My Sister’s Books List

Hi Everyone,

Here is a list of the books that I will be reviewing for My Sister’s Books. I will update this list as new books are added and as I read and review books. You may see some authors you recognize, but I hope you also find several new authors to read.


1. One for the Money By: Janet Evanovich. Review Posted.
2. Follow the River By: James Alexander Thom. Review Posted.
3. The Good Sister By: Drusilla Campbell. Review Posted.
4. Wench By: Dolen Perkins-Valdez. Review Posted.
5. Southern Fatality By: T Lynn Ocean. Review Posted.
6. And then I found you By: Patti Callahan Henry. Review Posted.
7. Sweet as Cane By: Stephanie McCoy. Not Reviewed.
8. The Secret of the Portals By: Brant Waldeck. Review Posted.
9. Cold Feet By: Karen Pullen. To Be Read.
10. Water to my Soul By: Pamela Bauer Mueller. Review Posted.
11. The Secret of the Kindred Spirit By: Jacqueline DeGroot. Review Posted.
12. The Last Promise By: Richard Paul Evans. To Be Read.
13. Folly By: Bill Noel. Review Posted.
14. Missing By: Bill Noel. Review Posted.
15. The Tourist By: Olen Steinhauer. Review Posted.
16. Reading Group Choices 2013 Review Posted.
17. Have you seen Hyacinth Macaw? By: Patricia Reilly Giff. Review Posted.
18. The Iron King By: Julie Kagawa. Review Posted.
19. Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite By: Lianne Simon. To Be Read.
20. The Darkling By: R. B. Chesterton. To Be Read.
21. Flabbergasted By: Ray Blackston. To Be Read.
22. Bella Fortuna By: Rosanna Chiofalo. Review Posted.
23. The Union Street Bakery By: Mary Ellen Taylor. Review Posted.
24. The Dressmaker of Khair Khana By: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon. To Be Read.
25. Founding Mothers By: Cokie Roberts. Review Posted.
26. The Accidental By: Ali Smith. To Be Read.
27. Between Here and April By: Deborah Copaken Kogan. To Be Read.
28. A Place at the Table By: Susan Rebecca White. Review Posted.
29. While We Were Watching Downton Abbey. By: Wendy Wax. To Be Read.
30. Rebecca By: Daphene du Maurier. To Be Read.
31. The Seventh Scroll. By: Wilbur Smith. Review Posted.
32. The Children’s Blizzard By: David Laskin. To Be Read.
33. Code of the Forest By: Jon Buchan. Review Posted.
34. The Bullet Catch By: Lynn Hodges. Review Posted.
35. Opposites Attack By: Jo Maeder. Review Posted.
36. The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving By: Jonathan Evison. Review Posted.
37. Love and Lament By: John Milliken Thompson. Review Posted.
38. When Mockingbirds Sing By: Billy Coffey. To Be Read.
39. When I Married My Mother By: Jo Maeder. Review Posted.
40. Ocean Beach By: Wendy Wax. Read. Review Posted.
41. The Song of Achilles By: Madeline Miller. To Be Read.
42. Distant Echoes By: Colleen Coble. To Be Read.
43. The Freedom Writers Diary By: Erin Gruwell. Review Posted.
44. The Beach House By: James Paterson and Peter de Jones. Review Posted.
45. Beach House No. 9 By: Christie Ridgeway. Review Posted.
46. The Beach House By: Jane Green. Review Posted.
47. The Piano Teacher By: Janice Y. K. Lee. To Be Read.
48. The Story Catcher By: Ann Hite. To Be Read.
49. Murder on the Nine Front By: Steve McMillen. Review Posted.
50. Atom & Eve By: Jeff Yager. To Be Read.
51. Chaser By: John W. Pilley. To Be Read.
52. Whistling Past the Graveyard By: Susan Crandall. To Be Read.
53. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo By: Steig Larsson. To Be Read.
54. The Girl who Played with Fire By: Steig Larsson. To Be Read.
55. The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest By: Steig Larsson. To Be Read.
56. Heart of Darkness By: Joseph Conrad. To Be Read.
57. Watership Down By: Richard Adams. To Be Read.
58. Silas Marner By: George Eliot. To Be Read.
59. The Art of Devotion By: Samantha Bruce-Benjamin. To Be Read.
60. Dance Hall of the Dead By: Tony Hillerman. Review Posted.
61. The Doctor’s Wife By: Elizabeth Brundage. To Be Read.
62. Guests on Earth By: Lee Smith. Review Posted.
63. Necessary Lies By: Diane Chamberlain. Review Posted.
64. Pawleys Island. By: Dorothea Benton Frank. Read. Review Posted.
65. Conquistadora By: Esmeralda Santiago. To Be Read.
66. Restrike By: Reba White Williams. To Be Read.
67. Superstition By: Karen Robards. To Be Read.
68. The Last Child By: John Hart. To Be Read.
69. The Anatomist’s Apprentice Tessa Harris. Review Posted.
70. Gone By: Kit Craig. To Be Read.
71. Gone By: Lisa Gardner. To Be Read.
72. Gone By: Jonathan Kellerman. To Be Read.
73. The Color of Light By: Karen White. Read. Review Posted.
74. Winyah Bay By: David Maring. To Be Read.
75. The Buddha in the Attic By: Julie Otsuka. To Be Read.
76. A Breathe of Eyre By: Eve Marie Mont. To Be Read.
77. Catherine the Great By: Robert K. Masse. To Be Read.
78. The Reluctant Bride By: Leigh Greenwood. Review Posted.
79. An Unsuitable Bride By: Jane Feather. Review Posted.
80. The Unwilling Bride By: Margaret Moore. Review Posted.
81. Kissing the Bride By: Sara Bennett. Review Posted.
82. Texas Bride By: Joan Johnston. Review Posted.
83. The Cave By: Lynn Hodges. To Be Read.
84. Plantation Tours and Tastes By: The Church Women of Prince George Winyah Parish. Review Posted.
85. The Ultimate Gullah Cookbook By: Jesse Edward Gantt, Jr and Veronica Davis Gerald. Review Posted.
86. Come Home to Supper By: Christy Jordan. Review Posted.
87. The Girl Who Chased the Moon By: Sarah Addison Allen. Review Posted.
88. The Activist’s Daughter By: Ellyn Bache. To Be Read.
89. Runner By: Patrick Lee. To Be Read.
90. Summer of My German Soldier By: Bette Greene. Review Posted.
91. The Diary of Anne Frank By: Anne Frank. Review Posted.
92. Losing Julia By: Jonathan Hull. To Be Read.
93. The Alchemist By: Paulo Coelho. To Be Read.
94. The Dream Hunter By: Laura Kinsale. To Be Read.
95. Chimes from a Cracked Southern Belle By: Susan Reinhardt. To Be Read.
96. The Exiles By: William Stuart Long. To Be Read.
97. Exile By: Richard North Patterson. To Be Read.
98. The Exile By: Allan Folsom. To Be Read.
99. The Book Thief By: Markus Zusak. Review Posted.
100. Kings of the North By: Elizabeth Moon. To Be Read.
101. The Crossroads Cafe By: Deborah Smith. To Be Read.
102. Olympus at War By: Kate O’Hearn. To Be Read.
103. The Vanishing By: Wendy Webb. To Be Read.
104. Marching to Zion By: Mary Glickman. To Be Read.
105. The Help By: Kathryn Stockett. To Be Read.
106. The Feng Shui Anthology By: Jami Lin. To Be Read.
107. High Marks for Murder By: Rebecca Kent. To Be Read.
108. Larceny and Old Lace By: Tamar Myers. To Be Read.
109. The Last Chance Cafe By: Linda Lael Miller. To Be Read.
110. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe By: Fannie Flagg. To Be Read.
111. Bride for a Night By: Patti Berg. Review Posted.
112. Black-Eyed Susans By: Mary Helen Washington. To Be Read.
113. A Town Like Alice By: Nevil Shute. To Be Read.
114. Gone Girl By: Gilian Flynn. To Be Read.
115. Gold By: Chris Cleave. To Be Read.
116. Lungs Full of Noise By: Tessa Mellas. To Be Read.
117. And then She was Gone By: Rosalind Noonan. To Be Read.
118. The Windy Forest By: Sherry Jackson. Review Posted.
119. The Rainy Weekend By: Sherry Jackson. Read. Not Reviewed.
120. Feng Shui The Art of Placement By: Sarah Rossbach. To Be Read.
121. Birds of a Lesser Paradise By: Megan Mayhem Bergman. To Be Read.
122. Defending Jacob By: William Landay. Paused.
123. Justice Comes After Death By: Werner Hoppe. Review Posted.
124. Wynne’s War By: Aaron Gwyn. To Be Read.
125. Chasing Fire By: Nora Roberts. To Be Read.
126. Balancing Act By: Fern Michaels. To Be Read.
127. Sleep No More By: Iris Johansen. To Be Read.
128. Miss Julia Strikes Back By: Ann B. Ross. Review Posted.
129. Ruby By: Cynthia Bond. To Be Read.
130. All I have in this World By: Michael Parker. To Be Read.
131. Cancel the Wedding By: Carolyn Dingham. To Be Read.
132. Wind Chime Point By: Sherryl Woods. To Be Read.
133. Heaven is for Real By: Todd Burpo. To Be Read.
134. First Light By: Bill Noel. To Be Read.
135. Carla’s Comfort Food By: Carla Hall. Review Posted.
136. Small Blessings By: Martha Woodroof. Review Posted.
137. Her Mother’s Daughter By: Julianne Lee. To Be Read.
138. Let’s Pretend this Never Happened By: Jenny Lawson. To Be Read.
139. The Language of Silence By: Peggy Webb. To Be Read.
140. The Story Keeper By: Lisa Wingate. To Be Read.
141. The Inevitable City By: Scott Cowen. To Be Read.
142. Waiting to Believe By: Sandra Kjaarstad Bloom. To Be Read.
143. Fault in Our Stars By: John Green. Review Posted.
144. The Walk By: Richard Paul Evans. Review Posted.
145. The Aviator’s Wife By: Melanie Benjamin. Review Posted.
146. Meena Mouse’s Perfect Raspberry By: Trilby Plants. Review Posted.
147. A Walk to Remember By: Nicholas Sparks. Review Posted.
148. My Sister’s Keeper By: Jodi Picoult. Review Posted.
149. The Kashmir Shawl By: Rosie Thomas. Read. Review Posted.
150. Magic Hour By: Kristin Hannah. To Be Read.
151. Gone with the Wind By: Margaret Mitchell. To Be Read.
152. Scouting for the Reaper By: Jacob M. Appel. To Be Read.
153. The Beautiful Ashes By: Jeaniene Frost. To Be Read.
154. Dash of Peril By: Lori Foster. To Be Read.
155. Gotcha! By: Fern Michaels. To Be Read.
156. A Walk in the Woods By: Bill Bryson. To Be Read.
157. Walk in a Relaxed Manner By: Joyce Rupp. To Be Read.
158. Bless Me, Ultima By: Rudolph Anaya. To Be Read.
159. Miles to Go By: Richard Paul Evans. To Be Read.
160. Rules of Civility By: Amor Towles. To Be Read.
161. Just Mercy By: Bryan Stevenson. To Be Read.
162. Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker By: Jennifer Chiaverini. Review Posted.
163. Heresy By: S. J. Parris. To Be Read.
164. The Left Hand of Darkness By: Ursula K. Le Guin. To Be Read.
165. A Shadow at Sunset By: Harrison Grey. To Be Read.
166. On What Grounds By: Cleo Coyle. To Be Read.
167. Family Inheritance By: Terri Ann Leidich. To Be Read.
168. Tita By: Marie Houzelle. To Be Read.
169. Design for Murder By: Carolyn G. Hart. To Be Read.
170. The Oracle Glass By: Judith Merkle Riley. To Be Read.
171. Labyrinth By: Kate Mosse. To Be Read.
172. Sutton By: J. R. Moehringer. To Be Read.
173. Migratory Animals By: Mary Helen Specht. To Be Read.
174. The Puppy that Came for Christmas By: Megan Rix. Review Posted.
175. Llama Llama Jingle Bells By: Anna Dewdney. Review Posted.
176. Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas By: Elise Primavera. Review Posted.
177. Magic Tree House: Christmas in Camelot By: Mary Pope Osbourne. Review Posted.
178. Mistletoe and Mayhem By: Christine Ridgway, Katherine Hall Page, Judi McCoy and Joanne Pence. Review Posted.
179. Life is Short, so Read this Fast! By: Anne Ipock. Review Posted.
180. The Art of Arranging Flowers By: Lynne Branard. Review Posted.
181. The Budding Gardener By: Mary B. Rein. Review Posted.
182. Reconstructing Amelia By: Kimberly McCreight. Read. Review Posted.
183. Citizens Creek By: Lalita Tademy. To Be Read.
184. A Discovery of Witches By: Deborah Harkness. To Be Read.
185. Breaking Point By: Lindsay McKenna. To Be Read.
186. Suspect By: Robert Crais. To Be Read.
187. Spotted in France By: Gregory Edmont. To Be Read.
188. The Dante Club By: Matthew Pearl. To Be Read.
189. The Sandalwood Tree By: Elle Newmark. To Be Read.
190. In the Heart of the Dark Wood By: Billy Coffey. To Be Read.
191. Empire of Sin By: Gary Krist. To Be Read.
192. Bracelet By: Dorothy Love. To Be Read.
193. Lizzy & Jane By: Katherine Reay. To Be Read.
194. The Armour of Achilles By: Glyn Iliffe. To Be Read.
195. Some Danger Involved By: Will Thomas. To Be Read.
196. The Blessings of the Animals By: Katrina Kittle. Read. Review Posted.
197. Murder on the Ile Sordou By: M. L. Longworth. To Be Read.
198. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk By: Ben Fountain. To Be Read.
199. Trader of Secrets By: Steve Martini. To Be Read.
200. True Places Never Are By: Cate McGowan. To Be Read.
201. Rescued Retriever By: Philip W. Comfort. To Be Read.
202. Miss Dreamsville and the Lost Heiress of Collier County By: Amy Hill Hearth. To Be Read.
203. The Tears of Dark Water By: Corban Addison. To Be Read.
204. Not Without My Father By: Andra Watkins. To Be Read.
205. A Small Indiscretion By: Jan Ellison. To Be Read.
206. Unwritten By: Charles Martin. To Be Read.
207. Get in Trouble By: Kelly Link. To Be Read.
208. At the Water’s Edge By: Sara Gruen. To Be Read.
209. The Curse of Crow Hollow By: Billy Coffey. To Be Read.
210. What Stands in a Storm By: Kim Cross. To Be Read.
211. Unbroken By: Laura Hillenbrand. Not reviewed.
212. The Sea Keeper’s Daughter By: Lisa Wingate. To Be Read.
213. The Christmas Sweater By: Glenn Beck. To Be Read.
214. Look Again By: Lisa Scottoline. To Be Read.
215. A Heart Revealed By: Josi S. Kilpack. To Be Read.
216. Into the Savage Country By: Shannon Burke. To Be Read.
217. To Dance with the White Dog By: Terry Kay. To Be Read.
218. Dear Hank Williams By: Kimberly Willis Holt. To Be Read.
219. The Ocean Inside By: Janna McMahan. To Be Read.
220. Southern Breezes Whistle Dixie By: John Brock. Not Reviewed.
221. Following Atticus By: Tom Ryan. To Be Read.
222. Dear Carolina By: Kristy Woodson Harvey. Read. Review Posted.
223. The Stepsister’s Tale By: Tracy Barrett. To Be Read.
224. The Rest Falls Away By: Colleen Gleason. To Be Read.
225. The Kingdom of the Sun and Moon By: Lowell H. Press. To Be Read.
226. The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry By: Gabrielle Zevin. To Be Read.
227. The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs By: Dr. Nick Trout. To Be Read.
228. Love is the Best Medicine By: Dr. Nick Trout. To Be Read.
229. Ape House By: Sara Gruen. To Be Read.
230. How to Climb the Eiffel Tower By: Elizabeth Hein. To Be Read.
231. At the Corner of King Street By: Mary Ellen Taylor. To Be Read.
232. The Memory House By: Linda Goodnight. Read. Review Posted.
233. Chasing Sunsets By: Karen Kingsbury. To Be Read.
234. Everybody Rise By: Stephanie Clifford. To Be Read.
235. Bloody Royal Prints By: Reba White Williams. To Be Read.
236. The Last Decision By: Victoria Wilcox. To Be Read.
237. The Marauders By: Tom Cooper. To Be Read.
238. Big Girl Panties By: Stephanie Evanovich. To Be Read.
239. Sandpebbles By: Patricia Hickman. To Be Read.
240. Knowing Things By: Erica Boardman Thomas. To Be Read.
241. A Peach of a Pair By: Kim Boykin. To Be Read.
242. Gift from the Sea By: Anne Morrow Lindbergh. To Be Read.
243. House of the Last Man on Earth By: Robert B. Marcus, Jr & Ryan B. Marcus. To Be Read.
244. First Frost By: Sarah Addison Allen. Review Posted.
245. Murder of a Bookstore Babe By: Denise Swanson. Review Posted.
246. The Fifth Category By: K. Robert Campbell. To Be Read.
247. Great Joy By: Kate DiCamillo. Read. Review Posted.
248. Santa’s Favorite Story By: Hisako Aoki. Read. Review Posted.
249. Dear Baby By: Sarah Sullivan. Read. Review Posted.
250. How to Be a Baby by Me the Big Sister By: Sally Lloyd-Jones. Read. Review Posted.
251. Flash and Fancy By: Tom and Christine Doran. Read. Review Posted.
252. Home is Where My People Are By: Sophie Hudson. Read. Review Posted.
253. Househusband By: Ad Hudler. Read. Review Posted.
254. Ordinary Grace By: William Kent Krueger. Read. Review Posted.
255. The 13th Gift By: Joanne Huist Smith. Read. Review Posted.
256. The Nightingale By: Kristin Hannah. Read. Review Posted.
257. Leaving Time By: Jodi Picoult. Read. Review Posted.
258. One Thousand White Women By: Jim Fergus. Read. Review Posted.
259. Flick By: Lynn Floyd Wright. Read. Review Posted.
260. Astonish Me By: Maggie Shipstead. Read. Review Posted.
261. The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb By: Melanie Benjamin. Read. Review Posted.
262. The Eyes Have It By: Julie Allan. Read. Review Posted.
263. A Lowcountry Christmas By: Mary Alice Monroe. Read. Review Posted.
264. Hissy Fit By: Mary Kay Andrews. Read. Review Posted.

What are your thoughts?