Hi Everyone,

     It hurts me to have to post this page, but it seems the time has come to share some guidelines for this blog. I review books, and I have a created this blog for fans of literature, whether authors or readers, to unite. I want this blog to feel like a community for authors and readers to share their thoughts and opinions. With this being said, thoughts and opinions should not be rude. If you disagree with my review, I would love to know why. This means that you must be able to defend your statements. Think: College Thesis, High School Debate Teams or Classic Courtroom Dramas. The important thing is that you can disagree but you can do so in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

So, here are my three rules when using this site:

1. No Spoilers
     This has to be my biggest pet peeve. I would love to know what you liked or didn’t like about a story. Just please tell me in a way that will not ruin the story for others.

2. Leave Honest Opinions
     My book reviews are honest, and I expect the same from any comments. Please leave your honest thoughts, opinions, or suggestions.

3. Keep it Clean and Drama-Free
     Leave honest comments minus the crude language, and minus the rude drama. I have enough drama in my life on a daily basis to fill seven different soap operas, my blog will not join in on the madness. No harmful thoughts, no rudeness, no cruel thoughts or language.

   I appreciate the support from my followers and I always welcome visitors. I love to hear your thoughts and comments, just please abide by these three simple rules, otherwise your comment will be deleted.

As Always…

3 Responses to Rules

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  2. Best wishes to you! If your on Twitter, consider following me @MG_WELLS…Thanks and Enjoy the Journey!

    • Hello MG WELLS,
      Welcome to my site. As of this moment, I am not on Twitter, however Ariesgrl Book Reviews is officially on Facebook. I am glad you enjoyed the blog and I hope you come back and share your thoughts on books you have read. Have a wonderful day!

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