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Roaming Pleasure

(Countermeasure: Bits of Life #3)
By: Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey
Format: ebook ARC
Read: July 2015

Trevor and Cassandra Bauer have rarely spent a night apart, since their joyous wedding. However, when business calls Cassie back to the United States, Trevor is left at home to continue working on their current case. He misses his wife dearly and being alone allows him to express his wickedness in a unique way by taking matters into his own hands. Will Cassie approve of Trevor’s antics?

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The Right Choice

By: Carly Phillips

Carly Wexler has always made the safest choices in life in order to make sure her life turns out right, including her engagement. However, when her fiancé’s brother comes to town for the wedding, Carly experiences feelings that she never knew possible. Now she must choose between her desires and her life plan.

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What the Body Needs

By: Laura Oliva

Jak O’Mara has done everything she can to put the past behind her. She doesn’t want any reminders of that horrific attack. Marcus Cutter still can’t forgive himself for the loss of his sister and he left everything behind to live a life he thinks he deserves. Now assigned as a bodyguard, the woman he is meant to protect is not what he expects. How will these two put their pasts behind them in order to save Jak’s life in the present?

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Behind the Mask Blog Tour


Title: Behind The Mask (Associates, #4)
Author: Carolyn Crane
Release Date: May 19, 2015
Category: Romantic Suspense



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Book Summary:

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Sasee Review

Mayhem in Myrtle Beach

By: T. Lynn Ocean

Mayhem in Myrtle Beach mixes a newly single, fresh college graduate with forty-six young at heart senior citizens and places them all on a charted bus headed to Myrtle Beach. What could possibly go wrong? Sherwood accepts a week-long probationary offer at a retirement community, in hopes that the time in the sun will not only give her a new perspective on life, but also a paying job when she returns. However, when her old study partner turns out to be the driver, who is more handsome than she recalls, and the elderly group doesn’t welcome her with open arms, Sherwood begins to think she may be in over her head.

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Matter of Time

(Heat Wave #5) By: Alannah Lynne. Format: eBook. Read: April 2015.

Lizbeth and Logan were deeply in love back in college, when he left her to go marry his high school sweetheart and raise the daughter he hadn’t known existed. A decade and a half later, Logan has left his wife and thanks to his twin, Lucas, he stands a chance of meeting Lizbeth again. Unsure how she will accept his news, he still can’t help but put his heart on the line and hope she still loves him.

Matter of Time is a shorter novel, focusing on the relationship between Lizbeth and Logan. Readers may recall not being a fan of Lizabeth from the previous books, but in this story readers will get to see a whole new side of her. The story has some delicate, spicy scenes, especially when the two see each other for the first time. This is about true soul-mates reuniting and becoming whole again, after barely surviving the years of separation. Due to the focus being solely on Lizbeth and Logan’s relationship and his family, readers won’t get much of an update on previous couples from the series. Matter of Time showcases that true love will conquer all.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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Going All In

(Heat Wave #4) By: Alannah Lynne. Format: ebook. Read: April 2015.

Callie Holden has done her best to put her past behind her. She’s learned the meaning of hard work and loves every minute of it. She still loves her friends from her past, even if her new life isn’t understood by them. Wade Neumann has spent a lot of time out with friends, making as many memories as possible in order to not focus on his heartbreak from last year. However when he is forced by his boss to work with the rich socialite who resembles his ex, it is going to take all of his power to remain nice.

Going All In combines characters from the previous two books in the Heat Wave series, but also works well as a stand-alone story. The beautiful scenery of Pawleys Island plays a big role in the book, as these characters struggle to make peace with their past. The storyline shows that no matter how much you deny your past, until you let it go, it will hold you hostage. There are some steamy scenes, but overall it focuses on human emotions, fears and learning to trust. Towards the end, there are hints as to what’s to come for the entire beloved Heat Wave family.

I read this book in one sitting, staying up until the wee hours of the night soaking up each word. It reminded me of the first two books in the series and is currently tied for my second favorite. I loved how I got to know more about these two characters, while also catching up on previous ones.

Note:The author gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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Author Spotlight

Good Morning Everyone,

Today’s spotlight is on author Denise Swanson! She is best known for her Scumble River and Devereaux’s Dime Store mystery series. Today, she is here to talk about her latest book, a romantic story called Good Girl Overboard. I hope you like the interview and my review. Make sure to leave a comment for your chance to win a Signed Paperback Copy of Good Girl Overboard. Details are listed after the review.

Have a marvelous Monday!



Denise Swanson Interview

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Personal Shelves Review

Hi Everyone,,

Tonight I wanted to share my review of Christmas Wish by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey. This incredible writing duo has released a new novella in their Countermeasure Series. I absolutely love this spectacular series that has suspense, sub-plots, romance and characters that feel as real as your best friends.




Christmas Wish

Countermeasure Bytes of Life #7

Stephan and Jessica are about to celebrate their first Christmas together as husband and wife. However, their happiness is put to the test as they face their inner fears, in preparation for their bundle of joy. Will they be able to open up to each other, or will their first holiday season also be their last?

Readers are first introduced to the romantic possibilities between Stephan and Jessica in To Russia with Love. In Christmas Wish, readers will fall in love with this couple, as they connect with the newlyweds on a deeper level. Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey have managed to turn 70-ish pages into an emotional, realistic journey that will satisfy the reader’s need to know more about this secondary couple. Christmas Wish is like a present wrapped with a bow for fans of the Countermeasure Series.


I received an ARC of this book. To learn more about the authors and their work, visit their website.


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Eight Nights with a Hero Blog Tour

Good Morning Everyone,

I am thrilled to be participating in the Eight Nights with a Hero blog tour. Each stop on the tour will feature information about the box set and extra information about one of the authors. This stop will feature the amazing writing duo, Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey. I hope you all enjoy this stop and this amazing set of books!

8NWH_AvailableAbout the Book:

Eight Nights with a Hero

By: Dee J. Adams, Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey, Carolyn Crane, Misty Evans, Adrienne Giordano, Stacy Green, Katie Reus and Joan Swan

Published by: Éire Publishing, LLC
To be Released on:  December 16, 2014
Genre:     Romantic Suspense

Find the Book:
Google Play
All Romance
Barnes & Noble




Cold Nights, Hot Heroes, and Eight Deadly Secrets…

Snuggle up to 8 riveting Romantic Suspense stories involving 8 Hot Heroes from all walks of life who will do anything to protect those they love.

PLEASE NOTE: This box set will be available only through January 31, 2015!

About the Authors:

Dee J. Adams, Award Winning Author
IMMINENT DANGER (Adrenaline Highs Series Book 5) – Bad Timing Can Cost Your Life.

“…Between the sweet and steamy romance and the heart-pounding (literally) suspense… It was such a thrill…”

Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey, Readers’ Favorite Gold Award Winning Authors
COUNTERMEASURE (Countermeasure Series Book 1) – They’ll Have To Trust Each Other In Order To Survive.

“Amidst the heartwarming and beautifully written love story was a very cleverly and intelligently constructed suspense and mystery.”

Carolyn Crane, RITA Award Winning Author
OFF THE EDGE (Undercover Associates Series Book 2) – He’s A Spy Who Uses Language To Hunt Criminals. She’s A Poet With Deadly Enemies.

“Off the Edge is such a well-crafted romantic suspense story. Full of action and sparkling chemistry between Laney and Peter, this book is so much fun to read.”

Misty Evans, USA Today Bestseller
OPERATION SHEBA (Super Agent Series Book 1) – He’ll Go Under The Deepest Cover Possible to Save Her Life.

“Evans takes readers on an edge-of-your-seat thriller into the secretive world of CIA operatives. A love triangle and a mole in the agency make this one story you won’t want to put down.”

Adrienne Giordano, USA Today Bestseller
THE EVASION (Justifiable Cause Series Book 2) – The World Of Knock-Offs Isn’t As Frivolous As It Appears.

“Adrienne Giordano delivers everything romantic suspense readers want…”

Stacy Green, Best Selling Mystery and Thriller Author
TIN GOD (Delta Crossroads Series Book 1) – The Truth Can Be As Deadly As Any Weapon.

“Stacy Green has written an emotionally charged, thought-provoking and stunning mystery/suspense that will capture and hold you hostage until the last page is read.”

Katie Reus, New York Times – USA Today Best Seller
MIAMI, MISTLETOE, and MURDER (Red Stone Security Series Book 4) – She’ll Fight To Protect Those She Cares About. He’ll Fight To Protect Her.

“Well written and a beautiful addition to an interesting series, Miami, Mistletoe, & Murder is a great read to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.”

Joan Swan, New York Times – USA Today Best Seller
FIRST TEMPTATION (Covert Affairs Series Book 2) – He’ll Have To Go Deep Undercover To Expose Her Darkest, Sexiest Desires.

“I love Joan Swan’s writing as even in a novella she manages to capture the heart of her characters.”


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