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My Sister’s Books Review #35

A Place at the Table

By: Susan Rebecca White

Alice and her twin James were inseparable. They knew exactly what each other was thinking at all times. Unfortunately their peaceful world is destroyed when they stumble upon a young man who was hanged and they discover the truth about their family. Flash forward roughly 60 years and Alice has become quite famous as an amazing chef and author. Meanwhile, Bobby has been abandoned by his southern Baptist family, because he is gay. He goes to New York for a fresh start and he finds himself in a quaint café, where he trains to become the head chef. Alice and Bobby share an exquisite palate that allows them to form a profound friendship, despite the harsh realities of the world.

This book describes the human emotions with every commanding detail, which will surely reach deep within readers’ hearts. Susan Rebecca White divides the book into several sections, organized by the main character’s point of view and the decade. The beginning of Bobby’s story is a bit slow and it is difficult to tell how old he is when his story begins. However readers get the chance to grow along with Bobby, as he learns to accept his homosexuality, deal with his shattered family and his quest to find an accepting God. The ending is very rushed and even though it tries to tie back into the stories of Alice and Bobby, readers will wish the author could have extended the ending. This is a thought-provoking tale of how we are all connected in this seemingly big world.

This review was written for My Sister’s Books.

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My Sister’s Books Review #25

Founding Mothers
By: Cokie Roberts

Founding Mothers is a book about the women behind the well-known men who founded America. These are the wives and mothers that were at home, raising the family, running the farms and businesses. Cokie Roberts brings together the letters and details of history to acknowledge and praise the women that created this nation. The men fought the war overseas and ran for public office, but the women helped to steer their actions, while defending their homes.

Cokie Roberts has done a brilliant job of telling the stories of multiple women that helped shape this country. She demonstrates that the strengths and weaknesses of each of these women played a vital role in America’s history. Filled with recipes and references from letters, this book gives a behind the scenes look into the daily life. Though this book is divided into different time periods, the individual women’s stories blend into each other, which makes it a bit slow at times. However, this is an intriguing read for anyone looking to learn more about America’s past.

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This review was written for My Sister’s Books.
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A Year in Review #3

Good Morning Everyone,

It is hard to believe that we are already on week #3 of the celebrations. I hope you all are enjoying the look backs, as much as I am. Later this week the American Flag will be celebrated on June 14th. What better way to celebrate the rich history of our nation’s flag, than by reading a story that takes place during a pivotal time in American history. Plus, who wouldn’t want the chance to stand beside the ghosts of 4 American Rock gods while fighting the forces of evil?


The moment Peter Travers was born, the soul of Buddy Holly was ascending into Heaven. Fifteen years later, Peter was having a wonderful summer with his friends, and his girlfriend, Margie. That dreamy summer turned into a nightmare as their small town of Harper’s Mill learned what hate and evil could do. As people start disappearing and the Ku Klux Klan make their presence known, these five children discover their true destiny. Four famous dead rockers and five teenagers combine forces in order to rid their town of hatred. However unbeknownst to Peter’s friends, a plan is in motion that will have them all reuniting thirty-seven years later, while Peter lies close to death in a coma. As Peter relives his past, will his friends and the rockers be able to save his soul in the present, or will it cost them everything?

Byron Suggs has created a superb and flawless tale of love versus hate. Two stories and two time periods combine into one powerful adventure. A classic coming-of-age story with a magical rocker twist will introduce a new set of readers to the genre of Southern Literature. For fans of Southern Lit, this book will be a must-read! Suggs demonstrates an unbelievable talent as he flawlessly changes dialect between the characters and the time periods. This book will surely give readers goosebumps. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Author Byron Suggs will be giving away a paperback copy of this book to one lucky commenter!!! In order to be entered for your chance to win a free copy of Rockapocalyspe, leave a comment below between now and 11:59pm EDT on Friday, June 14, 2013! Winner will be selected using Random.org on Saturday morning and will be announced later that day.

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Good luck to you all!



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