Let’s Discuss Series…

Hi Everyone,

I absolutely love series! They draw you into their setting, you get updates on characters you fell in love with, and you can normally keep hope for another installment. There are series that can be read quickly… like my old Nancy Drew and Harry Potter books, as well as The Summer Girls series by Mary Alice Monroe and the Peachtree Bluff series by Kristy Woodson Harvey. Then there are series that you take your time with… when the books are over 800 pages or there are over a dozen or so.

Last month, I finished the Brad Taylor series, including all novellas, that I started the year before. (Well, finished all but the most latest one.) I enjoyed this series because I could binge read four, then wait a few months and pick them up again. I am looking for a 2019 series to read. Something lengthy, that will last me throughout the whole year. Books that I can pick up in between all the other stories that I will be reading.

Some that have been suggested through the years: Game of Thrones, Outlander, Penn Cage, and the entire Rick Riordan sets of Demigods books. Please vote in the comments for which series you think I should completely conquer this year. It can be one of these listed above, or please feel free to suggest another. And if you think this is a fun idea, please feel free to read along with me and we’ll add updates as the year continues.

So which lengthy series should accompany me in 2019?




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  1. Maria Prieto

    You had me at Outlander! Fabulous weries to read ot listen to. I think you will enjoy them. But should you choose Outlander you must read the The Lord John series as well as all the novellas they add so much life to the series. Many of things that are happening on the TV series are missed by fans who have not read the Lord John series and the novellas.

    • Ariesgrl

      How did I know that Outlander would be the series you would pick??? Yes, when I mean ‘read the entire series’ I will include all s pin-offs and novellas.

  2. Christine McManus

    Game of Thrones

  3. Kate Snelson

    GAME OF THRONES !!! I cannot emphasize this enough

  4. John

    John Jakes has a 8 book saga called the Kent Family Chronicles. The first book is ‘The Bastard’ and starts with Philip Kent coming over to the colonies from Europe. This series covers American history from 1770 t0 1877.

  5. Fran C

    have you read any Allison Brennan.? she has a series about Lucy Kincaid, that is suspense. the first book is “Love me to death”. good luck in reading all 15 books.

  6. BLong

    How about a dozen cozy mysteries?, you could have a quick read once a month. I like the Jane Jeffry series by Jill Churchill. These cute ‘who dunnits’ have creative titles like: “Grime and Punishment” &
    “A Farewell to Yarns”.
    Good luck with this endeavor & have fun!!

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