Day of the Iguana

By: Henry Winker and Lin Oliver

(Hank Zipzer #3)

Hank Zipzer recently found out he has a learning disability, but he has always known that he isn’t good at school. Friendship on the other hand, is the most important thing. Hank and his two best friends make the Magik 3 and he has booked them a paying gig. In order to get Frankie on board, he promises to tape a televised movie. When his dyslexia causes him to mess up, Hank worries if his best friend will ever forgive him. He uses these tragic events for his science project, but thanks to his sister’s iguana, Hank finds himself in even more of a pickle. Will Hank be able to fix his friendship or will it be just as doomed as his school work?

Henry Winkler uses his own experiences growing up with dyslexia to stress the feeling of failure. He uses his famous wit and comedic timing to provide a book that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Readers will want to tag along with Hank and his friends on other crazy adventures!


This review was written for My Sister’s Books Bookstore.

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