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Wendy Review #4

Taken By Storm by Kelli Maine, Book 3 of series

Review by: Wendy

4.5 stars

Taken by Storm is the third installment in the Taken Series. While the story is a continuation of No Take Backs, I think it could be a stand a-lone book.

MJ (Merrick Jr) was hidden his entire life in boarding schools by Merrick’s father “The Old man”. Merrick doesn’t know MJ exists. Merrick Jr. Thinks his father has found out about him and doesn’t want anything to do with him. He has dreamed of the day his Dad found out about him and is crushed.

Maddie was MJ’s best friend growing up, and after high-school they become more than friends. After the best 3 months of MJ’s life, Maddie disappears from MJ’s life with no explanation.

Two years later Maddie shows up with an engagement ring from her current boyfriend, and a decision to make.

I really enjoyed this installment of the series. It flowed well and I really wanted to know what family secret Maddie had that made her run from the love of her life. There was drama, lies, secrets, twists and turns. MJ is very much a younger version of his dad with his impulsive actions and obsession of the only girl for him.

This story is told from MJ’s and Maddie’s perspective, from the past and present, and we find where the other characters from the previous books are at now. In my opinion this has been the best book in the series and I look forward to the next installment.

My only issue with the book was a continuity issue and what Merrick knew and when.

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Wendy Review #3

REVIEW For No TakeBacks by Kelli Maine, Book 2 of series

Review by: Wendy

4 stars

This is a short novella that continues the story of Rachael DeSalvo & Merrick Rocha. In this novella, Rachael & Merrick have finally finished the restoration of Turtle Tear Hotel/Island resort. They have invited both their families and friends. There is some family tension and some new relationships. There are a lot of hot little scenes in this novella and a cliffhanger that will lead into the next book. This story is again told in second person, like the first book, but I think this one was a little easier to read.

I liked this book because you got to see more of the personal relationship with Rachel and Merrick and I also like getting to see the relationships between the families and friends. In this novella with the addition of the extra people, the second person aspect wasn’t as prominent and the dialoged flowed a little better.

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Wendy Review #2

Taken by Kelli Maine, Book 1 of series

Review by: Wendy

3 stars

Rachael DeSalvo is out a club with her best friend. Her friend leaves with a guy leaving Rachael at the club. Rachael notices a hot guy checking her out, and lets him buy her a drink. The next thing Rachael knows is she is bound to a bed where she has been drugged and kidnapped.

Merrick Rocha is a billionaire CEO. In a desperate move decides the only way to get Rachael to accept a job as a Restoration Project Manager for Turtle Tear Hotel/Island is to kidnap her. Poor choice on his part.

Rachael can’t leave her mother, who is emotionally dependent after the death of her father, her roommate/BFF, and her internship. She feels she is needed more at home, and heartbreakingly declines the job she wants at Turtle Tree Hotel.

So, Merrick takes matters into his hands and believes if he can get her to the island she will fall in love and choose it over her obligations. He soon realizes his mistake in handling things in this way, and tells Rachael he will not touch her, she will have to make the first move, if she so wishes.

First let me say, this book was a little difficult to get started on. It is written in the second person, which is told from Rachael’s perspective as if she were thinking to herself about Merrick. So instead of words like “him” or “he” she says “you” or “your.” I personally do not think I have ever read a fiction book from this perspective. This made the first part of the book difficult to get into. I did not notice it as much in the latter half of the book as I got more into the story.

The storyline was interesting because it provided a different take on a version of Stockholm Syndrome. There was some definite sexual tension and weird blurred lines that were, in my opinion, crossed. I didn’t understand some of Merrick’s decisions, but I guess his decision making skills went out the window in the prologue.

Over all I liked the book, but I do wish it had been written in a different POV, I think the second person POV really distracted from the story.

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Wendy Review #1

By: Jeri Smith-Ready

Review by: Wendy


Love ties them together. Death can’t tear them apart.

Best. Birthday. Ever. At least, it was supposed to be. With Logan’s band playing a critical gig and Aura’s plans for an intimate after-party, Aura knows it will be the most memorable night of her boyfriend’s life. She never thought it would be his last.

Logan’s sudden death leaves Aura devastated. He’s gone.

Well, sort of.

Like everyone born after the Shift, Aura can see and hear ghosts. This mysterious ability has always been annoying, and Aura had wanted nothing more than to figure out why the Shift happened so she can undo it. But not with Logan’s violet-hued spirit still hanging around. Because dead Logan is almost as real as ever. Almost.

It doesn’t help that Aura’s new friend Zachary is so understanding–and so very alive. His support means more to Aura than she cares to admit.

As Aura’s relationships with the dead and the living grow ever complicated, so do her feelings for Logan and Zachary. Each holds a piece of Aura’s heart…and clues to the secret of the Shift.


Aura is a sixteen year old “post-shifter”. Post-shifters are all kids born after December twenty-first at three fifty a.m., which happens to be the exact time of Aura’s birth. Everyone born after this time, has the ability to see, hear, and speak to ghosts. Aura is after the answers to why the “Shift” happened and how she can undo it. She is tired of being harassed by ghosts everywhere she goes, in her job, at school, and at the mall. She just wants to find peace for her and all the other kids around her.

Logan is Aura’s Irish punk rock boyfriend, who is on the brink of stardom. Aura fears that she is going to lose Logan to his desire to be a star, and to the inevitable flock of groupies to follow. Logan loves Aura and will do anything for her and doesn’t think fame will change him.

After the successful concert and After Party/Logan’s Birthday party, Aura decides this is going to be the night she gives herself to Logan. Logan, however blows it by getting wasted at the party, and after being unable to “Rise” to the occasion, makes a fateful decision to try to salvage the night. After Logan’s poor choice, he accidentally kills himself, and now Aura can see his ghost. The thing she wanted to get rid of is now the one thing she doesn’t want to give up, because having him partly there is better than not having him at all.

Zachary is the Scottish exchange student that comes into Aura’s life as it is falling apart. Zachary is a “Pre-shifter”. He was born exactly one minute before the shift, and is unable to see the ghosts around him. Zackary becomes an outside support system that was not part of her life with Logan and she can escape with.

This is an emotionally charged book that is hauntingly beautiful. Do you let go or hang on with everything you have. How do you move on with your life when your soul mate is no longer with the living. This was a read that I stumbled upon and I am so glad I did. It gets a solid 4 stars from me and it doesn’t matter how many times I read it, I still cry.


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Jessica Bowers Review #4

Not What She Seems
By Victorine E. Lieske

This exciting story of a woman on the run from her terrible abusive past will have you on the edge of your seat. Emily Grant and her four year old son, Connor, are trying their best to keep the past behind them. She is currently on the run until she meets a wonderful, handsome, caring, man named Ethan, actually the billionaire Steven Ashton, and she begins to fall in love. When she realizes who he really is she devises a plan to get money from him so she can disappear for good. But things don’t turn out the way they are planned. Steven refuses to let her get away once he starts to piece things together, he is determined to do whatever it takes to help Emily and Connor so they can live a normal life.
The story has many twists and turns, giving you the opportunity to guess where it’s going to go next and surprising you with every page turn. The chapters are short, making it an easy read. I really enjoyed reading this book and trying to come to my own conclusion using the clues given before the author reveals the truth. The story is very well written and the descriptions are amazing keeping you in the story and helping you connect with each character. If you love plot twists and excitement this is a great book for you.

Jessica Bowers

This ebook was free for Kindle on

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Jessica Bowers Review #3

Kiss Me, Chloe
By Linda George
Book 1 of the Kiss Me Series

“Kiss Me, Chloe” is a sweet story about finding true love when you least expect it. When the lives of Chloe Llewellyn and Kyle Stanton fall apart they decide to go out and search for the things they want in their lives. Chloe from Houston, Texas is done waiting for her high school sweetheart Greg to get his “big promotion” at work and finally decide to marry her and make a family. Greg is too busy, working long hours and not spending any time with Chloe, to even think about marriage. After he has pushed back their engagement more times than a woman should allow she decides to pack her bags and hit the road. She finds herself headed towards the mountains of Colorado. She meets Kyle Stanton on her trip while in a restaurant having dinner. Kyle is a trucker from Colorado, on his way to Ouray, Colorado for his monthly stay with his aunt Byrdie. He invites Chloe to come stay at his aunt Byrdie’s B&B for the Fourth of July weekend. When she arrives she is in awe of the beauty of Ouray. Everything is so perfect, too perfect, even Kyle the handsome trucker who has offered to make her stay the best weekend of her life. Kyle has also been pushed aside by his ex-girlfriend choosing her career over having a family. When Kyle and Chloe go out on the town to see the sights they begin to realize that there may be a reason they were brought together. Chloe tries to fight the feelings she is developing for the trucker, while Kyle grabs life by the horns and goes for the ride. Not afraid of anything, Kyle is ready to show Chloe there is someone for everyone you just have to look in the right direction.
This book was so enchanting the way these two are brought together and the trials they are put through to show them it is meant to be. The author really depicted a picture with her words, describing the wonderful views of Ouray, and the wonderful people that the characters came to know. It is a romantic story with realistic views on true love and how two people can be brought together by destiny. This book had me pulled in from the first page. The story is silly at the right moment and will have you rooting for Kyle to win Chloe’s heart. “Kiss Me, Chloe” is a must read for anyone who believes in true love.

This book was free on

~Jessica Bowers

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Jessica Bowers Review #2

The Other Side of Us

By Sarah Mayberry

Oliver Garrett is a successful music producer that finds out his wife has been unfaithful for the 6 years they have been married. He decides to take a trip to Melbourne, Australia and clean up his deceased Aunt’s house to be sold. Next door he meets a young petite woman, Mackenzie Williams, a TV producer. Mackenzie has been staying in Melbourne for her recovery from a tragic car accident. Their first few meetings are not very pleasant to say the least. Though nature has its own way it pulls them together. They soon realize this has become a great opportunity to open up to someone with no judgments about their miss comings. Both Oliver and Mackenzie, afraid of the feelings they are developing for each other, try to keep their feelings hidden from the other. Until Mackenzie lets her need to conquer get the best of her and she sets out to get what she wants.
The sexual chemistry between the two characters is breath taking. It is the type of “love at first sight” fantasy that all women dream of. The author gives an excellent description of the scenery and the lives of Oliver and Mackenzie. With a full back story of the characters you feel as though you are pulled right into their lives. This story is sweet and funny, while holding your attention through every page turn. It is truly hard to stop at the end of each chapter, when it leaves you wondering what they will do next.

This book was free for Kindle at

~Jessica Bowers

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Jessica Bowers Review #1

“Perfect for You” by Kate Perry is a slightly erotic love story about finding true love and looking past your external distastes to see the real person underneath. I thought the plot was well scripted and easy to follow. Giving you even the smallest details along the way and keeping your interest through the whole book. From the very first page it was defiantly hard to put down. It shows how far some people will go for true love and happiness.
Freya Godwin is a graphic designer for exotic websites and the guardian of her younger sister Anna, after they lost their parents in a tragic accident. Her job is now on the line and she realizes she has lost her creativity. Freya’s solution, get her “sexy back.” Anna is determined to get Freya together with her upstairs neighbor, Greg Cavanaugh, a divorce lawyer. Though Freya believes lawyers are the “scum of the Earth” because of what happened to her family.
Anna and Greg plot to get HIM closer to Freya. When Greg makes a move Freya is surprised that just looking into his eyes starts to spark up the part of her she has been missing for so long. He is charming and sensual and his touch melts her to her very core.
How can she tell herself this is so wrong when it feels so right? She has to decide. Use him for what she needs or let him into her heart and see if they really are meant to be? Can she trust him or is it just the lawyer in him that is convincing her?
This author depicted her characters with such details on their lives, it makes you cheer for each moment of attraction between them. Their lives rollercoaster up and down leaving you at the end of every chapter not able to leave it for later. One moment to the next truly has you longing for more. It’s a real life fairy tale with love, romance, sex, and success.

I downloaded this book for free at Amazon Kindle.

~Jessica Bowers

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