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Night Owl???

Hi Everyone,

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been around much this week. One of my pups, Jagger, has been very sick. Thursday night, we received news of cancer. He survived cancer once before, but this is a different type. We have been keeping him comfortable at home, over the past few days. This means, I have quickly fallen back into my night owl routine. I have been up all night, several nights in a row, making sure he is okay. Last night, I had flashbacks of when I was up late all night, when my grandfather wasn’t sleeping. During those nights, I was on this website a lot, working in between conversations, pausing when I heard noises, etc. Tonight, I am back online working, while listening for any noise, hoping my beloved boy will get a good night’s rest. Amazing how many years have passed, and yet it seems like only yesterday. I haven’t been able to read this week, but I have written several reviews that I will be posting soon.

Today, is also July 31st… Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling’s birthday!!! How did you all celebrate? Have you read the new book, yet? *NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!* My darling boys and I listened to the Harry Potter movies on television today, while enjoying a positive family day together. Soon, I will read the new book and I am so excited. There is something about these stories that feels like home and is very comforting, during difficult times.

Since I didn’t read a book today, I am relying on all of you, to tell me your Sunday reads! Leave a comment letting me know what story swept you away, today.


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