Forgotten Book Challenge

Happy January Everyone!

This month has brought some unusual weather for us, here in the south. I even had my very first snow days, as an adult. Which inspired this month’s Forgotten Book Challenge…

I stopped the book I was reading and dove into my e-shelves to find a “snowy” book. That is when I came across Snow Angel by Melanie Shawn. I couldn’t resist the snowy cover and the adorable dog on the cover! So I started reading it… it is about a small town and a young newcomer.

Eric is the newly appointed police chief of his hometown. Lily is a young woman, new to town, excited to start her new choreography job. She knows she won’t live here long, due to the secrets from her past, but she can’t help feeling at home. As events unfold, will Lily be able to make peace with her past or will her secrets destroy her chances of happiness?

Despite this being book five in a series, it is easily read as a stand-alone, since the author gives the backstory on the important characters. The main reason to read this book, is for the dog, Shadow. He is absolutely precious! The author repeats a lot of phrases, while the build-up of Lily’s past takes up most of the book, only to be resolved in the final three chapters. It would have been nicer, if the ending wasn’t so rushed, but overall it is a cute story.

What snowy books have you read this morning?



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