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Behind Closed Doors

By: B. A. Paris


Grace grew up knowing her parents never wanted children and when her much younger sister, Millie, was born with Down Syndrome, she vowed to always care for her. She has never found the perfect guy, because they all tend to run as soon as they know about her commitment to her sister. When the charming Jack Angel steps up to dance with Millie at a concert in the park, Grace immediately falls in love. Just a few months later, they are married and living an outwardly perfect life. As the newlyweds experience their first year of marriage, secrets come through and all is not what it seems.

This is a bone-chilling psychological novel. Dark, twisty and very real, this book is one that readers will not be able to put down. There are repetitive phrases and the plot line is a bit predictable. However, readers will be absorbed into Grace’s world and they will not be able to escape. This is the kind of book that you read with a flashlight and with the blanket pulled up to your chin. It is scary, because it is totally plausible and relatable.


I voluntarily signed up to honestly review a hardback copy from St. Martin’s Press.

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Halloween Reading…

Hi Everyone,

How do you do Halloween? I prefer to keep mine light-hearted and fun. I don’t like scary movies or gore. Every few years, I get in the mood for a bone-chilling read. Let’s just say, I am still traumatized by Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Frogs…

These Halloween mood cycle has been happening for most of my life. There was a book that I checked out from the library, a murder mystery, when I was a child. I set it down one night, because I spooked myself. (I read everything with a flashlight under the covers.) I never finished it. This book still “haunts” me to this day, because I WANT to finish it. Every few years, I will get the urge to read it and I research to my wits end, trying to figure out what the book was, so I could finish it. I remember it was blueish/grey, had a haunted hotel on the cover and the synopsis had to do with a room being off limits, because of multiple deaths.

This year, I have been researching this childhood book, but I wanted something thrilling. Yesterday, while at work, a book came in the mail called Behind Closed Doors. Well, let’s just say the late night, bone-chilling, read-a-thon started! Whew, this has been an epic psychological thriller. I had to physically set the book down and I look forward to finishing it tonight. I hope the ending is as good as the beginning. I also have a military suspense book lined up and I will be finishing the spooky middle grade book, Seraphina and the Twisted Staff. I started it in the summer, but life intervened and I had to set it aside for a couple of months.

So how do you prefer your Halloween reads?

Either spooky or fun, I hope your Halloween is full of reading treats!!!


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A Halloween Treat

Hi Everyone,

Happy Halloween!!! I am super excited this morning. I get to attend a luncheon today, where author Diane Chamberlain will be speaking. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about her latest book. Early last year, I had the pleasure of reading Necessary Lies and that story has stayed close to my heart and mind all this time. (You can read my review of it, here.) I am very grateful for this special opportuntiy.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone! And I hope your Halloween is filled with treats!


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Book Trailer Thursday!

Hi Everyone,

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a special treat.

Jen York is the author of the children’s book character, Delilah Dusticle. (You can read my review of the first book here.) The second book is Delilah Dusticle’s Transylvanian Adventure. Below, you will see the link for the trailer for this book!




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