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Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Unicorn Training

(Pip Bartlett #2)

By: Jackson Pearce and Maggie Stiefvater

Pip loves all magical creatures, especially unicorns, so she is thrilled to help her aunt at the big weekend event. The Triple Trident Unicorn Competition attracts a large gathering of animals and people. When prized unicorns mysteriously show up with their tails cut, it is up to Pip and her friend, Tomas, to solve the crime! Will they be able to find the culprit or will their favorite unicorn disappear out of fear?

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Three Book Reviews

Hi Everyone,

Here are reviews of three books that I read during Hurricane Matthew.



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My Sister’s Books Review #82

The Blessings of the Animals

By: Katrina Kittle

Cami Anderson helps all creatures, great and small. That is her job as a Veterinarian, but it is also a life-long passion. Her husband and daughter are used to the motley strays she has brought home and nursed back to health. After one rescue mission, she comes home only to find that her husband has packed all of his things and announces the end to their marriage. While numb, she must not only face her family and friends, but also continue caring for the injured horse. Life doesn’t stop moving for Cami’s loved ones, as they all celebrate significant relationship milestones. Cami must learn to accept these events and move forward in life, with the help of her friends.

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My Sister’s Books Review #75

Flash and Fancy An Otter Adventure on the Waccamaw River

By: Tom Doran and Christine Thomas Doran

Illustrated by: Nancy Van Buren

Flash and Fancy are two lovely otters living on Sandy Island. Even though they knew of each other, their friendship is solidified when Fancy’s life is in danger. Flash comes to her rescue and the two of them explore the mighty Waccamaw River together.

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