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Forgotten Book Challenge

Hi Everyone,

So over the weekend, I organized my ereader app to show books in alphabetical order. I noticed that the first few were duds, and I had read them years ago. The next to read was a book written by someone I had never heard of… which is the genius of this challenge : finding books you downloaded for free, and forgot.

The Accidental Demon Slayer

By: Angie Fox

(Demon Slayer #1)

Lizzie Brown is about to turn 30, when she is contacted by her biological grandmother. Looking forward to spending a quiet afternoon, getting to know about where she came from, Lizzie is thrown off guard, when a Harley shows up and a wild woman locks her in the bathroom. Soon Lizzie’s world is thrown upside down, as she learns that she is a demon slayer and her grandmother’s coven is on the run. Lizzie just wants to save her grandmother, so her and her dog can get back to normal life. Will Lizzie be able to defeat the demon, or will she be forever on the run, as well?

This was a surprisingly cute book. It had me chuckling out loud. The dog was by far my favorite character, of course. The author layered each part of the story well, and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.


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