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My Sister’s Books Review #33

The Girl Who Chased the Moon

By: Sarah Addison Allen

In the quaint town of Mullaby, North Carolina, Emily Benedict finally meets her mother’s father as she moves into her mother’s old room. She has never been to Mullaby before and she hopes to learn more about her mom and maybe even herself. However she finds herself in a town filled with secrets, where rumors about her family and her very, tall grandfather run rapid and strange lights appear in the night beckoning her to follow. As if this wasn’t enough to intrigue young Emily, her neighbor, Julia Winterson bakes the most heavenly desserts ever. Julia has several secrets of her own and her desserts carry the scents of love and dreams of a united, happier future.

Even though there is magic in every scene of this book, the main characters feel real and readers will be able to relate to them. Readers will be moved by the emotional stories connected to both Emily and Julia. These two characters form an ever-lasting friendship as they each crave what they have never had. As readers read this chapter their hearts and taste buds will be set aflutter. Sarah Addison Allen oozes Southern charm with every word in this book, from childhood and high school football, to adulthood with past regrets and hope for the future. A poignant, emotional tale that will grip each reader’s heart and soul.

This review was written for My Sister’s Books.
This review appeared in the November issue of Sasee Magazine.

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