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Day of the Iguana

By: Henry Winker and Lin Oliver

(Hank Zipzer #3)

Hank Zipzer recently found out he has a learning disability, but he has always known that he isn’t good at school. Friendship on the other hand, is the most important thing. Hank and his two best friends make the Magik 3 and he has booked them a paying gig. In order to get Frankie on board, he promises to tape a televised movie. When his dyslexia causes him to mess up, Hank worries if his best friend will ever forgive him. He uses these tragic events for his science project, but thanks to his sister’s iguana, Hank finds himself in even more of a pickle. Will Hank be able to fix his friendship or will it be just as doomed as his school work?

Henry Winkler uses his own experiences growing up with dyslexia to stress the feeling of failure. He uses his famous wit and comedic timing to provide a book that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Readers will want to tag along with Hank and his friends on other crazy adventures!


This review was written for My Sister’s Books Bookstore.

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Forgotten Book Challenge

Hi Everyone,

So over the weekend, I organized my ereader app to show books in alphabetical order. I noticed that the first few were duds, and I had read them years ago. The next to read was a book written by someone I had never heard of… which is the genius of this challenge : finding books you downloaded for free, and forgot.

The Accidental Demon Slayer

By: Angie Fox

(Demon Slayer #1)

Lizzie Brown is about to turn 30, when she is contacted by her biological grandmother. Looking forward to spending a quiet afternoon, getting to know about where she came from, Lizzie is thrown off guard, when a Harley shows up and a wild woman locks her in the bathroom. Soon Lizzie’s world is thrown upside down, as she learns that she is a demon slayer and her grandmother’s coven is on the run. Lizzie just wants to save her grandmother, so her and her dog can get back to normal life. Will Lizzie be able to defeat the demon, or will she be forever on the run, as well?

This was a surprisingly cute book. It had me chuckling out loud. The dog was by far my favorite character, of course. The author layered each part of the story well, and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.


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My Sister’s Books Review #78


By: Ad Hudler


Linc Menner had grown frustrated with his landscaping business, when his wife, Jo, was offered her dream job. Happy to have a fresh start and support his wife, Linc packed up the house and their daughter, Violet, to move across the country. Now, in unfamiliar territory, Linc finds himself in the position of househusband. Slowly but surely he learns the new, necessary duties of making his house a loving home, while raising his precocious three-year-old. As Jo becomes more and more involved in her work, Linc sees her less often and as the responsibilities take over, Linc begins to lose himself. Will their marriage be at risk or is Linc the perfect HouseHusband?

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My Sister’s Books Review #77

Home is Where My People Are

By: Sophie Hudson


The old saying states that the American Dream is a two story house with a nice, flat yard and a white picket fence. But what truly makes a house a home? Is it the building or is it the people? Do you have different homes throughout life, or is it just one single place that your soul belongs? These are just a few of the things that Sophie Hudson explores in her latest memoir Home is Where My People Are.

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Sasee Review

Mayhem in Myrtle Beach

By: T. Lynn Ocean

Mayhem in Myrtle Beach mixes a newly single, fresh college graduate with forty-six young at heart senior citizens and places them all on a charted bus headed to Myrtle Beach. What could possibly go wrong? Sherwood accepts a week-long probationary offer at a retirement community, in hopes that the time in the sun will not only give her a new perspective on life, but also a paying job when she returns. However, when her old study partner turns out to be the driver, who is more handsome than she recalls, and the elderly group doesn’t welcome her with open arms, Sherwood begins to think she may be in over her head.

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A Quote to Begin the Day…

“Accept who you are. Unless you’re a serial killer.

~Ellen Degeneres

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February 2, 2014 · 6:19 am