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Earlier this week, a friend told me his daughter wrote a book, specifically for him. He showed it to me, asking for my thoughts, because his daughter was thinking about selling it. (Fingers crossed that she will indeed publish copies, because Pawleys Island lovers will thoroughly enjoy this children’s book.)

Pawleys Shells
By: Meredith Boos

A young boy named Pawley, loves the island where he lives. He loves the sand, the waves, and especially the shells. He promises never to leave, even as a big storm approaches. He helps everyone else escape, but fears they will never return, due to the wreckage. Pawley soon discovers other people love the island, too, and the magic can be seen in the unique seashells.

This beautifully illustrated book brings the magic of Pawleys Island to life. The young boy, is cute, and even brings to mind the local Grey Man tales. The sing-song rhythm makes this a fun story for children of all ages. Perfect for grandparents to share the beauty of Pawleys Island, with their grandchildren who may live far away.



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