Forgotten Book Challenge

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The Forgotten Book Challenge is a fun, Facebook group, where the focus is to find the buried treasures hidden deep in the electronic shelves of our e-readers.

After a long, exhausting week, I couldn’t get into the books I was currently reading. Therefore I went to my nook app and swiped once, and when the scrolling stopped, it landed on Mistletoe on Main Street by Olivia Miles. I remember it was a free download over a year ago, and I chose it completely because of the cover. (I just love Christmas stories.) I was expecting a sweet romance, set in a small town decorated with snow.

And that is what I received, mostly. It was a lot more emotional than I was looking for, and a bit repetitive. With everything the reader and the main characters go through, the ending was quick. However, Miles created secondary characters that readers will fall for, and they will want to know what happens to them in the future books. It may not have been the book I was expecting, but I will be on the lookout to learn more about this author’s work.



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