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Sasee July 2016 Review

Lies and Other Acts of Love

By Kristy Woodson Harvey


Lovey is entering a new phase, having raised five very different women with her soulmate; she is now faced with the possibility of life without him. Her once grandiose life has now become a whirlwind of nurses, caregiving and latent fear. Lovey’s darling granddaughter was once the pride and joy of the family, always doing what she was supposed to do. However last year, just days before her idyllic wedding, she called it off and married a traveling musician. Now, as everyone’s routine is getting back to normal, Annabelle’s life is thrown upside down. As she tries to piece together the truth, she learns that her family has been hiding their own secrets. Will Lovey and Annabelle be able to sort out their lives and keep the peace or will their family be forever dissolved?

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My Sister’s Books Review #78


By: Ad Hudler


Linc Menner had grown frustrated with his landscaping business, when his wife, Jo, was offered her dream job. Happy to have a fresh start and support his wife, Linc packed up the house and their daughter, Violet, to move across the country. Now, in unfamiliar territory, Linc finds himself in the position of househusband. Slowly but surely he learns the new, necessary duties of making his house a loving home, while raising his precocious three-year-old. As Jo becomes more and more involved in her work, Linc sees her less often and as the responsibilities take over, Linc begins to lose himself. Will their marriage be at risk or is Linc the perfect HouseHusband?

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My Sister’s Books Review #76

Dear Carolina

By: Kristy Woodson Harvey


Khaki Mason is an interior designer, who loves her husband and her son, but she desires to expand her family. Dealing with a newly diagnosed health issue, she sees numerous doctors to help her get pregnant. Jodi is her husband’s young cousin who has struggled with alcoholism. When Jodi finds out she is pregnant, Khaki does her best to help Jodi find her way as a new single mom. Despite how much Jodi loves her daughter Carolina, she knows Khaki would be a better mother and therefore she decides to ask Khaki to raise her baby. This is the story of these two Southern mothers, told through their letters to baby Carolina.

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My Sister’s Books Review #74

How to Be a Baby by Me The Big Sister

By: Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap

The big sister is old enough to do many things and in this book, she points out all the things a baby just cannot do. Even as the baby ages, he or she will still be “little” so the entire family will still be by their side. And the big sister is looking forward to being friends and sharing memories with the baby.

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My Sister’s Books Review #73

Dear Baby Letters From your Big Brother

By: Sarah Sullivan

Illustrated by: Paul Meisel

Mike’s Mom is expecting a baby, soon. As a way to prepare for his new role as a big brother, his parents ask him to write a letter to the baby. Over the course of a year, Mike writes letters to his new little sister.

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Sasee Review

A Lowcountry Wedding
(Lowcountry Summer #4)By: Mary Alice Monroe


A few seasons have passed and Harper has settled in as the new owner of Sea Breeze. However, with Carson due to return to the family home, her anxieties are high. Meanwhile, Dora is figuring out who she is, while dealing with the stress of being a single mother. Everyone is looking forward to reuniting with the wandering middle sister, especially since the family has two weddings to plan.  Unfortunately, when a stranger with a secret is thrown into the mix, chaos and emotions erupt. Will Mamaw be able to comfort and reconnect her Summer Girls, or will their bond be forever broken?

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Let’s Discuss

Hi Everyone,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Moms out there! In honor of this lovely day and the lovely women who raised us, today’s topic is about children’s books.

What is your favorite childhood book that your Mom used to read to you?

Mine is, Love You Forever by Robert Munsch! Mom and I used to read this book daily and I still have it memorized!

I got to say, I was beyond blessed that I had an incredible Mom, who encouraged my love of reading.

Tell me in the comments below, what book brings back the best memories of you and your Mom.


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A Quote to Begin the Month…

In times of storm and tempest, of indecision and desolation, a book already known and loved makes better reading than something new and untried … nothing is so warming and companionable.

                                ~Elizabeth Goudge

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My Sister’s Books Review #67

The Budding Gardener

By: Mary B. Rein

Children’s Activity Book


The Budding Gardener is an activity book dedicated to teaching young children the fascinating world of gardening. Chocked full of fun activities and do-it-yourself projects, kids will soon be wrapped up in the delights of watching seeds grow. Through this book they can learn about container gardening, compost, flowers and food.

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Happy Easter!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Easter! I have baked the eggs and written a few rough drafts. Now, I have a few short hours to read before dinner at the family’s home.

What are your plans for the holiday Sunday? What books will entertain you for the rest of the weekend?



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