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My Sister’s Books Review #86

The Nightingale

By: Kristin Hannah


Isabelle and Vianne are two sisters separated by life’s emotional battles. When rumors start that Nazi Germany is conquering Europe, both sisters know their France will stay strong. However, as events unfold and the Nazis occupy Paris, each sister must choose their role in the impending war. Vianne, a housewife, desires to keep her daughter safe and accept her fate to provide a haven for the enemy. Isabelle, a young and often foolish girl, desires to be at the frontlines, defending her country. As the war wages on, these two women will have to learn a strength they never imagined was possible.

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My Sister’s Books Review #85

The Memory House
(Honey Ridge #1)
By: Linda Goodnight


Julia Presley’s heart is numb from the still unsolved disappearance of her son and the demise of her marriage. It doesn’t help that her family refuses to talk about the boy, who was ripped from her life. Julia decides to open a Bed and Breakfast in a charming, antebellum house in Honey Ridge, Tennessee. As she goes through the motions of each day, keeping her hands and mind busy, she can appear to be moving forward to the outside world.  Eli Donovan has just learned he has a son and when his car breaks down in this new town, he stops by the Peach Orchard Inn desperate for work. Julia must decide whether she is willing to risk her heart in the company of this duo, in order to get the extra renovations completed and maybe discover some answers about this house’s mysterious history.

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My Sister’s Books Review #84

The Kashmir Shawl

By: Rosie Thomas


Mair Ellis’ father has passed away and her brother and sister are helping her clear out the house, when she discovers an exquisite shawl with a bit of hair hidden in the middle. Intrigued by this unique and beautiful item, she begins a journey that takes her back to when her grandparents were first married, during World War II. Traveling alone, she discovers the enchanting life of India. Meanwhile, Nerys Watkins newly wedded bliss, is interrupted by a fascinating livelihood in Kashmir. Her quiet missionary life is now filled with nightlife, festivities and secrets. Will Mair learn the truth about her grandmother’s life, or will the past keep the secrets buried forever?

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My Sister’s Books Review #80

Ordinary Grace

By: William Kent Krueger


Frank Drum is a middle-aged man, reflecting back on a critical summer from his childhood. Thirteen year old Frank should have experienced a season of happiness and peace in 1961, rural Minnesota. However, when he and his friends discover a body, he experiences the town’s losses in new horrifying ways. Standing on the sidelines, while his world is turned upside down, Frank must rely on the sermons his father gives in church to remain connected with his faith.

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Happy First Day of July!

Hi Everyone,

July 1st is here!!! This means one thing for my family… Fireworks. As of yesterday, we are on 24hrs Firework Protocol. That means pillow forts, opera music and extra meds for Ozzy. Hopefully we will survive this weekend with flying red, white and blue colors!!! 🙂

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The Secret Keeper

By: Kate Morton

Laurel witnessed a horrific event when she was sixteen. Fifty years later, she returns to her Mother’s side and decides to finally question what had happened. She gets to know a whole other side of her Mom, as she recounts the story of her life, WWII and the two people who changed her life forever.

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My Sister’s Books Review #64

Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker

By: Jennifer Chiaverini

Historical Fiction, Civil War Era, Washington, DC

Mary Todd Lincoln was a wife and mother, before she became the First Lady of the United States. With her new title, came new privileges, one of them being a personal seamstress. Enter Lizzie Keckley, a freed slave, making a living sewing gowns for the wives of high ranking political figures. Lizzie and Mrs. Lincoln form a bond as life delivers them devastating news and as their country is ripped apart at the seams.

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Forgotten Book Challenge Friday!

Hi Everyone,

This fun group was created on Facebook to help readers dive deep into their ereaders to find those long forgotten downloaded books. If you are like me and like to download free ebooks, you may have an extra large TBR e-pile. If you are up to an adventure, sort your books by date and each week pick a book that is older than 6 months to read. You can join in on the fun by clicking here to join the Facebook group.

Below, you will see my review for this week’s #forgottenbookchallenge.


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The Great Game

By: James Vachowski.  Format: eBook.   Read: November 2014.

This is a short story about told from the point of view of an older man regaling a young child with his heroic stories from World War I.

History meets fantasy in this historical short story. Each chapter takes place during a different point of World War I, and there are several mythical creatures along the way. This is a very fast, easy-to-read book with a delightful narrator. Teenagers and adults alike will enjoy this book.





The author provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. To learn more about this author and his work, please visit his website.

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My Sister’s Books Review #54

The Aviator’s Wife

By: Melanie Benjamin

Aviator's Wife

Anne Morrow lived a happy life in the shadows of her political father and her beautiful sister. However, her life turned into a majestic fairytale when she meets Charles Lindbergh, who opens up the whole world to her. Anne lived during a time where women were not their own selves, but carried the identity of being their husbands’ wives. Yet through the encouragement and support of Charles, Anne pushed her limits and accomplished goals she never dreamed were possible. Unfortunately, Anne’s life with the Aviator is not going to be smooth sailing, yet one that is filled with turbulence and heartbreaking events. The Aviator’s Wife tells Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s side of this famous, whirlwind romance.

Written like a romanticized memoir, Melanie Benjamin transports readers straight into the heart and mind of Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The setting flashes from Anne’s present self in 1974, back through time as she remembers significant events in her relationship with her hero, Charles.  Anne’s internal monologue is poetic, with several phrases that will remain in readers’ minds long after they have finished the book. This book brings about some debatable issues when it comes to Charles’ personality and Anne’s acceptance of daily life. Nevertheless, whether or not you like the Lindbergh couple or even remember why you recognize their name, this book is a definite must read.


This review was written for My Sister’s Books. To learn more about this bookstore, please visit their website.

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