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My Sister’s Books Children’s Book Review

Hi Everyone,

Here is my review of the selection of children’s books available at My Sister’s Books. This will appear on their website as well as in a special children’s edition of their newsletter!


Children’s Books

My Sister’s Books offers a wide range of children’s books. They have the classic fairy tale books, pop-up books and board books. Young children will adore the bright and colorful pictures, while parents can reminisce about their childhood. For those who are beginning to read, there is a wide selection of beginner’s books arranged by reading levels. These range from simple, short sentences all the way to longer, multiple sentences on a page. Each level helps build a child’s vocabulary along with helping them learn how to read.
There are local children’s authors featured as well. These include stories about the sea turtles, to learning about the water cycle and the value of rain. Another option for an older child, is the selection of big brother/big sister books. These books are dedicated to helping a child get used to the idea of a new baby, while providing them an outlet to express their true feelings. These books are cute and will have parents laughing, too!
Lastly, there are school subject activity books for parents looking to help a child transition from one grade to the next. These books are vital for young children during long breaks, such as summertime. They have fun activities that help reinforce current curriculum, while slowly introducing topics that will be covered in the following year. These books range from Pre K-K to 6th grade-7th grade.

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