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The Goal versus Reality

Hi Everyone,

As you know, the goal was to post 100 reviews, before the end of the year. Well, it is New Year’s Eve, and 12 have been posted. I know this sounds like an epic failure, and I agree. However, due to complications from my website… this is the reality. I am still working on getting things corrected, which reminds me… If you do not see the 10 reviews posted today, please hit refresh. They are there.

Tomorrow, I am still planning on announcing the exciting changes and the fun things that will be happening here. Along with that, I will continue to post the remainder of my reviews. Hopefully soon, I can come on here and tell you that the site is 100% fixed and reviews will be flying your way each day.

In the meantime, I must get ready for the fireworks and hopefully my boy will be relaxed enough with our routine, that we can enter 2017, seizure-free.

Happy New Year!


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Website Issues, Christmas, and a Promise

Hi Everyone,

How are you? I hope you are having a lovely holiday season. A dear friend gave me a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which I look forward to reading in the new year. What book(s) did you receive this year?

As you know, the website developed an issue on November 8th, and sadly things are still not 100% correct. I know the weekly newsletter did not get received by most of you, and I am still working with support on this matter, as well as a few other things. My sincerest apologies to you all.

Due to the newsletter not going out, I have held off on posting reviews, in hopes that things would be 100% fixed. Have no fear, I still plan on ending 2016. There will be 98 reviews posted in the next three days! Hopefully everything will be corrected in the new year.

So for tonight, tell me what you are looking forward to in 2017.


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