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Hi Everybody,

***Updates as of October 25, 2016***

Hi Everyone,

Ariesgrl Book Reviews is looking for new reviewers to join the team, starting in January 2017. I am looking for readers of every genre, so that we can have more reviews posted on a weekly basis. If you would like to be a part of this team, please visit the contact page. More details will be released closer to the New Year!




Hi Everyone,

Previously this blog had two guest reviewers, and this is the page to find out more information about them. This way you can figure out who these two amazing women are, without having to dig through all of the old posts…

1. Jessica Bowers…
Jessica is my oldest friend. She is a Mom to a wonderful one year old boy and an aspiring writer. She loves to read and is hoping to find her writing muse again, through reviews. She will be reviewing a wide variety of the free books that are offered daily!

2. Wendy…
Wendy is a reviewer and blogger at Shhh, Mommy’s in the Bathroom, Reading. She is a busy Mom on the go, of an adorable little girl. She is newly-turned-obsessed reader! She loves romance books, but will read pretty much anything, when she can.

I hope you all enjoy their reviews!

Have a wonderful day!


Updated: June 17, 2014

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