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Did You Hear?

Hi Everyone,
Happy December 1st!!! Did you hear the exciting news? Goodreads announced their Best Books of 2015!!! How many have you read and how many did you add to your To Be Read pile? Sadly, I had only read a couple, but today, I added several titles to my wish list.

Speaking of Goodreads, how many of you signed up for this year’s Reading Challenge? If you did, how are you doing? I, of course, signed up. I am still several books away from my goal, but I will be closer once I finish updating my sites this week.


I am wishing you all a happy and healthy December filled with great books!



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The Sunshine Award!!!


Hi Everyone,

The other day, I was nominated for The Sunshine Award by Chelsea Brown! Thank you very much Chelsea, I really appreciate it!!!

The rules appear to be pretty simple:
1. Include logo in post or on site.
2. Answer ten questions about yourself.
3. Nominate ten other blogs.
4. Post links to the nominees’ sites and comment on their pages to let them know they won!
5. Link back to the person who nominated you.

I am going to use Chelsea’s questions as a guideline.

1. Favorite color: Either blue or red.
2. Dog versus cat: I love all animals, but I must say I am a dog girl!
3. Favorite number: 7 (something Chelsea and I have in common!)
4. Favorite month: MARCH!!! May have something to do with it being a fabulous month of birthdays. ūüôā
5. Favorite state: Montana (Even though I have never been there, that is where my heart lies, thanks to numerous books.)
6. Favorite subject in school: Psychology, Science and Math (Yes math, I loved it and thrived in those classes, until Senior year when I fell in love with Psychology.)
7. Favorite genre: Everything (Everyone asks me this and I am sorry to disappoint, but I don’t have a favorite. It depends on my mood.)
8. Favorite music: Pretty much everything. Depends on my mood, but top favorite bands are: Buckcherry and Papa Roach.
9. Favorite flower: Pansies! (I love those faces.)
10. Favorite gemstone: Aquamarine, of course!!! :~)

Now for the important part, my nominees:

Congrats to each of these bloggers!!! Thank you again, Chelsea!

Hope you all have a wonderful night!!!


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A Big Thanks and a Few Awards

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed my last review. Right now I just wanted to take some time and say thank you. Thanks to each of you the List¬†has continued to grow. Also as of today, this site has had over 6,500 all time views. WOW! Thank you all so much. As for the Other Sites, Facebook has a total of 20 likes and Twitter has 40 followers. You all are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for taking a chance on me and supporting me and my dreams. I hope that I am returning that favor by providing you with my honest reviews, but most of all I hope each of you have found some new-to-you-turned-favorite authors to support.

A few weeks ago, I was nominated for some awards by author, Emily Guido. I am so honored and humbled to accept these awards. It truly means the world to me that she thought to  nominate me. Thank you.

So what are these awards? Well…

Blog of the Year Award banner 600reality-blog-awardvery-inspiring-blogger-award

Wow! I am so shocked and very grateful thank you, Emily.

Now I am not sure what the rules are for each of these awards, so I am going to accept them with some random facts about me and list a few of the blogs that truly deserve these blogs! (Sound good to you?) Okay here we go:

Random Facts:

1. Today is the first day of NHL playing again, so I have a game on in the background. I despise both teams, but I it is nice to see the puck and the ice again.

2. My currently reading stack is at 6. Three of these books I started last year, but since I created this blog, I haven’t finished them. So they are in random rooms in my house and I read a little from them each month. (By little, I mean a page or two. Kind of annoying and not how I normally read, therefore they get a bit ignored.)

3. I have a calendar marking the days of the next book releases of both Dan Brown and Rick Riordan. (I call this eclectic taste. Which allows for all of the fabulous genres listed on here.)

4. I am still not really sure ‘how-to-blog.’

5. January 26, 2013 will mark one year, since I became a full time 24/7 caregiver.

Deserving blogs and bloggers:

Andrea Kelly

Amanda Bretz

Sarah Solmonson

Dana Zalesky

Cayley School Book Fairy

These are just a few of the blogs that I follow. I wish I could nominate you all. Know that for me, you are all winners and amazing people. Thank you all again for your support.

I hope each of you have a wonderful day!




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Vision, Awards and More…

Hi Everyone,

     As I mentioned in the last post, I have a concussion but I have been taking time to try to let it heal. The healing process apparently means lots of naps, but life doesn’t always allow for napping. However, my vision is no longer blurry and I have been able to read in short sessions. I haven’t been able to drive as of yet, so for the authors who have sent their books to me in the mail, please be patient; I hope to be able to go to the Post Office tomorrow. Thanks again. Since my vision is back and since I am not the kind of person who can just not do anything I signed up for Twitter and LinkedIn. I have added the Twitter link to the My Other Sites page. That page will be going through a major makeover later this week, hopefully.

      The reviews that are pending on Goodreads, Smashwords and will be updated later today. I have finished reading book #19 on The List page and will be posting my review for it tomorrow. However I am going to post it in a different method. I will post it first on Goodreads and it should then cross over to this site. I then want you all to tell me which style you prefer. I am testing this method because I think it will benefit the authors, since it takes me a little while before I can place my review on Goodreads. Please remember it is a test and the overall majority will decide if I continue that process in the future. Then I will start reading #14 on The List as the author was kind enough to send a copy through the mail system after I had experienced so many technical difficulties.

     Now on to the humbling and awkward award acceptance. Over the past two months this website was nominated for three awards. I am completely shocked and humbled by this action. It is because of all of you that this website is surviving and each of you help feed my dream of professionally writing reviews. Thank you. So, let’s begin:

1. Thank you to Invisible Ink for nominating me with the One Lovely Blog Award. Now she actually nominated me for this award back in September, but thanks to my crazy life I accidentally set it aside and never properly thanked her. For this I apologize to Whitney Carter and thank her dearly. Now since I have already been nominated for this award, I thought I would take this time to tell you all why you should check out her blog. She is an author and a blogger and she has several WIPs and blogs to show for it. She writes primarily in the fiction-fantasy genre, but her blog Invisible Ink offers several writing tips for new authors. Be sure to check out her website.

2. Thank you to Dana Zalesky for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you Dana. I am going to take this time to tell you all about Dana’s blog. Not only is Dana a nice person and a beyond wonderful friend, she is an amazingly talented artist. I know I don’t know much about art, (I can’t even draw a stick figure, shh) but Dana’s talent is breath-taking. She has set-up her blog to show pieces she is working on, such as mermaids and pixies, in hopes of finding a career in this field. Again, I am in awe at her work, please go check out her website.

3. Thank you to Emily Guido for nominating me for A Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you Emily. I was previously nominated for this award, and I am shocked that I have been honored with it again. Emily Guido is the author of “The Light-Bearer Series.” I have read and reviewed the first two books and just finished reading the third. This series is a wonderful story of accepting the differences in each other using sci-fi characters in a modern world. Visit her website for snippets, trailers and much, much more.

I am completely humbled by these awards and thank each of the talented and amazing bloggers. Also I want to thank each of you for your support.

I have exciting news to share with all of you. The Man in the Box is a book that I had the opportunity to read and review a couple of months ago. It will be released to the public on November 30 , 2012, and to celebrate the author, Andrew Toy, is holding a fun photo contest on the book’s Facebook page. To read the first few chapters visit Andrew Toy’s website.

Lastly, I hope everyone is home safe and sound this weekend. However many people lost everything when Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast earlier this week. I am asking for everyone to help in any way possible. As you can guess I am unable to give financially but I can help spread the word and donate some items. My neighborhood, and many others, are holding clothing and food drives to help affected families. I know times are tough and not everyone can donate money, but we can all do a good deed and find a way to help others. Thank you.

For those who read this very, very, long post: I thank you. Happy Sunday Everyone!



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A Beautiful Blogger Award

Hi Everyone,

It is a real honor to accept a nomination for an award. It is an extremely high honor to accept two nominations, on the same day! I am speechless. First I want to thank Scribbler for my nomination. This past week was very difficult for me to find time to blog, and when I came back it was exciting to see this nomination. I enjoy your blog and recommend everyone to go check out your website. There are two rules to this award: list seven things about yourself and then nominate seven other blogs.

About me:
1. I live near the beach, but I despise the beach. Give me a snowy mountain and I will be happy.
2. I was diagnosed with ITP at the age of 21, on September 11, 2008, and I have learned to live my life as an open book. By sharing everything, I hope to get people discussing uncomfortable topics and spread awareness about the lesser known auto-immune diseases.
3. I used to work as a Health Unit Coordinator in the Emergency Room in my hometown in Va. I miss my¬†Va family! But we still stay in touch. Oh and distance will help show you who are your real friends and family. Love y’all!
4. I am a night person because the sun and I have a respectful love-hate relationship. If I step outside while the sun is out, I will be burned within ten minutes.
5. I love all animals, but little bugs freak me out. Oh spiders, too. And snakes are on my evil list after one bit Jagger and we ended up in the Animal hospital one night.
6. I am actually planning on writing a book about my life. My new motto is making laughter (not lemonade) from all of life’s lemons. Have no fear this is several years away from becoming a reality.
7. I am the biggest Washington Capitals fan you will ever meet. I am pretty sure I came out of the womb cheering “Let’s Go Capitals, Let’s Go!”

Now for my seven nominees (in no particular order):

1. Write On

2.  Domestic Diva, M.D.

3. The Jenny Mac Book Blog

4. Beating Rheumatoid Arthritis

5. Invisible Ink

6. “The Light-Bearer Series”

7. Writing Waffle

Thanks again to all of you for your support.




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One Lovely Blog Award

Hi Everyone,

   I want to thank Chelsea Brown for nominating me last week. She is a hopefully soon to be published author and has some interesting posts. I am so honored to have been nominated, especially during the time period where life took over, and my blogging time disappeared. So thank you Chelsea and I look forward to more posts from your multi-award nominated blog! The rules in accepting this nomination are easy, you must thank the person who nominated you, post the logo on your blog, and nominate fifteen blogs. As you all know I am new to blogging so it took me several attempts to getting the logo attached. But here it is:

How cute! Now onto my nominees (in no particular order):

1. Dana Zalesky

2. The Hand-Written Life

3. Amanda’s Blog

4. Elizabeth Rooks

5. That’s great Mom… but I have pie.

6. SoulSpirations

7. Sarah’s Shore

8. Fae+Rhys on the Left

9. Kira Moore’s Closet

10. A Scrapbook for Inspiration

11. Urban Wall Art & Murals

12. Texana’s Kitchen

13. For the Love of Autism and Writing

14. Adopting James

15. The Scribbler Archive

I take back the part of this being an easy award to accept. Trying to narrow down the blogs I like to just fifteen was difficult. If you don’t see your page listed, please don’t get upset. I think you all are fabulous and have amazing blogs. I wanted to share some of the more unique blogs with my nominees. Congrats to you all! Thanks again for all the support.




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Liebster Award

Hi Everyone,

¬†¬†¬†¬† I have been hinting in my past two posts, that I was nominated for my very first blog award! A very, big thanks goes to Children’s Author, Andrea Kelly for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I was in complete shock at first and unable to figure out how to express my gratitude without sounding like I was five years old again. I am extremely greatful for the nomination. If you haven’t been to Andrea Kelly’s blog, I highly recommend you check it out. So this award was created for bloggers to nominate other bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. Then the person nominated has to answer 11 questions that were asked by the person nominating them. After that they then have to pass the nomination onto other bloggers and pose 11 new questions. Here we go:

Andrea Kelly’s 11 Questions:

1. If you could be any household appliance, what would you be?
        I like this question, and I had narrowed down my choice, until I started writing this post. Now I have a different yet, similar answer. At first I was going to say a freezer, but now I realize I needed to take it one step further. I would be the AC unit. I would want to help everyone, including myself stay cool during these horrific heat waves.
2. Why did you start blogging?
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† This was the easiest question for me to answer. I started blogging for several reasons. First and foremost I love books. I wanted to connect with others who love books and help them find their next great read. Second, I needed an outlet to connect with the outside world. Being a 24/7 caregiver, I don’t lead the typical life of most 25 yearolds, which is fine, but I needed to stay connected to the world. Lastly, I am hoping that this blog will help lead to a paying career, in the field of my dreams.
3. When was the last time you embarrased yourself in public? What did you do?
Unfortunatly, it was just about a month ago. I had finally found the time to cash in my last gift card from my birthday. I walked into the salon a few minutes before my pedicure, and I was helped by a gentleman. When I went to thank him, I said “Thank you Ma’am.” I was so embarrased, but thankfully he just laughed it off. Ooops…
4. If you could listen to the music of just one singer/songwriter/band/group/whatever, for the rest of your life, who would it be?
This question took a bit of time, but really the answer was always clear. Papa Roach!
5. What is your favorite book?
Am I the only one sweating bullets right now. Wow these are some excellent questions. I am not sure if I can choose just one. If I had to answer as if my life depended on it, it would have to be…. The Outsiders. Followed closly by To Kill a Mockingbird.
6. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?
I am sad to say that this is the hardest question of all time. My brain is hard-wired to remember the negatives, and not focus too much in the positives. The best compliment for me, is not what someone has said, but what has been done. Ever since I was a little girl, my friends have always come to me for help. My previous co-workers knew they could rely on me. My neighbors now, that haven’t known me my entire life, come to my door for assistance. That to me is a nice compliment.
7. What is your favorite day of the week?
In my previous life, it would have been Wednesdays. Wednesdays were the days when I had off from school and work, and then I could spend all day reading. Now, it is any day that Mom has off from work, and my grandfather is semi-coherent.
8. What is the one word you can never remember to spell?
Appreciate. I force myself to use it on a daily basis, and still I can’t remember if it is spelled with an “e” or an “i.”
9. What is the last thing you said out loud?
“Ozzy and Jagger will you PLEASE stop barking.” It has been a contest with every dog in the building today.
10. When is the last time you did a cartwheel?
Ha. I never figured out how to do a cartwheel. I last attempted when I was seven years old. I was a cheerleader, but I was the split girl.
11. Where’s Waldo?
I LOVE Waldo. He is fabulous, and he is behind the big red and white umbrella in the center of the right side.

Thank you so much for these fabulous questions. Now for my nominees:
1. Melissa R. Smith: paranormal romance author
2. WritingWaffle: poetry
3. Mary: inspiration
4. Rhys C. Ethan: song writer/author
5. Peter Monaco: future author
6. Tick Tock, Dreamers: writing/motivation
7. Playful Meanderings: random/new year’s resolutions
8. Sarah’s Shore: writer/photographer
9. The Writer’s Codex: future novelist

Oh no! I only have nine blogs. I hope that is okay. I went through every site that I am following or that is following me, and most of you have more than 200 followers, or don’t show a count of followers. I do apologize that my list is short, but the sites listed above are unique, and you should check them out.

Now for my questions:
1. What is one thing from your childhood that always brings a smile to your face?
2. What do you want to be when you grow up? (Not the obvious!)
3. What season is your favorite? Why?
4. What season best describes you? Why?
5. How would you describe your blog using less than five words?
6. What is the theme song to your life?
7. Are you an early-bird or a night-owl?
8. If you could only drink one thing in order to survive, what would it be?
9. Who inspires you to be a better you?
10. What is your guilty pleasure song that you know word-for-word, that noone would suspect?
11. What do you want future generations to know about the world?

Thanks again to Andrea Kelly! For my nominees, I look forward to reading your answers. Thanks to everyone for their support!

As Always…


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