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My Sister’s Books Review #90

Pawleys Island

By Dorothea Benton Frank

Lowcountry Tales #5


Artist Rebecca Simms turns to Pawleys Island as a sanctuary from her tumultuous past. In this quaint town, she finds a cast of characters who are desperate to know her past and help her have a better future. Abigail Thurmond left the drama of the courtroom behind, when she retired to Pawleys Island to begin a new career as an author. However, when she meets Rebecca, Abigail knows she must dive back into her old career, to fight for Rebecca.

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Author Spotlight

Hi Everyone,

Today’s author spotlight is about… Kristy Woodson Harvey. She is a must-read, Southern Literature author! I absolutely loved her debut novel, Dear Carolina and I enjoyed reading Lies and Other Acts of Love. Today’s thrilling news: Kristy Woodson Harvey has a new book coming out in April!!! To celebrate, she is hosting a huge giveaway!

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My Sister’s Books Review #83

The Color of Light

By: Karen White


Jillian Parrish’s life has been turned upside down. After her divorce, she packs up her daughter and drives to Pawleys Island, South Carolina, where she was happiest during her childhood. Pregnant, and driving at night, her nerves are on end, when her daughter unexpectedly screams, calling out a name, Jillian hasn’t heard in years, Lauren. Lauren was her best friend, and she mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again. Their friend Linc was accused and run off the Island, but Jillian soon finds him back in town. Together, will they be able to heal their wounds and discover the truth about Lauren’s disappearance?

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My Sister’s Books Review #79

Ocean Beach

By: Wendy Wax

(Ten Beach Road Series #2)


Four friends, Maddie, Nicole, Avery and Kyra, are looking forward to putting their pasts behind them, by focusing on their next home renovation project. The new house should be the avenue to brighten each of their futures. However, when they arrive, they are greeted by cameramen and the women quickly learn, their self-cleansing mission has been turned into a reality television show. Will these women be able to stand together to realize their dreams or will this be a disaster from day one?

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Sasee July 2016 Review

Lies and Other Acts of Love

By Kristy Woodson Harvey


Lovey is entering a new phase, having raised five very different women with her soulmate; she is now faced with the possibility of life without him. Her once grandiose life has now become a whirlwind of nurses, caregiving and latent fear. Lovey’s darling granddaughter was once the pride and joy of the family, always doing what she was supposed to do. However last year, just days before her idyllic wedding, she called it off and married a traveling musician. Now, as everyone’s routine is getting back to normal, Annabelle’s life is thrown upside down. As she tries to piece together the truth, she learns that her family has been hiding their own secrets. Will Lovey and Annabelle be able to sort out their lives and keep the peace or will their family be forever dissolved?

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Sasee Review

A Lowcountry Wedding
(Lowcountry Summer #4)By: Mary Alice Monroe


A few seasons have passed and Harper has settled in as the new owner of Sea Breeze. However, with Carson due to return to the family home, her anxieties are high. Meanwhile, Dora is figuring out who she is, while dealing with the stress of being a single mother. Everyone is looking forward to reuniting with the wandering middle sister, especially since the family has two weddings to plan.  Unfortunately, when a stranger with a secret is thrown into the mix, chaos and emotions erupt. Will Mamaw be able to comfort and reconnect her Summer Girls, or will their bond be forever broken?

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Matter of Time

(Heat Wave #5) By: Alannah Lynne. Format: eBook. Read: April 2015.

Lizbeth and Logan were deeply in love back in college, when he left her to go marry his high school sweetheart and raise the daughter he hadn’t known existed. A decade and a half later, Logan has left his wife and thanks to his twin, Lucas, he stands a chance of meeting Lizbeth again. Unsure how she will accept his news, he still can’t help but put his heart on the line and hope she still loves him.

Matter of Time is a shorter novel, focusing on the relationship between Lizbeth and Logan. Readers may recall not being a fan of Lizabeth from the previous books, but in this story readers will get to see a whole new side of her. The story has some delicate, spicy scenes, especially when the two see each other for the first time. This is about true soul-mates reuniting and becoming whole again, after barely surviving the years of separation. Due to the focus being solely on Lizbeth and Logan’s relationship and his family, readers won’t get much of an update on previous couples from the series. Matter of Time showcases that true love will conquer all.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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Going All In

(Heat Wave #4) By: Alannah Lynne. Format: ebook. Read: April 2015.

Callie Holden has done her best to put her past behind her. She’s learned the meaning of hard work and loves every minute of it. She still loves her friends from her past, even if her new life isn’t understood by them. Wade Neumann has spent a lot of time out with friends, making as many memories as possible in order to not focus on his heartbreak from last year. However when he is forced by his boss to work with the rich socialite who resembles his ex, it is going to take all of his power to remain nice.

Going All In combines characters from the previous two books in the Heat Wave series, but also works well as a stand-alone story. The beautiful scenery of Pawleys Island plays a big role in the book, as these characters struggle to make peace with their past. The storyline shows that no matter how much you deny your past, until you let it go, it will hold you hostage. There are some steamy scenes, but overall it focuses on human emotions, fears and learning to trust. Towards the end, there are hints as to what’s to come for the entire beloved Heat Wave family.

I read this book in one sitting, staying up until the wee hours of the night soaking up each word. It reminded me of the first two books in the series and is currently tied for my second favorite. I loved how I got to know more about these two characters, while also catching up on previous ones.

Note:The author gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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My Sister’s Books Review #23

The Beach House
By: Jane Green
(Women’s Fiction, Vacation style Setting)

Nan Powell is living her sixty-fifth year to the fullest in Nantucket. Due to her deceased husband’s debt, she has been living in the family’s vacation home, Windermere, for several decades and has become a staple in town. What little money she has managed to save has not been lost in an unstable hedge fund, so she decides to rent rooms in Windermere, not only to help with the finances, but to bring back some life into the old home. Daniel has just separated from his wife Bee and rents a room to be closer to his two girls over the summer. Daff is divorced from Richard and their thirteen year old daughter, Jess, has decided to move in with him, so Daff rents a room in hopes of rediscovering herself. Michael returns to his mother’s home after quitting his job and having an affair with his married boss. Windermere seems to still hold magic, as she helps her new tenants find peace, comfort and maybe even love.

Though this book starts out to be about Nan and her home, it quickly changes into a story about several couples who are having trouble in their love lives. The Beach House jumps between each character’s points of view, which makes it confusing at first for readers. The book starts out slow, but then morphs into a more delicate tale about accepting one’s self, before one can find true love. The book has many predictable, soap opera like scenes and foreseeable plot twists, along with several grammar snags in phrases. However, as the second part of the book begins, it becomes a faster and easier read, with a happily ever after for all. Recommended for readers looking to take a step back in time with the picturesque scenery of Nantucket and a simpler way of life.

Similar Authors:
Sophie Kinsella, Nora Roberts, Jill Mansell, Carole Matthews

This review was originally written for My Sister’s Books. To learn more about their store, please visit their website.
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My Sister’s Books #22

The Beach House
By: James Patterson and Peter de Jonge

Jack Mullen is a law student and the grandson of Mack, a feisty, strong-spirited Irishman. Jack is a very successful law student and has landed an internship at a prestigious law firm. As he keeps facing roadblocks with his pro bono, death row case, he learns the tragic news of his brother’s death. In his hometown, everyone knows everyone, yet Jack can’t figure out why no one is taking Peter’s death seriously. Peter’s body was found badly bruised and obviously beaten, yet the police brush it off as a drowning. It is up to Jack, his friends and Mack, to find out the truth and seek justice. Yet the truth may cause more innocent lives to be lost.

The Beach House is a thrilling, fast-paced ride through the politics of the rich and famous versus justice and truth. Massive cover-ups, with shocking twists and turns, will leave readers emotionally exhausted. “Taking justice in your own hands” is an old saying taken quite literally by the Mullen crew in this book. The short chapters and the Hamptons setting, make this a fast read, perfect for a day at the beach. Though the subject matter is recommended for mature audiences only. Fans of James Patterson and fans of the mystery/suspense genre will want to mark this book as a must-read.

Similar Authors:
David Baldacci, Michael Connelly, John Grisham, Lee Child

This review was originally written for My Sister’s Books. To learn more about this bookstore, please visit their website.

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