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Vision, Awards and More…

Hi Everyone,

     As I mentioned in the last post, I have a concussion but I have been taking time to try to let it heal. The healing process apparently means lots of naps, but life doesn’t always allow for napping. However, my vision is no longer blurry and I have been able to read in short sessions. I haven’t been able to drive as of yet, so for the authors who have sent their books to me in the mail, please be patient; I hope to be able to go to the Post Office tomorrow. Thanks again. Since my vision is back and since I am not the kind of person who can just not do anything I signed up for Twitter and LinkedIn. I have added the Twitter link to the My Other Sites page. That page will be going through a major makeover later this week, hopefully.

      The reviews that are pending on Goodreads, Smashwords and BN.com will be updated later today. I have finished reading book #19 on The List page and will be posting my review for it tomorrow. However I am going to post it in a different method. I will post it first on Goodreads and it should then cross over to this site. I then want you all to tell me which style you prefer. I am testing this method because I think it will benefit the authors, since it takes me a little while before I can place my review on Goodreads. Please remember it is a test and the overall majority will decide if I continue that process in the future. Then I will start reading #14 on The List as the author was kind enough to send a copy through the mail system after I had experienced so many technical difficulties.

     Now on to the humbling and awkward award acceptance. Over the past two months this website was nominated for three awards. I am completely shocked and humbled by this action. It is because of all of you that this website is surviving and each of you help feed my dream of professionally writing reviews. Thank you. So, let’s begin:

1. Thank you to Invisible Ink for nominating me with the One Lovely Blog Award. Now she actually nominated me for this award back in September, but thanks to my crazy life I accidentally set it aside and never properly thanked her. For this I apologize to Whitney Carter and thank her dearly. Now since I have already been nominated for this award, I thought I would take this time to tell you all why you should check out her blog. She is an author and a blogger and she has several WIPs and blogs to show for it. She writes primarily in the fiction-fantasy genre, but her blog Invisible Ink offers several writing tips for new authors. Be sure to check out her website.

2. Thank you to Dana Zalesky for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you Dana. I am going to take this time to tell you all about Dana’s blog. Not only is Dana a nice person and a beyond wonderful friend, she is an amazingly talented artist. I know I don’t know much about art, (I can’t even draw a stick figure, shh) but Dana’s talent is breath-taking. She has set-up her blog to show pieces she is working on, such as mermaids and pixies, in hopes of finding a career in this field. Again, I am in awe at her work, please go check out her website.

3. Thank you to Emily Guido for nominating me for A Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you Emily. I was previously nominated for this award, and I am shocked that I have been honored with it again. Emily Guido is the author of “The Light-Bearer Series.” I have read and reviewed the first two books and just finished reading the third. This series is a wonderful story of accepting the differences in each other using sci-fi characters in a modern world. Visit her website for snippets, trailers and much, much more.

I am completely humbled by these awards and thank each of the talented and amazing bloggers. Also I want to thank each of you for your support.

I have exciting news to share with all of you. The Man in the Box is a book that I had the opportunity to read and review a couple of months ago. It will be released to the public on November 30 , 2012, and to celebrate the author, Andrew Toy, is holding a fun photo contest on the book’s Facebook page. To read the first few chapters visit Andrew Toy’s website.

Lastly, I hope everyone is home safe and sound this weekend. However many people lost everything when Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast earlier this week. I am asking for everyone to help in any way possible. As you can guess I am unable to give financially but I can help spread the word and donate some items. My neighborhood, and many others, are holding clothing and food drives to help affected families. I know times are tough and not everyone can donate money, but we can all do a good deed and find a way to help others. Thank you.

For those who read this very, very, long post: I thank you. Happy Sunday Everyone!



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Good Afternoon!

Hi Everyone,
    This will be a short post for now. Apparently last night’s post is unavailable via email. The link goes to an unknown page. I do not know why this occurred or how to fix it. I am hoping this post comes through correctly. Last night’s entry is called Hopeful Sunday, in case you wanted to read it. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
This morning my dog had a seizure and he is wanting to be close by today, so it looks like there will be a slight delay in new posts. Hoping everyone stays safe as Hurricane Sandy gets closer.

Have a good day. Stay safe!

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Hopeful Sunday!

Hi Everyone,

You might have noticed I have been completely absent from here for roughly a week. I do apologize. This past week was very tough on my family, plus Tuesday was supposed to be a day of celebrating a birthday, but it was delayed for a few days. However I must thank you all because upon my return here, I found some amazing news. Together you have helped this site reach over 3,300 views all-time and over 1,000 this month, plus several new followers. (Welcome!) Also, this site has been nominated for more awards by some pretty cool bloggers. (Thanks!) I am absolutely shocked and humbled by these facts. I want to give them proper respect and show my gratitude, so (fingers crossed) I will write more on this tomorrow.

I hate to say that I didn’t have much time to read this past week, but sadly it is the truth. This means I do not have a new review prepared for you all just yet. (Hoping for Tuesday/Wednesday.) Also hoping on Tuesday to be able to update my other sites with reviews. I do apologize for the delay. It takes a bit more time for me to access and be able to work on my desktop and transfer my review, hence the delay. I have learned that because I am not an author, I cannot connect my site here to the Goodreads site. However, since I am a reviewer, if I type my reviews on Goodreads first they can then automatically publish them onto my blog here. So since I do not have a review ready for you tonight, I thought I would take a poll from authors that use Goodreads and WordPress. As an author do you want my reviews typed here and then in roughly a week (except for this past week) an excerpt placed on Goodreads, or would you rather a full review be placed on Goodreads then published here? Leave a comment or email me with your thoughts.

Now I would be remiss if I did not discuss Hurricane Sandy. As some of you may have noticed, I am located in the Pawleys Island, SC area, but I am from Va. This weekend we experienced some fierce winds that knocked down a few trees, but otherwise nothing major occurred. We all were prepared for much worse, especially the torrential rain that did not come, thankfully. Now most of my friends and family live in SC and my heart goes out to them. I am sending prayers, positive thoughts and crossing all my fingers that everyone, not just my family and friends, will remain safe and unharmed by Hurricane Sandy. She is definitely making history, and my hope is that it will just be a factual account that is remembered and not a devastating memory. Everyone please be safe! Stay inside, listen to the radio, play games, just stay safe!

Thanks again for your continued support. You all are amazing! Have a wonderful night!



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