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Wendy’s Review

Very Bad Things by Author Ilsa Madden-Mills
Review by Wendy @ Shhh, Mommy’s in the Bathroom.,.Reading
4.5 Stars

On the surface, Nora Blakely seems perfect. She comes from an affluent family with money, pretty, thin, (neurotic), and brains to boot. I know, first thought, spoiled rich girl. As they say, the grass is greener on the other side… until you get there and it’s just weeds.
Nora has spent her life trying to please an unappeasable mother. Her father is never home. Her half brother Finn has moved away. So Nora is left in a mansion alone.
One day, Nora finally snaps and is determined to do “Very Bad Things”, if she’s never going to live up to the expectations, might as well have fun and do things she shouldn’t. Nora makes a list of the bad things she wants to do:

1: Change my image. Get a tattoo? Wear slutty clothes? Dye my hair?
2: Drink alcohol. Drugs optional. Drugs required. Proceed to rehab?
3: Have meaningless sex. Often. With different people.
4: Be the aforementioned bad girl whenever possible. In school. At home. Everywhere.
5: Do not under any circumstances be called perfect.
Sometimes the one that seem perfect are the ones that are the most broken.

Leo Tate and his brother Sebastian Tate are new to the area and Briarcrest Academy and witness first hand Nora’s break down.
Leo had to grow up fast and take over guardianship of Sebastian and the family business.
When Leo sees Nora’s mother screaming at her, Leo wants to step in to help, but doesn’t want to make things worse for her. When Leo makes eye contact with Nora, the connection with Nora is instantaneous.

This book was a winner. There was drama, passion, angst, and jealousy. I laughed, got mad, got sad, and down right concerned. The chemistry between Nora and Leo is palpable. However Leo doesn’t want or need a relationship and Nora is tired of being everyone’s second choice. Is it better to be second choice or no ones choice? Can Nora let go of what she wants and move on with her life.
I loved how Nora took a very shitty situation and turned it around. The character progression was great. I really felt Nora evolving to the person she was meant to be, not the person she was forced to be.

Leo, Leo , Leo…. He needed a swift kick in the ass. With that being said, I understand why he made the choices he did, and to be forced into a life he never planned and own it.
The supporting characters, friends and enemies rounded out this book. I loved them and hated a few.

The story is also told from alternating POV’s so you really get a look into their heads. I loved this aspect and really felt the characters emotions.

This book does not have a cliffhanger (yeah!), but it does leave it open for more Briarcrest Academy (Sebastian please ***hint, hint Ilsa***)

My one con about the book is that it ends at about 86% which was a huge let down, thinking I was going to get a little more.

Overall a great, can’t put it down read, and one in my re-read list.


“Incoming, incoming, super-slutty nurse arriving in three, two, one.” ~Mila

“It’s hard to give up something when it’s everything you want.” –Nora Blakely

“I lie awake and dream of her; I close my eyes and dream of her.” –Leo Tate

Best. Tiramisu. Ever. ~Nora

“Bad decisions can make some damn good memories.” –Nora Blakely

“If love is the answer, then I’m changing the question.” –Leo Tate

“I’d like to sleep for a hundred years, wake up and try again.” – Nora Blakely

happiness is simply collecting and remembering all the good moments in your life, kinda like beads on a necklace. ~Aunt Portia

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are they crazy?” –Albert Einstein

“No one can resist the Tate charm when I crank it up” -Sebastian

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Wendy’s Review

by BL Mooney
Review by Wendy
Shhh, Mommy’s in the Bathroom.,.Reading
5 Stars

Drew Clayborn has done things she can’t forgive herself for. She’s spent the last four years with Joseph, her very calm, understanding, and compassionate therapist. She doesn’t feel she deserves to be happy after the tragic events and choices she has made.
Her best friends Terri and Mark have taken Drew under their wings and think its time for her to move forward. And they know the prefect guy for her. Problem is Drew doesn’t think she will or even deserves to move on.

Carl Williamson is rich, handsome, and a powerful Alpha male. Carl gets what he wants, who he wants, when he wants it. Carl does things to Drew, physically and mentally. He sets her on fire, but is this a temptation too great for her?

Dennis Brooks is the all around nice guy. He’s strong and handsome and makes Drew laugh and smile. He’s the safe option.

Drew is torn between two men, one she has an intense reaction to and one that she thinks isn’t strong enough to handle the demons she hides. Or option number 3, just stay alone.

Until her past comes back to haunt her, she’s just Striving for Normal…

I was first introduced to BL Mooney with Coming Home. I really like this book, so I was happy to review her next undertaking.
Can I say, “WOW!” She really outdid herself with this one. I was sucked in from the beginning. You really want to know what Drew did that was so horrible. Well, Drew definitely has some demons to overcome. My emotions really ran the gambit on this one, I laughed, I cried, I got very turned on, mad, angry, pissed, and even had to step away. I fell in love with these characters, and some I down right loathed. The characters are well developed and the story flowed. The story alternates between what’s going on in the present and what happened in the past. I don’t want to say too much for fear that I will give things away, but this is a must read roller-coaster of emotions. This is a definite READ ME in my book.

I cant wait to see what BL Mooney has in store for us next!
Favorite Quotes:
“What do you want, Drew? I need you to tell me.”
“You, please, I need you.” I squirmed, trying to get where I needed to be.
He placed his forehead against mine and whispered, “I need to be part of you, Drew. Tell me what you need.”
I felt him press against my entrance. I started to move down, but he held my hips still. I groaned. “I need you…”
“If I can’t love me, how can I expect him to?”
“I think that you do want to see and that you’re striving for normal and don’t know how to accomplish that.”

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Wendy’s Review

Seduced – A Prequel to Beautiful Rose by Missy Johnson (short Novella)

REVIEW:By: Wendy

4 Stars

Jack Falcon is Britain’s most eligible bachelor. He has money, looks, and a lack of morals. He is known for his womanizing ways, but women still throw themselves at his feet. Jack makes no apologies for his behavior. Until he meets Belle. She seems impervious to his charms and soon Jack finds himself chasing her. They soon find themselves in a intense relationship and when they find out how they are connected, how can it continue?

This story is told from Jack’s POV and at first I didn’t like Jack very much. He is your typical egotistical a-hole manwhore. He doesn’t care about what people think. He does what he wants, when he wants. I really loved that he got a taste of his own medicine with Belle. Belle was the first person to ever walk away and leave the player played. As things are revealed Jack began to chip away at my resolve where he was concerned. The book definitely has some toe curling hot, hot, hot scenes, but also has some emotionally intense ones that left me a blubbering mess by the end. I really ran the gambit of emotions with this one and want to see where this story leads…

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Wendy’s Review

Let Love In by Melissa Collins
Review by Wendy @ Shhh, Mommy’s in the Bathroom.,.Reading
4 Stars


Wow. It has been a while since a book has grabbed me and not allowed me to let go. This was a touching and heart warming story of two people that were broken by the tragedies of their childhood. Maddy had to deal with a monumental lost at a very young age and never learned to cope with it, other than to never let anyone in, if you don’t let them in then you can’t be hurt. Reid had to learn to cope with a different kind of loss and a heavy guilt that he just can’t let go of.

Maddy and Reid’s connection is instant, it is like their souls can identify with hurt the other carries. The question remains, will they let love in?
This story flowed well, and you really got lost in the emotion of the characters. It had well developed characters, and supporting characters that you can’t help but love. You can see the scenes play out in your head so well. This book also has an edge of hot and spicy that I was not really expecting, but it was totally welcomed. Melissa Collins is a very talented author and I can not wait to see what she has in store for us next. This is a definite must read and one that is on my re-read list.

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Wendy’s Review

Beautiful Disaster
by Author Jamie McGuire
Review by: Wendy @ Shhh, Mommy’s in the Bathroom.,.Reading
5 stars
Beautiful Disaster is Definitely a Beautiful Disaster!!

… Abby Abernathy is starting Fresh, where no one (except her BFF America) knows who or whats in her past. She wants everyone to think she is sweet and innocent. Then Travis “Mad Dog” Maddox comes crashing into her life.
Travis is the Campus hot shot, fighting, Walking One night Stand, you has all the girls giggling & willing to drop their panties for a chance with him. Travis has his own demons he’s hiding from and the last thing he wants or expects is to fall for a Girl.

The story is well written and flows well. The relationship between Abby & Travis is very intense & at time Volatile. You find yourself wanting them to get on the same page & just when you think they are Something seems to happen (Travis is really good at pissing you off).
The secondary characters are for the most part a nice calming relationship compared to the intensity of Abby & Travis.
I don’t think this book is for the younger audience.

I definitely recommend reading this book. I have heard that you either love it or hate it, and I am in the LOVE IT Camp!

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Wendy’s Review

Laws of Attraction by N.M. Silber

review by Wendy
4 stars

Gabrielle Ginsberg works for the public defenders office. She sees an array of characters that she has the unfortunate task of defending.
For the last 6 months she has been lusting for the handsome and charming Prosecutor Braden Pierce.
Braden is known in their circles as being a player. Even though Gabby is attracted to Braden, she’s been down that path before and won’t be a one night stand. Once their friends get together and start negotiations on their behalves, they start making plans.
I started out really enjoying this story. I really felt the chemistry and sexual tension between these two. Once they start dating, the hotness ensues. I laughed out loud a few times, and hot and bothered other times. I loved their friends. I thought in the end that their relationship moved a little fast, but I can suspend that reality. The thing that prevented this from being a five star was actually the subplot, the suspense, the climatic problem, whatever you want to call it. I found the Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys “investigation” unbelievable and irresponsible for someone who is suppose to be so smart. It lacked…well suspense. We are left with a cliffhanger at the end, and I will probably read the next installment for the people in the story, but I could honestly care less about the “who-dunnit”

Favorite quotes;

“Well, I might be interested, but only if it was like a real dating thing and not just a one nighter with a meal plan”

“I’m sorry, but I just don’t want to stand in line at anybody’s bedroom door. I was an only child. I never learned to share nicely. “

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Wendy’s Review

A Life More Complete
by: Nikki Young
review by Wendy

4 stars

In “A Life More Complete” we find Kristin, an OCD borderline neurotic Publicist of an Under-aged Starlet. Kristin’s professional life collides with her personal life, and making decisions that will drastically alter her reality.

This Book Sucked me in from the Prologue. This is a story of love, loss, and the choices we make in life (whether it’s the ones people around us believe are the correct ones). I went through a mirage of emotions, from happy, to mad, to downright pissed off (if I hadn’t been reading it on my Kindle, I may have thrown the book). Some of the book I found scary relate-able, other aspects remind me of watching TMZ, and what I image celebrity’s go through.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I am going to stop here. I can honestly say I couldn’t put it down, I had to know what was going to happen and what Kristin was going to do next?

My only issue with the book (and I’m not sure if this was a formatting issue with the Kindle or Editing Issues) was that especially in the beginning, that scenes seemed to change mid paragraph, and I would have to reread out of confusion of what was going on. I didn’t notice this in the last half of the book.

In the End though, I do recommend this book (I have read it twice now). It is a really good First Novel, and I can not wait to see what else Nikki Young has to give.

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Wendy Review #6


by Carey Heywood

5 Stars

review by Wendy

Sarah Miller has worked hard to get where she is. Seven years ago she left home to get away from HIM. After his betrayal she threw herself into school and then work. Sarah’s dedication to her work has made her successful, but she uses her work to avoid going back and uses it as a crutch to avoid romantic relationships. No one has lived up to bar he set. Sarah has managed to avoid going home, until now. Her brother Brian is getting married and she can no longer avoid it. All she has to do is avoid seeing HIM for the next week, that shouldn’t be that difficult, right?

WOW! Where do I start. This story goes between two timelines, what’s currently happening and what happened in the past. Each chapter alternates between the two and you get a little more each time. The story progressed at a perfect pace, not to fast or too slow. The characters are engaging, well developed, and you are always guessing what happened. The intimacy level was a happy medium, not too graphic but also no “fade to black.” I was thoroughly engrossed in this book and couldn’t put it down. One more chapter turned into 4am.

“What are you playing at, Will?’
“Playing?” He tugs my arm back so I’m facing him. “I promise you this is no game.”
“Alright, what do you want from me? Is that better?” I practically spit.
“Everything.” He’s moved his hands up to hold my biceps. “I want everything from you.”

There is a cliffhanger of sorts and will be continued in HER, due out November 2013. I highly recommend this book and its already on my re-read list!

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Wendy Review #5


Entwined with you is the third installment of the Crossfire series. At the start of this installment we find that Eva has found out that Gideon killed Nathan in order to protect her and she is conflicted about her feelings about everything that happened. She was forced to leave Gideon and go back to her own home because the police are still watching them and she doesn’t want them to know that she has gone to Gideon to find out if he really did kill Nathan.

Eva desperately wants to be with Gideon, but she is not sure what Gideon’s motivation was for doing what he did and if he even wants anything to do with her anymore.

I was very conflicted on how I felt about this book I was so excited when It was coming out and I really wanted to like it, and for the most part I liked the storyline, but the problem was there wasn’t much of a storyline. Things really didn’t get started until two thirds through the book. Don’t get me wrong I love a hot steamy book but there comes a point when I’m like, “seriously!” It really became too much and I kept wondering when were we going to get some sort of storyline, some actual forward motion. I know this was originally supposed to be the final book in the trilogy but was somehow extended out for three additional books and so I feel like this was made into a filler book instead of an actual book because we really didn’t get anything of substance, and then there were all these extra crazy storylines that were added like “The Italian Mafia”, disappearances of random people, and incidental pregnancy of characters that didn’t necessarily need to be storylines that are now storylines because they have extra books coming out. Does that make sense? I have to say I’m a huge fan of Sylvia Day and the Crossfire Series, however this book left me very disappointed and wanting a whole lot more. I felt like this story dragged and there was no forward motion of the plot until the end of the book really. I also felt that the ending of this book just really stopped mid scene and in a really awkward moment. I kept flipping Pages thinking is this really where it’s going end? It really wasn’t even a cliffhanger moment, it was just the middle of a scene, and was kind of an odd place.

Like I said I’m a huge Fan of the Sylvia Day and of the Crossfire Series and Yes I had high expectations for this book, But this went way beyond disappointment from my higher expectations and I really felt like this was just a filler book until she could get to the next book.

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Jessica Bowers Review #5

Friends With Partial Benefits
By Luke Young

Jillian Grayson is a beautiful wealthy woman in her late thirties that made her fortune writing erotic romance novels. Her son Rob Grayson and his best friend Brian Nash come home from college for spring break, and spend their time living it up in Jillian’s mansion. At first sight Brian is in total awe at Rob’s gorgeous mom lying out by the pool in what is considered a bathing suit in Florida. Really, she may as well have laid out naked. Rob spends most of his spring break at his girlfriends, in her bedroom, with the door locked.
While Jillian and Brian find out they have much more in common than they expected. They are both so in love with tennis they spend their first whole day just talking tennis and planning to spend as much time on the court as they can squeeze into one week. Things start to get hot and heavy while they play tennis. If someone were listening to the moans and groans coming from the court they would think there was more than just tennis being played. Jillian and Brian are scared of what is happening between them and don’t know where to go with it. That’s where the “friends with partial benefits” comes in.
This is a sweet, funny, romantic, and highly sexual love story. The details are explicit from the description of characters to the love making. It was incredibly hard to put down. The chapters are short, giving you the chance to get the point quickly. I enjoyed how it jumped back and forth from one character to the next giving you everyone’s point of view. A very well written novel easy to follow. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

Jessica Bowers
This book was free for Kindle on

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