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Three Book Reviews

Hi Everyone,

Here are reviews of three books that I read during Hurricane Matthew.



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Let’s Discuss… Endings!

Hi Everyone,

How do you like your books to end? Do you like Happily Ever Afters or at least an ending that wraps everything up in a nice, neat package? In a series, do you prefer a story-line that ends nicely, and maybe secondary characters pick up the next book? Or do you prefer your dramatic cliff-hangers (a la Rick Riordan) where you have to wait a year (or longer) to find out if your beloved character is even alive? What about stand-alones? There are a select few novels out there that I have read, where the ending leaves it open for the reader to decide! These drive me bonkers…

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Read With Ariesgrl in September

Hi Everyone,

This month’s Read with Ariesgrl selection is Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich. Join me this month as we read a chapter or two a day, then discuss the book every other week, here on the site.


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What are You Reading?

Hi Everyone,

I had a rough health week, so sadly, I didn’t read as much as I had planned. Therefore today, I will be finishing up two books and reading Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead. The weather outside is quite lovely, but my boys decided we should read in bed, today. They impatiently waited, while I gathered my things. I hope everyone affected by Hermine is safe and dry.

What are you reading this weekend?



Ozzy, Jagger and Astonish Me.

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The Capture

(Justifiable Cause #3)

By: Adrienne Giordano                               Format:ebook                                            Read: Jan 2016
NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend decides to join his attorney partner, Jo Pomeroy, on a vacation on the West Coast. His relaxation goes out the window, as Jo continues to work and put herself in harm’s way. Tasked with keeping counterfeits off the street, Jo feels that is her number one priority, while Gabe wishes for more one-on-one time. Will the two be able to set aside their differences and see they are a perfect match or will their jobs destroy everything they’ve worked for?

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The Evasion

(Justifiable Cause #2)

By: Adrienne Giordanno                              Format: eBook                                                   Read: Jan 2016


Jo and Gabe are partners on the anti-counterfeiting task force. Even though they made a major break-through, they let one of the suspects slip away. Determined to catch him and shut down the entire ring, Jo and Gabe travel to the south, where things aren’t run the same way as in New York. Will they be able to catch the leader of the pact or will their trip south come to a horrific end?

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The Chase

(Justifiable Cause #1)

By: Adrienne Giordano.                                   Format: eBook.                                                       Read: Jan 2016.
Jo Pomeroy is determined to get her clients justice, by making sure every knock-off item is off the streets, even if that means dealing with NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend. Jo and Gabe have become unlikely partners, in the murderous crime world of counterfeit fashion. Will Gabe be able to keep them safe and put the bad guys behind bars or will Jo get caught in the crossfire?

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By Lisa Scottoline

(Rosato & DiNunsio #4)


Mary DiNunzio is a successful attorney and a partner at the Rosato & DiNunzio firm. Her schedule has gotten complicated, due to her wedding being a few weeks away. However, when an elderly man named Edward comes in for a free consultation, Mary’s world is turned upside down. Edward’s grandson, Patrick, is being sued by a teacher’s aide for assault. Sadly, it is this shy, dyslexic boy who bares the markings of abuse. As Mary becomes more involved in finding out the truth, she becomes the only chance Patrick has at surviving and leading a healthy life. Is Mary going to lose everything she has, in order to protect Patrick or will the evidence prove Mary wrong?

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Forgotten Book Challenge

Hi Everyone,

It is Friday! Time to dust off the Forgotten Book Challenge and dive deep into the ebook archives! To learn more about this Forgotten Book Challenge, click on the picture. In the meantime, below you will find my review of the first book in a thrilling, new suspense series.



One Rough Man

By: Brad Taylor

Pike Logan #1

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My Sister’s Books Review #92

Hissy Fit

By: Mary Kay Andrews

Audio CD

Keeley is about to get married, when she walks in on her fiancé and her maid of honor having sex during the rehearsal dinner. Keeley has a major meltdown and storms out! She now has to put together her life, while dealing with the fallout from the scene at the country club. As Keeley’s business booms and she has her hands full, decorating an antebellum plantation house, Keeley must figure out who she is and who she can trust. Plus, add in the fact that she still hasn’t figured out where her mom went twenty-five years ago, Keeley’s schedule is fully booked!

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