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September 11th

Hi Everyone,

Today is September 11th… a date that we all hold close in our hearts and minds. A date that we will never forget.

16 years ago, the world was changed, as terrorists attacked the United States of America. What I will always remember from that tragic day, is how we all banded together and helped one another.

9 years ago, I was hospitalized with ITP. Throughout all the years of testing, and still unanswered questions, I have learned that life happens. No matter what you plan, life has a way of changing things. You learn to continue to move forward each day.

Today, Hurricane Irma’s winds are wreaking havoc outside. Places that are still rebuilding from Hurricane Matthew are being destroyed again. Memories of Hurricane Hugo from 28 years ago, are flashing in people’s minds. Again, what I try to focus on is the fact that everyone is coming together to help one another. Whether it is from Hurricane Harvey or Irma, we are all trying to keep each other safe. (I also learned that the high school where I graduated from was vandalized. Things were stolen and windows were destroyed. However, let’s remain focused on the positive side of things.)

So book wise, what does this day mean? I have read a few adult fiction novels that reflect on the meaning of September 11th, but this year, this year I chose to read a children’s book.

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Slightly South of Simple

By Kristy Woodson Harvey

Ansley is the mother of three women, who lives alone in the quiet town of Peachtree Bluff. She runs a successful design shop named after her two youngest daughters. When her children converge on her home, they each bring along life’s trials and tribulations. However it is a shipwrecked boat that threatens to bring back a lost love and deep-rooted secrets. How will she keep her past from her girls, while maintaining her perfectly calm and peaceful life that she has finally achieved?

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