lowcountry Home Novel #1)


Elizabeth “Lizzie” Long has recently been informed by her husband that he is moving on, and she also learned the news about her beloved Uncle’s passing. Lizzie packs up her dogs and moves back home to McClellanville, South Carolina, to soak up the healing vibes of the low country. With the help of her Aunt, and old friends, Lizzie realizes all that she has been missing in life and what she truly wants for her future. As Lizzie makes peace with her present, will she allow her past pain to control her chance at happiness?

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