My Sister’s Books Review #105

Raymie Nightingale

By: Kate DiCamillo


Raymie Nightingale’s world was destroyed when her father ran off with his dental hygienist. Now to correct everything, Raymie must win the Little Miss Central Florida Tire Competition, so her picture will be in the paper and bring her daddy home. There is only a minor problem with this plan and that is the fact that Raymie doesn’t know how to twirl a baton. When she signs up for classes, she meets Louisiana and Beverly. Louisiana lives with her grandmother and is determined to win the prize money so she can get her cat back and provide food for her family. Beverly is so sick of competitions that she wants to sabotage this one, so no one will win. This unlikely trio forms a friendship that will see them through difficult times.

This historical fiction novel may seem light-hearted, but it will tug at readers’ heartstrings. There are many different lessons to learn in this book, including friendship, trust, and good deeds. It also shows the effects divorce has on younger children and how they can feel the weight of the world is on their shoulders. There are a few southern literature references and readers will be taken on a wild, wacky ride as the trio forms an unbreakable bond. The short, easy-to-read sentences are perfect for middle grade readers.


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